Video: Watch Lionel Messi's stunning that destroyed AC Milan

ib1cbTAB9yZzxVIf you need to create Champions League history by overturning a 2-0 first-leg deficit in order to progress in the tournament, it’s nice to be able to call upon Lionel Messi to do this within the first five minutes of the second-leg.

Despite being marked by five defenders at the time, Messi found the space to fire in a fantastic opening goal at the Camp Nou last night.

That set Barca on their way to a 4-0 win on the night and a 4-2 aggregate victory.


  1. pito says:

    i saw finnese curling finishings, i saw quick vision passings, I saw player drive. such a player is qualified to play for Barcelona.
    Akwasi you cannot take a donkey to a horse race. promoting players to our top football group, the Blackstars unscrupulously will only reduce our standard of play and frustrate the better players on the pitch!