Who will make it out of Africa for the 2014 World Cup?

Black Stars are chasing a third successive World Cup appearance

Black Stars are chasing a third successive World Cup appearance

As the 2014 World Cup qualification intensifies around the world, the playoffs for the five African spots are upon us.

The first legs will be played between October 11-15 and the second leg a month later. The draw details and analysis of the possible outcomes are below.

Who do you think will qualify?

Ivory Coast v Senegal

There have been 16 matches between these two countries in all competition and Ivory Coast have won 10, while Senegal have won four and two games have ended in draws. Senegal’s four wins, however, have come via friendly matches.

On paper, Ivory Coast are favourites and with the current crop of Ivory Coast players should provide enough ammunition to blast pass Senegal.

Ethiopia v Nigeria

Ethiopia have played Nigeria seven times in all competition, out of which Nigeria have won five, drawn once and lost once to Ethiopia, two decades ago.

Nigeria have always dominated their opponents and are the current African champions, with their current crop of players budding well in Europe.

The last time Ethiopia met with Nigeria, they lost two-nil in the group match in the 2013 African Cup of Nations. It would be hard to look past Nigeria in this fixture.

Tunisia v Cameroon

These teams have played 14 times in all competition, out of which Cameroon have won eight times and Tunisia twice with four draws.

In the recent qualifiers, Tunisia have not looked very impressive and if Cameroon can settle their internal woes then they should be able to overcome Tunisia.

Ghana v Egypt

The 18 matches between these sides have resulted in eight wins for Egypt, five wins for Ghana and five draws.

It should be noted that three of Egypt’s eight wins have come from friendlies.

It’s quite close between these two. Egypt are wrapped with a rich history of football passion and success in the African Cup of Nations, while Ghana have been the most consistent African team in recent times.

Still, it’s going to be very difficult for Ghana in Egypt.

Burkina Faso v Algeria

Algeria have won eight times while Burkina have won four,  five draws rounding out the results of their 17 meetings through the years.

On paper Algeria appear dominant, sitting in third in FIFA’s African rankings. But Burkina Faso were runners-up in the 2013 African Cup of Nations. Its going to be close.

I am sure that by the end of the first leg much of the dust would have settled, helping us to separate the contenders from the pretenders.


  1. NIGERIA, EGYPT , IVORY COAST, CAMEROUN & ALGERIA… No juju magic can stop this.

    • zambia is our toilet hole says:

      Hey let me remind you lest you forget.Egypt is a very good team and they are well behaved people so we Ghanaians love them.However,It takes Egypt 56 years to play once in a world cup tournament as compared to Ghana who plays in every four years .The statistics show that ,Egypt will wait for some few more years sine they are engaging themselves in this play off with a world cup regular team.Sorry for my Egyptian brothers.We pray for peace and tranquility in the country of Egypt.May God solve all those political problems and keep them safe.

  2. has been a long time since Africa used
    to send only one representative to the
    World Cup.
    At that time it was assumed that the
    African representative was there to make
    up the numbers, add some colour, provide
    some comic relief and ensure political
    correctness of the global event. No one
    ever thought a time would come when an
    African country could or would win the
    World Cup.
    The number of African representatives
    was increased rather reluctantly to two in
    1982, to three in 1994 and then to five
    where it now is, since 1998. The reason
    for this increase was justified by the
    performances of African teams.
    The gap between the first and the third
    world of football is being steadily bridged.
    Increasingly, the possibility of an African
    country winning the World Cup is
    becoming more real and the rest of the
    world knows it.
    That’s why, with every World Cup, teams
    grouped with some African countries
    dread the experience. The countries most
    anxiously avoided are the giants of West
    and Central Africa – Cameroon, Nigeria
    and Ghana.
    That’s also why attention will be placed
    on who emerges from out of Africa in
    2014. The bad news for the rest of the
    world is that all the super powers of
    African football are in the last 10.
    So let me look into my crystal ball at the
    pairings. What do I see?
    Ghana and Egypt
    What a match this would be. If there is
    any one country the Ghanaians would
    have chosen not to meet it would be
    This is the only country that seems to
    have the answer to Ghanaian football.
    Once, in 2008, they won the Africa Cup of
    Nations in Ghana by subduing the
    Ghanaians on their own ground.
    The Black Stars have the disadvantage of
    playing first in Kumasi before going to
    face the might of the Pharaohs in Cairo in
    November. That may be the critical
    success factor in this match that would
    tilt the scale in their favour.
    The pressure could get to Ghana and they
    would capitulate at the last moment,
    probably even via penalty kicks.
    Senegal and Ivory Coast
    Senegal have not been the same team
    since 2002 when they got to the
    quarterfinals of the World Cup.
    Since then they have been struggling in
    African football and the Ivorians have
    dominated the recent encounters between
    them. They know each other very well,
    and their playing styles are similar, with
    the Ivorians having the slight edge with
    more reputable players and greater
    Algeria v Burkina Faso
    Burkina Faso are new to this level of the
    game. This is the first time they will get
    this close, I believe, with only one match
    separating them from going to their first
    World Cup.
    I recall their performance at the Nations
    Cup – inspiring, daring and rugged. They
    are the ultimate hardworking machine,
    without plenty of individual talent but a lot
    of hard work players with a winning
    The route to this point has been rough but
    having come this far, it would be hard to
    stop them. The Algerians play the second
    leg at home.
    Algeria are old customers of the World
    Cup and such experience is invaluable,
    particularly at this point when tension can
    take its toll on the feint-hearted.
    My prediction?
    Algeria to win and qualify.
    Cameroon versus Tunisia
    What a match in prospect. The
    Cameroonians surely are not near their
    ‘terror’ reputation of the previous World
    Cups they participated in. Yet they are not
    an easy team to play against.
    They have been a shadow of their old self,
    struggling to attract some attention and
    return to the limelight.
    Their biggest strength is their power play.
    They can overpower any team with a
    chicken heart. They will trouble the
    Tunisians both physically and
    Tunisia have not been at their best, failing
    to qualify initially from a group that
    included leader-of-the-group, Cape Verde
    Islands, and only getting to emerge at this
    final hurdle on technical grounds when
    the little Island country was disqualified
    for using an ineligible player during the
    group matches.
    So, the Tunisians will be riding the luck
    that brought them this far and hope it
    sees them through the gift of an
    opportunity they did not work for.
    This match will be closely fought but on
    merit, stretched to this point, the
    Indomitable Lions will emerge in
    Yaounde, scarred but victorious.
    Nigeria and Ethiopia
    I have written already about Nigeria and
    Ethiopia last week. So, permit me to
    repeat my take on this match.
    The match will be difficult and testy.
    The firepower of the Super Eagles will
    make them soar above the Antelopes and
    destroy their slick passing and small
    So, the final five teams at the finishing
    post in my crystal ball are Algeria,
    Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Egypt and

  3. Viper says:

    Bloody idiot…comparing a useless team to a world cup quarter finalist,the ONLY outside of Oceania team to have scored fewer goals against mighty Tahiti,the ONLY team outside of Oceania to have conceded a goal against mighty Tahiti,the ONLY team outside Oceania to have made Tahiti look like seasoned professionals…What a useless team this is…and compare such a team to a world cup quarter-finalist??????? Out of your mind you must be..

  4. Kwame Adu-Gyamfi says:

    Egypt didn’t beat Ghana in Ghana in 2008. Ghana lost to Cameroon in the semi-final. 1-0. Egypt beat Ghana in the final in 2010 in Angola. Egypt was an experienced seasoned team and Ghana was a young team without their big players at the time like Stephen Appiah, Sulley Muntari, John Mensah and Michael Essien who was injured. Once again Ghana lost only one 1-0 on neutral ground. Now Egypt will be playing Ghana with an aged team in the Ghanaian fortress of Kumasi. And these guys who were once young and inexperienced are now very experienced. Not only that but Ghana now has one of the best midfields in the world. So, I’m sorry but there is no way Egypt wins here. Ghana is going to the world Cup. And Ghana will impress.

  5. Diggy says:

    1 Ivory Coast, 2 nigeria, 3 ghana, 4 Algeria, Cameroon and Tunisia is 50/50 anyone can go

  6. Mr. G says:

    I don’t care if u had reached world cup quater final,,,even senegal was at that spot before you,,,,,, all i knw is ths, egypt must win ths match, and nigerian we already stard prep*ring 4 2014 world cup… 32year no trophy,, what you have to show 4 ur lil child’s?

  7. President Mahama Meets With
    Goodluck Jonathan To Discuss Gas
    Pipeline and Piracy On West African
    Coast. Hahahahaha.
    Nigeria will continue to rule and lead Ghana in all facets of life. Trophy less nation. 33yrs and still counting

  8. Johnny says:

    Coted’ivoir,Egypt,Bourkina Faso,Nigeria,Tunisia.

    Honestly,i would love ghana to go but i dont think they would be able to displace egypt.
    The odds are all on them.They are playing the 1st leg at home and the decider in egypt.Its really really hard to get a result there.
    One thing is to have a deep squad with so many good players.But another thing is for these good players to play together as a team.
    Egypt may not have all the big name stars that play in europe.But they have players that understand each other,play together well as a team because they have been together for long.They won the afcon thrice in a row without european based big-name stars.
    Bourkina-faso performed well at afcon without big name stars,but with team work and perfect understanding btw the players.Something that has been missing in the ghanaian team since the worldcup.
    Ghana’s performance recently has not been up to par with their performance at the last worldcup.Ghana’s good/quality players are midfielders.Their defenders are really awful.
    From my observations in ghana’s recent matches,One thing that would be ghana’s weak point in this fixture is their horrible defence and goal-keeping.Ghana would definately score goals at home,but they’ll most likely conceed a goal/goals at home even if they’ll win.
    So i think the 1st leg in accra might end at best in a 3-2 or 2-1 win for ghana.
    And the 2nd leg Egypt would win by a 1-0 Or 2-0 win.

    • Peace says:

      You’re dreaming if you think Algeria will let burkina faso go,you haven’t seen anything yet,my dear the greats teams are back and it’s better like that we need people that can represent Africa,not teams that have nothing to show.

    • Ato says:

      Johnny your analysis is not backed by any fact whatsoever!

      In the previous qualifying round, Ghana scored 18 (the highest) and conceded 3 (the lowest). Against Zambia, Sudan and Lesotho.

      Egypt scored 16 and conceded 7 against Mozambique, Guinea and Zimbabwe.

      Is that the poor defense u talk about?

  9. proud ghanaian says:

    My fellow Ghanaians, u don’t ve to argue with fools. U only waste ur energy and time when u educate fools like those nigerians always on here to argue with us. Let me make this clear here. They follow us because they admire our style. Do u think they would ever open an zambian or togolese websites? Hell no coz they re not the pride of africa. Whether nigeria is rich and ghana poor or not, every african envy’s ghanaians coz we re always accepted where ever we go. Talk of hospitality, culture, education, peace and so forth. U can never ve these anywhere except Gh. I am proud to be a Ghanaian. Those wishing our downfall will definitely fall. Di3 3y3 no s3 ogyina h) no, ondue……

  10. Dr Who says:

    Egypt can never eliminate Gh from the WC play off….NEVER!!!!!

  11. Johnny says:

    An example of a team like ghana that has a rich/quality midfield,Fairly Okay strike force and a poor defence/goalkeeper and they are still very hard to score and beat is Barcelona.
    But what makes barcelona hard to score or beat even with their poor defence and goal-keeping ??
    It is simply their ability to hold on to possesion for long and their ability recover possesion few seconds after they loose it.In doing so the opponents wouldn’t see much of the ball and their poor defenders wouldnt be troubled so much to expose their poor defending.
    But a honest,Unbias ghanaian or anybody that has been closely following ghana’s matches would agree with me that even with their big-name midfielders,ghana isnt a team that knows how to keep possesion for long.They struggle with possesion.
    A team that has a poor defence/goal-keeping and unable to keep possesion for a long period of time would definately expose their poor defending and would definately conceed goals.And this isnt against a small team,it isnt against zambia(that they even conceeded a goal at home against),It is against a strong egyptian side.Ghana no doubt has the ability to score goals and would definately score,but they are most likely to conceed goals too due to their poor defending.
    And conceeding goals in play-offs like this is risky and might prevent some countries from qualifying.

    • Viper says:

      An idiot,what do say about Egypt who conceded two goals against Guinea of all teams at home????? Egypt scored 15 goals and conceded 7 against the Mozambique,Zimbabwe and Guinea.Ghana scored eighteen goals and conceded 3,one penalty and two against Zambia,so what are you talking about??????? I get your enthusiasm but come up with better argument. Egypt conceded 7 goal against these team and think Ghana will struggle to score against Egypt????? Come on dude,argue better..

      • Viper says:

        and it gets better,of the 15 Egyptian’s goals,11 of which was scored between Salah and Abou Treka, meaning Egypt are dependent on these two players,if they are of the match,game over for them.Meanwhile Asamoah Gyan is Ghana’s top scorer with four goals,the rest of the goals distributed among the remaining players.So now tell US which team is more potent???????????????????????

        • Viper says:

          Egypt will beat Ghana??? When almost half of their squad haven’t played competitive match in months???? Egypt beat these teams which makes them favourites to beat Ghana??????? When did beating Zimbabwe,Guinea and Mozambique become the benchmark????????????????????? Come up dude.

  12. Ohthree says:

    @Spellbound lol.You’re are talking like an illiterate.Ghana reached the quarter-finals of the worldcup.What did u win??.Were u given a Trophy or a Medal ??.Were u even given a plastic or a tea cup ??.U were give nothing !!.
    There is nothing like “Worldcup quater-finals drought”.Only an illiterate would say that.And u are the 1st person im hearing that from.
    But there is something that is called “Trophy drought”.Everybody knows that.And that is what ghana has been suffering from for 32 YEARS !!!!.SMH.”So-called” giants of african football.

    • spellBOUND says:

      direct the lol towards yourself. we won name recognition and carried the flag for mother africa fool. how many around the world today apart from dilusional nigerians will rank naija ahead of ghana? NO-ONE. while ghana is chasing the world cup, u guys are boasting of the afcon. zambia won it in 2012, what has it gotten them? nothing. the point is that u go to the world cup yr after yr to make up the numbers. it seems the stars are looking past the feeble afcon and directing their attention towards the mundial. why do u think they perform better?? bask in your afcon glory mate. thats what the world knows u for, not for bigger things at the mundial.

  13. Ongun says:

    It ‘s CIV. NiGERIA . CAMEROUN .ALGERIA and on a 100 per cent run to stage EGYPT.Magnifecent 5

  14. Dr Who says:

    @Johnny,I like your analysis but the fact that Zambia scored a goal doesnt mean Egypt will score.We whipped them 3-0 not long ago.

  15. Ishmael says:

    I’m forced to say Egypt cos Ghana was not convincing against amateurs Zambia whilst Egypt qualified with flying colours. E G Y P T

  16. wee ba says:

    LONG LIVE BOKO HARAM….hahaha they will kip killing u fools lyk dogs.cursed nation

  17. Ohthree says:

    Fact @Johnny u’re on point.Ghana should come and learn how to play possesion,free flowing,highly-entertaining football,full of skills and flair from nigeria.Football pundits all over the world call nigeria the “African Spain” because of our possesion/free-flowing footy.Even a lot of honest ghanaians even some on this site have admitted that we play like spain.In the confeds cup though we lost (becos of the poor strikers we took),even spain struggled with possesion against us.
    So all Your coach appiah needs to do is to look for THE BIG BOSS’(keshi’s) number and call him for some tutorials on how to play free-flowing,possesion,entertaining football.
    Also ghana has lost the only fairly-good defender they have to injury(Boye).Even with Boye their defence was still horrible.Now he is injured i wonder what their defence would look like.Worst than horrible.
    In-fact for that :-Ghana 1-3 Egypt.

  18. Josimar kwesi bonsu says:

    The Master is bak wit a Banga!top 5 to mk it to the Mundial is ivory coast,Burkina faso,Nigeria,Cameroun & Egypt,sorry folks truth hurts,we can’t mk it cos all the odds re stackd against us,average strikers,Superb Midfield but nt fit enough,wobbly defence n pathetic keepers,Olele is bak? Cnt stop Laffing bunch of clowns,Eddy Ansa shud av bin called bak too,let me tell yu guys abt the Arabs cos I stayd their briefly before headin to Europe,they ll so frustrate our players dat the faint heartd ones wud pray neva to set foot in Cairo,right frm the Airport on arrival till match day evn to our Hotel base their be so much noise n chants,harrasment n intimidation making sure our players wud hav no rest n gd sleep till kickoff time,their fans n the refrees are usually bias against visiting teams,being the decider they ll put our team to d sword cos they hardly conceed goals at home n alws get the baking of CAF,wit shaky keepers like kwaresey/kingston n inexpirence bak 4 hw do we survice the cairo Army stadium massacre?witout ds guys vorsa,mensa jona,afful,Rabiu,boye n the rock john mensah,our usual strong midfield is suspect,cos Essien is weaker nw n not mobile match fit to supports dede,kwadwo n badu.may God help us but CAF why not Nigeria instead of Egypt,am so scared cos ds guys re crafty,smarter, well expirenced n purnish yur defence for any Mistake made, neva wastefull infront of goal like our strikers led by unfit Lazy EPL runnaway Gyan.I pray we win cos even dem wud represent Africa wella.I see dem scoring here but…..

  19. Mr. G says:

    Hahahahahaha. Funny… Hahaha gayna all the way to brazil’,,, you have to knw ths,, if u beat egypt in friendly match, ths did’nt meant anythng, there’s a huge different btwn friendly and???? So yu have to be care, egypt they’re no longer your class,,, and u have to respect nigeria as current african champions,

    • spellBOUND says:

      Only loosers claim that friendlies are not meant to prove anything. THE LOOSER ALWAYS DOWNPLAYS A MATCH. FACT!

      Do u put ghana in the same class as the minnows that scored 7 goals on egypt in the group stage??? its a rethorical question. dont answer!

  20. Dr Who says:

    @Josimar,u are a faint hearted person yourself….our players are professionals who have played various provocative derbys,classicos & away matches….this is Fifa WC qualify where cameras are everywhere…The Black Stars in not a Team anybody can intimidate…If you are scared join the women at home and see us conquer Egypt whose forefathers could not cross the Red Sea.

  21. Kwame Adu-Gyamfi says:

    @Viper, you are right 100%, Ghana scores goals and has a shaky defense but it is a good enough defense to hold a team like Egypt. Egypt is over rated people. They are not the Egypt of 3 years ago and even then AFCON is not a priority for big named teams like Cote divoire and Ghana. And until recently when Nigeria switched over to using more local players it wasn’t a big deal for them. Ghana is going to beat Egypt. Ghana finally has almost all their big players, which we never have. And Viper you’re right Zimbabwe, Guinea, and Mozambique? You concede 7 goals from these guys? Ghana conceded 3 goals, 2 from then African champs Zambia and 1 fluke penalty from former African champs Sudan.

  22. Ohthree says:

    @Spellbound u said “it seems the stars are looking past the feeble afcon and directing their attention towards the mundial”.
    Hahahahaha keep deceiving urself and keep pretending.Its because of ur inability to achieve anything in african football in 32 yrs thats why u’re are saying that.
    If ur black stars dont care about afcon or a trophy and think its feeble,then why do many ghanaian players and fans like u cry and feel sad whenever they are eliminated from afcon ??.
    Keep on deceiving urself.Im sure ghana would do anything for a trophy.But you’ve been a big looser for 32 yrs,definately u’ll pretend to other countries that have been better like it means nothing to u.Or would u lie that u didn’t cry or feel sad when ghana lost to bourkina-faso in d semis dis year ??.Or that u didnt feel sad when u lost to zambia in d semis last year??.Or when u lost to egypt in d finals 3yrs ago ??
    Many of u made ur anger,sadness and bitterness known even here on GSN.Your players showed their bitterness on the pitch after those matches.You could see the sadness on their faces.Some were almost crying.If you,the players and all ghanaians dont value the afcon trophy,would y’all react that way.
    So puleease stop lying to urself or try to deceive people that ghana doesnt value the afcon trophy.You just havent been able to win it in 32 years SIMPLE !!.

    • spellBOUND says:

      Mate, dont mistake disappointment with crying and sadness. disappointment is common as is the case when one loses, but sadness and crying???? i did not see that mate. which would u rather take, afcon or name recognition at the mundial. ?? ask yourself why we are always ranked high on the continent even after what u call a drought???? u cant match what we’ve achieved. both on the continent and beyond. FACT!

  23. Johnny says:

    Well @Viper,Gyamfie good points though.Lets see.Hope i’ll be proven wrong.

  24. ahmed ( egy ) says:

    i hope Ivory Coast , Egypt , Algeria, Nigeria,Tunisia

  25. yopoo says:

    Only time will tell.

  26. Ishmael says:

    Egypt will beat Ghana 4 the spot, my predictions always come true.

  27. Ohthree says:

    Boy dissapointment is simultaneous with sadness.When there is dissapointment there’ll def be sadness.Many ghanaians were sad and bitter when u were eliminated at recent afcon tournaments.No one needs to tell me that,it was obvious and many of u said how sad and bitter u were even here on GSN and other blogs.Some of my ghanaian pals even told me how sad and bitter they were.Some fans in the stadium after the matches u were eliminated were in tears.Everybody saw that.So u cant deceive anyone or pretend.
    And i quote u in one of ur comments:-”THE LOOSER ALWAYS DOWNPLAYS A MATCH. FACT!”.
    You said it yourself there and that is exactly the case with u here.Ghana has been a LOOSER in afcon for 32 years.You’ll definately DOWNPLAY the tournament.But deep inside u and inside every other ghanaian,Y’all badly want that trophy.But u just haven’t been able to win it !!

    • spellBOUND says:

      Disappointment does not necessary breed sadness mate. whoever told u otherwise is lying to u. if i lose a match, im disappointed sure, but NOT sad; your ghanaian “friends” do u care to name them? NO. before u guys won afcon last year, could u boast at that achievement? NO. mind u that ghana has won this same afcon u speak of many times than u. how do u know we badly want that trophy. did the players tell u? or did ur “friends tell u” ask the players what they want more: greatness at the mundial or the afcon??? u will get a clear answer. the mundial is a once in a lifetime opportunity while afcon is played every 2 yrs. ITS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME MATE. ghana will hoist this feeble trophy so u can stop comparing yourself to us. even with your afcon, our achievements do not compare. FACT!

  28. omar says:

    Egypt,nigeria,Ivory Coast,cameroon and algeria

  29. ethopia,Cameroon and ghana nig masters,algeria,cote divoire will make it,am not joking i had a revelation that one new comer will make it frm africa n ethopia stand tall ahead of Burkina

  30. Toure says:

    CIV,NIG,CAM,ALG and EGYPT will represent the motherland at the Mundial.

  31. What makes you an African football giant,who has dominated African football, if you have not won the Afcon for 32 years and made any serious impact in more than 15 yrs and counting?If we are to use medals garnered in the last 13 years to rank African football nations the table will look like this:1.Egypt(3 golds)2.Nigeria(1gold,1 silver,3 bronze)3.Zambia(1 gold;Zambia even ranked higher than Ghana if we are looking back to the total 32yrs Ghana has failed to lift the Afcon cos in 94, they -Zambia- even got a silver)4.Cameroun and South Africa(1 gold each)5.Ivory Coast(2 silver)6.Burkina Faso(1 silver,1 bronze)7.Ghana(1 silver).So where is the much talked about Ghanaian African dominance?

    • anokwale says:

      Ask FIFA and you will get your answers. Ghana has made it to the final four at the last four AFCONs. 2008 Bronze and 2010 Silver. They have 2006 WC final 16 and 2010 WC quarterfinals. The 2006 game against Czech Republic was the biggest upset of the tournament. 2010 Ghana v. USA had the third highest TV rating of the whole tournament. Without Ghana at 2010 Africa would have been a laughing stock. What happened to the other African teams at 2010 WC?? They all choked. Ghana has garnered respect on the world stage. You can make all the arguments you want, but at the end of the day, the world looks at Africa and says, “which country did well at the World Cup?” It is all about what happens when the global lights are shining. We all love AFCON, but until CAF sets up a solid TV deal that is global, the World Cup will determine who gets respect…

  32. Kingley says:

    The’re champions by mouth nothing to show for it,but wait for Tuesday when they get the Magreban boot and only to be thrown into oblivion a month later.

  33. dan says:

    Dude, dont delude urself, u cant expect Ghana to laugh wen dey lose a match. Dis game is professional n must be act in a professional way. Yes, naija won the Afcon but let me ask u, how many people recognise dis tournament in a world stage. Wen it comes to real competition, Afcon is not among the best five. It was good to win the Afcon last year n conglat for dat but plsss if u are a real football fan do not compare Afcon to the world cup.

  34. Anokwale,which trophy was given to you for your WC Q/finals in 2010?Cameroun and Senegal before you,reached the Q/finals but do you ever hear them brag?In 1994 Nigeria was the 2nd Most entertaining team after Brazil and we never boasted and made noise about it.The FIFA ranking means so much to you guys;but Nigeria has been ranked 4th,5th,9th and so on.Did you hear Nigerians bragging about it?Has Ghana ever been so ranked.I know Ghanaians will celebrate a top 10 ranking as if they won the World cup.

  35. Dan,hear yourself speak:”when it comes to real competition Afcon is not amongst the top 5″.Then why did you guys mourned each time you failed in the cup?Why claim African dominance based on the previous 4 Afcon trophies you won at a time when fewer ‘un intrested’ nations participated?Where lies your self proclaimed African giant status?Tell me the margin of your scoreline in your victories over the teams you played in the 2 world cups you ve participated. When you brag and praise yourself your achievement is nothing but when others praise you that s when you should be happy.I used to love Ghana until I discovered your proud,boastful,insolent,arrogant,racist attitude towards other Africans especially the cradle of Africa;Nigeria. Just becos of football you can curse and say all kinds of unclean words!

  36. Ohthree says:

    Lol Dan.You are talking like ghana has won the worldcup or ghana is the only african country that has reached the quarter-finals of the worldcup.
    These are the top 5 cups in the world:-
    3)SouthAmerican Cup
    Africa is rated above Asia and North-America in football.You can check the FIFA website.So how is Afcon not among the top 5 competitions in the world internationally ??.
    You want the trophy but u just haven’t been able to win it.SIMPLE !!.You ghanaians are just pretending like u don’t value the AFCON because u haven’t been able to win it in 32yrs.If it was ghana that won the AFCON this year,im 100% sure you all would celeberate it as if you won the worldcup.
    Look at the way you are Celeberating being 2nd in africa in FIFA rankings like you won the worldcup.Hahahaha.So funny !!!.Celeberating mediocrity.FIFA rankings that is temporary.Ivory coast don’t even celeberate being 1st in Africa as much as Ghana celeberate being 2nd.That shows how much of a looser ghana is.
    Nigeria was 5th in the world in 1995,but i dont want to duel On past glory like ghanaians do,so i’ll come to a much closer year.In 2008 nigeria was 9th in the world.We didn’t take it as a big thing.But if it was ghana that were 9th in the world,my gosh !!! I’m sure y’all would have flown to limbo and celeberate it like you’ve conquered the whole world.Look at how ghanaians are celeberating being 2nd in africa !!.NOT EVEN 1ST !!.Celeberating reaching the quarter-finals of the worldcup like you won it or u were given a medal.You were given nothing !!!.Only LOOSERS celeberate mediocrity.And that is ghana for you.BIG TIME LOOSERS !!!.

  37. Ohthree,yah man dat’s wat I bin talkin bat,JesuChristafara pikini. BigBlex cos JesuBlex!