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Ronaldo cautions Ghana - I will put in my best to help Portugal through difficult World Cup group

Posted On Sunday, 8th December 2013
Cristiano Ronaldo determined to help Portugal through tough group

Cristiano Ronaldo determined to help Portugal through tough group

By Ameenu Shardow, follow on Twitter @alooameenu

Cristiano Ronaldo says he will do his utmost best to ensure Portugal make it out of the tough World Cup group which includes Germany, USA and Ghana.

The Real Madrid star is determined to lead his side as captain to achieve greater heights at next year’s grand event in Brazil.

Portugal, full of players who compete in the best European leagues will open their campaign against three-time winners Germany before taking on the Black Stars in the second group game.

Many soccer pundits have tipped Germany as strong favourites to make it out of Group G with Portugal following – meaning Ghana and the USA will exit the competition just after the first round.

And the Real Madrid star who is favoured as the current best player in the world is determined to bring his A-game to make sure Portugal progress from the group.

“Our group is difficult. Germany are always favorites to win. The expectations are always the same; going as far as we can,” Ronaldo said.

“We will have to play really good football. It will be very important to be focused. I’m going to try my hardest.

“I play every game the same. I always try to give my all for my club & country.”

The Black Stars team especially the defence will have a real game on their hands as they will be tasked to mark out the multi-talented forward.

Ghana also have the trump card of a more stronger midfield and a sharper attack which if fully maximized should be enough help Ghana progress from the group despite the obvious herculean challenges.

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  1. POW@ Group G for the 2 G's says:


    We are not going there to joke. Ronaldo, we’ll take you guys out. I tip Ghana and Germany for the next stage

    • GHFUO, be serious & change ur MENtality says:


  2. Sam says:

    GSN need to stop all these false reports about these players talking about.

  3. Lazy bone says:

    Don’t worry Cristiano, Opare your mate way back in Madrid
    Will take very good care of you!

  4. spellBOUND says:

    JUST PUT ALL THE DEFENDERS ON HIM. lol. what scares me about ronaldo is his calm in front of goal. i’ve watched a lot of madrid games and unlike other jittery and impatient strikers, ronaldo is an assassin in front of goal. ghana really needs to frustrate him and deny him the ball to have a chance.

  5. wee ba says:

    We got to watch out nani too

  6. Kofi(Atlanta) says:

    When we played against Czech Republic, they had big named like Neved, Koller and a very great Coach but we retired all of them. 2010, we disassemble USA team and the coach disappeared. When has Ghana gotten favorable prediction from the international pundit? Wait and see after we top our group, how many Germans and Portuguese players going to RETIRED.

  7. kuukuphilly says:

    One man show cannot beat ghana..

  8. Assisi says:

    We’ll fire all cylinders to score against all our opponents come Brazil 2014 just as we did against the Czech Republic in 2006.

  9. Gada says:

    Breaking News.Asamoah Gyan,Warris,Dede,Muntari,Essien,KPB – Cautions Portugal we will put in our best to progress

  10. Kofi(Atlanta) says:

    Here is my bold predictions;

    Ghana 3(2) USA 1(1)
    Ghana 2(1) GER 1(1)
    Ghana 2(2) POR 0(1)
    () =Dauda

  11. Abudulai mohammed says:

    Here is my bold prediction:
    ghana 2 vs 0 usa
    ghana 1 vs 0 german or 1 vs 1
    ghana 1 vs 0 por
    that my dream and ghana ll bring cup to our motherland!

  12. morris(the nigerian) says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha…oh well..what do you…if wishes were horses ants would ride..just hope your dreams don’t turn into nightmares or daymares depending on the time you started dreaming..bitter truth y’all home going after the first rounds(wink)

  13. jj says:

    Guys look at shadrach eghan. He needs a call up. Playing first team for fc twente is not easy as a 19 year old.

  14. Kofi(Atlanta) says:

    Morris, prediction is diff. From dreaming. Dreaming is when Ninja preaches honesty.

  15. Kofi(Atlanta) says:

    JJ thanks but no thanks. It’s good to see our young boys doing great. However, any of our regulars as well as non-regulars will be 100% regular at Twente.

  16. Maxwell Johnson says:

    Seriously this is the time our top players really need to step up to the plate and prove that yes they are indeed our top players. Am talking about the likes of Essien, Muntari, KPB, KASA, Dede & even Gyan. They must come to the party, Gyan for instance gotta move his outta that shitty UAE league and move to a competitive European league. Even if its the Ligue 1 or the Turkish Super league, though playing in an amateur and a non-competitive UAE league he’s still a force to be reckon with. However I think he has lost some considerable amount of form and also his sharpness, I think he should let his agent work out a deal for him in the Jan transfer window by finding him a club in one of the elite leagues so that he can return to top form. He has made enough money in the gulf region already, its really important that he gets back to his old self. Tournaments are different from qualifiers and exhibition matches, remember his performance @ the AFCON in SA was nothing to write home about. We all know what Gyan is capable of doing when he’s on top of his game, an in-form Gyan is really a good omen for GH football. Essien missed the last edition so this is the time for him to prove to the world that he’s indeed got enough left in the tank. Among all our CB’s its only Vorsah & Jo Mensah that have WC experience of course having played in the last edition in SA. However since Vorsah & Boye our regular CB’s the latter’s experience will be vital as far as the CB is concerned, he needs to help solidify the defense very well. Other players like KPB, KASA, Muntari & Dede also have to show their class. I just hope that all our players will stay injury free before the final squad will be named as we have a large pool of talents to feed the national team. The lateral defense & the GK department is my biggest concern, AA is the only person that can solve that problem that’s if only he’ll call or play the right players @ the right position. Seriously we need to take a second look at the likes of Sumaila, Afful & even Inkoom.

    These are average materials. Imaging Afful or Inkoom against CR7 or Sumaila against Hugo Almeida or Helder Postiga, Thomas Muller, Mario Gomez and the likes. They’ll be torn into shreds. Am a very big fan of Opare buh the chap has disappointed me BIG time! A very consistent & impressive former for Standard Liege buh he’s been very disappointing whenever he dons the national colours. He’s yet to convince Ghanaians with his performance though he played pretty well in the 1st leg of the play-offs against the Egyptians. Experience-wise I’ll play Inkoom @ the right back position, am saying this because he played in the last WC and he’s used to the terrain, and also gained lotta experience over the years playing for Basel in the UCL as well as the Europa league. However he needs to start getting play time, its very important that all our players play active football @ their respective clubs going into the WC therefore Inkoom should have his agent secure him at least a loan move during the winter transfer. For the GK department it is very obvious that Dauda is not up to scratch, even @ the last AFCON when he got international recognition for his impressive performance I noticed some of his weakness. He’s a suspect when it comes to one-vie-one situation and not very good in the air. And now that he’s not playing actively it will be a disaster to field such a mediocre GK in a WC game, those thunder shorts from CR7 and likes will tear him up apart lol! The WC is a different platform. AA has to start building Kwarasey’s confidence by playing him in our exhibition games, the young man has proven that he performs better on the bigger stage. Winning the best GK for the second consecutive time in an European top-flight is by no means an achievement, I really doubt if Dauda can achieve this feat.

    The opener against the US is a must win! Its really important that we win our 1st game cuz that will be enough motivation going into the 2nd game against the Germans, nothing short of victory in our opener wont do our course any good at all cuz that will leave the group very open regardless of the result from the other game therefore its very important that we win our opening game against the Yankees! At least 2 draws from our last 2 games against Germany & Portugal should be enough to see us through to the round of 16. Look this is a very tough group so all the games will be very tough as well, the US are not pushovers they’ve improved quite a lot and they now have a better coach. However if we can win all our games (which I know we’re capable of doing) then its gonna serve as a morale booster going into the round of 16. I believe they’ll be no International friendly games for the next month or so therefore I think this is the right time for the GFA to send AA abroad for refresher courses whiles his technical team works around on the clock on the strengths and weaknesses of our respective opponents, at least 1 month of refresher courses should help upgrade his coaching credentials cuz he’s gonna come up against one of the worlds finest coaches so he needs this refresher courses more than anything else. The WC is about 7 months away therefore I think it will be good to play some high profile exhibition matches especially with teams that play similar style of football as our respective group opponents. For Germany we can play the Netherlands or perhaps Belgium, for the Portuguese we can play maybe France or one of the South American countries like Brazil, Uruguay or Columbia. As for the US we can play their close neighbors Mexico or perhaps Honduras whom are also in the CONCACAF region.This can only make us stronger and well prepared as we go into the WC, I believe we have enough quality to come over the threats of our respective opponents in this difficult group, let’s GO GH!!!

  17. fred says:

    kk lets pray we will sail through.Guys we have Soccernet watsup forum if u want to join just hit me on +233 543 69 85 66 tanx

  18. fred says:

    Soccernet watsup forum wanna join? just push the digits 0543698566

  19. elvis says:

    To be honest Ghana stands no chance. Going forward looks a better side.

    The real problem is at the back. Will those defenders cope?

    When going for battle, it is folly to ignore the strengths of your adversaries.

    Tactically, Germany and Portgual will be too much for Ghana.

    I would put USA and Ghana at 50-50. But Believe me you, the Americans will be the surprise team in this group. They may even beat Portgual and German. Remember France 98, when the pummelled Louis Figo and company?

    Thats how funny football can be.So I would advise Ghana to do good preparations ahead of the tournament. The team will need to play as a unit not as individuals.

  20. Biggie says:


  21. Ghanaman says:

    Our chances of progressing to the nxt round re close to zero…..but football is a crazy game,who knows????

  22. don king says:

    ghanaians a all describing US as d mean team in d group, bt lets us b careful since 4 me dat game will even b d most difficult game 4 us in d group, d previous 2 consecutive times dat we won, we didnt win on a cricket scoreline lyk 4,5 margin, dnt 4get they wll also come up wt a revenge mentality nd wt a good coach as in klinseman, even though i fink AA is slightly ahead of him. let guard against complacency. for portugal i fink we can manage a draw or even a win frm dem, since they have an average team apart frm CR7, nd so we shld do a lot of work on him. my biggest worry is our GK department cuz CR7 do not play against defenders bt wt GK, GO GO BS

  23. Solomon Acheampong says:

    Oh u ghanians r of litr fait ‘ve u 4gtn wat we did 2010 ,nest year is a yr of suprz. We gona gman and purtgul by suprise i bet u. If u have realy follow spt diz yr u wil get wat i mean. No fears gh,

  24. Dr Who says:

    Opare can easily handle cr7.all we need to do is to win our first game against USA who have revenge on their minds.the partnership of Boye and Jona should be solid.VOrsah lacks speed and one on one with CR7 will be disaster.

  25. elvis says:

    If Ghana can play as a unit they will be capable of beating any team at the tournament.

    Ghana has loads of talent and can do better if they play as one unit and not as individuals. Only when it matters should individual brilliance come into play.

    Thats the way my team, the Chipolopolo plays.

    I wish Ghana all the best in this tournament from the bottom of my heart.

    Go Black Stars and do Africa proud.

  26. Boro says:

    Finally, the ball is in our court and I think, I agree with AA when he said it all boils down to preparation. What I will like to add though is commitment, stamina, prevention of naivety (concentration at all time) and our technical bench.
    I think we need to prepare well physically to give us the stamina we need. The members of the BS team should on individual basis begin to work on their stamina so that they can go all out during the tournament should they be selected. The Ghanaian players to avoid any lackadaisical attitudes in each of the 90 minutes they will play.
    Players of the BS team should begin to put it in their minds that they are going out there to win each and every match no matter the pedigree of the opposing teams. I mean “the can do spirit”. The Ghanaian psychologist needs to begin working on the team right now!!!
    Possible Oppositions
    First of all, with the draws out I think the video analyst should begin to look out for the shortfalls of all the teams we have been paired with and AA work out good strategies to map out these teams like he did to Egypt. He must choose teams with similar strategies for our international friendly games and try these strategies base on the strong and weaknesses of these teams to see how those strategies will work. Going forwards AA should know that there is possibility that the teams we are going to meet might be able to either passes the ball than us or try to catch us on swift counter attacks or surprise us with long passes. There can also be a situation where opposing teams might try to get set pieces in dangerous positions or even cause numerical disadvantage. In the mist of all these in AA’s mind how is he going to map out a strategy to avoid all these problems? For instance, in the return match against Egypt his strategy of swift counter attack did not work well. Although we got a consolation goal through that in the dying minute of the match, I think that strategy was not well executed. How is he going to correct that?
    If I am to remind AA of the 2006 world cup in Germany, we lost to Brazil by three goals. In that match we had more possession of the ball than the Brazilians however; it only took two piercing passes from Ronaldinho which caught our defense flat and sleeping. In fact, such passes threatened our defense throughout that game. How is AA going to prevent such technical disability from happening to this team?
    Lessons learned?
    In our match against Egypt in Kumasi although we won that match 6-1 against Egypt, AA made a basic mistake which when made in the world cup could cause us a red card and therefore numerical disadvantage. This is the foul committed by Rashid Sumaila which caused us the penalty. In the first place I think it was a red card offense and when he escaped what AA should have done was to substitute him. In the big stage like the world cup what the opposing team will do is always try to attack through him to commit another bookable offence. Had RS attracted the red card could BS have won by that margin?
    I must also state that the continuing turning of one of the most skillful players in the team into a defender in the person of Kwadwo Asamoah is not helping the team. He should rather find a player who can do his work at the left back position well to free KA rather than the current approach.
    Ghana’s Group
    With our group for this coming 2014 world cup, I think it is a good group for us, if we really want to go farther than the previous world cups. Unless, we are just there to add to the numbers because it is the toughest of all the groups and if we are able to sail through in this group “Isha Allah” we can be sure of reaching the semis and then to the final. After all, as the saying goes “one need to be better than good in order to compete with the best of the world”
    Wish you well AA.

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