Shilla Illiasu regrets turning down move to Arsenal seven years ago

Shilla Illiasu has regrets for turning down English Premier League side Arsenal.

Shilla Illiasu has regrets for turning down English Premier League side Arsenal.

Ghana defender Shilla Illiasu Alhassan has regretted turning down a move to English Premier League side Arsenal.

The centre-back was handed trial by manager Arsene Wenger after impressing at the 2006 FIFA World Cup finals in Germany.

He was then a player in the Ghana Premier League with Asante Kotoko and received rave reviews for meeting expectations at the highest level.

Illiasu rather chose to sign for FC Saturn where injuries denied him the opportunity of realizing his dream abroad.

“With the Arsenal situation I still regret not playing under one of the best manager’s (Arsene Wenger) and clubs in the world. Up till now I still receive emails from Wenger and his personal secretary,” Illiasu told in an interview.

Illiasu now plays for Armenian top-flight side Dilijan Impulse.


  1. This is what one gets for not able to think & focus on brighter future.opportunity comes ones in a life time ‘n one becomes a fool later if he fails to grab it in time,for time waits for no man.he should blame himself

  2. Dr Who says:

    You cant eat your cake and have it.

  3. kwame-blz says:

    You turn down Arsenal and went to Russia??? this aint now regrets, can I say it was rather not knowing the difference between leagues in europe or thought it was all the same country??? that is the only mistake you can make for not choosing Arsenal or maybe you were not good enough to make it. Let us know it all.

  4. Rule says:

    this be foolishness!!! what was he thinkn by then ??? is it illiteracy or wha ??? u deny Arsenals n went to Russia…. Mtchew, spare us some if ths annoyn stories

  5. Dc Flow says:

    Oooooh Mr shilla Alhassan plz spare us d@ lies, w@ do u tke us 4……hw can a team lyk Arsenal sign a player of ur calibre. I mean 4 w@ or as a ball boy n even with d@ 1 its not possible. We Ghanaians follow football vividly n u cant mislead us coz weve got facts. U went der 4 trials but u werent up to standard so Wenger couldnt sign u plzzzzzz stop all diz lies u av regretted not signing 4 Arsenal. U jux didnt mke da grade………PERIOD