Vandals to provide charged atmosphere at Baby Jets second boxing bout

Vandals to provide charged atmosphere

Vandals to charge up Asamoah Gyan’s Baby Jet Promotions bout

Members of the Commonwealth Hall of the University of Ghana will be making a first tertiary appearance at the second bout organized by the boxing Promotions of Ghana captain Asamoah Gyan.

The Vandals will be providing a charged atmosphere on Friday when Ghana’s Emmanuel Tagoe battles Ronald Pontillas for the WBA International  and WBO Africa titles at the Accra Sports Stadium.

A team of charged Vandals as part of the electric atmosphere they will be providing on Friday night have composed songs with mentions of Black Stars captain; Asamoah Gyan, Emmanuel Tagoe (the boxer) and Vits Instant Noodles (sponsors of the bout).

“We as intellectuals also have something to offer to our sports, not only football,” JCR President of Commonwealth Hall, Nana Baning-Darkwa said.

“We have composed special songs and performances which we will be displaying at the fight.

“We will make sure Friday’s fight will forever be etched in the memories of all who throng the Accra Sports Stadium.”

The Vandals will be giving a gist of what is to come on the fight night on Thursday when the two fighters do their mandatory weigh-in and pre-bout press conferences at the Accra Sports Stadium.

This will be the first time in the history of Ghana boxing that a hall of a tertiary institution is being given an official role for an international bout.


  1. mojahadine says:

    This shows how immature this Asamoah Gyan guy is. He has no sense of management and no ability to save his money and live of the interest until he is totally out of football. There are too many parasites sucking his blood and humming in his ears. At this particular time he should not be engaging in any business ventures that he will not be personally be on the spot or around to monitor how his money is being used.

    Sure the boxing match will go on alright, but will he actually make profit? These types of business ventures have been the bain of many atheletes around the world, who eventually went broke before their careers were over.

    You have a brother who doesn’t particularly make his own money but tagging along his brother cotail, he dresses in expensive clothes, drives the best cars, “F” the best women in Ghana, lives in a posh house but he is not the one toiling to bring home the bacon(Monkey de work, Baboon de chop), this is how a lot of things do go wrong. In most cases as we have all seen over the years in Ghana especially, the family members are the cause of a lot of pain for a lot of hard working Ghanaians abroad. They steal, lie and bear no responsibility whatsoever to anyone but to only themselves.

    My word of caution to Asamoah Gyan is “Desist from all these crazy business ventures, keep all your money in a swiss bank and live of the interest until your football career is over, when you can have enough time to surround yourself with competent personnel(not your family members) and you will also have enough time to think through any business venture you plan to undertake before you write any check yourself(a previlege you should never assign to anyone).

    “A word to a wise is sufficient”

  2. Pk dee says:

    @mojahidine-why swiss acct? thers no bank in ghana.desist frm de system sydrom of premind conditning neo colonialsm urslf.nevr let ur kids hear dat word’swiss acct’,jst an advc.

  3. Vandal says:

    V-mate!!!!!!!! we go spoil der tomorrow. :Am proud to be a Vandal