Richard Kingson's return has boosted our chances against Egypt- Agyemang Badu

Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu

Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu

Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu believes the Black Stars is boosted by the added ‘quality’ of goalkeeper Richard Kingson ahead of the crucial World Cup qualifier against Egypt.

Ghana will host the Pharaohs in the first leg of the playoff tie on Tuesday in Kumasi.

The Black Stars look to take a commanding lead in the tie with a resounding win against the record African Cup winners.

And the Udinese midfielder believes the team’s chances of ousting Egypt has shot through the roof with the return of experienced Kingson.

“He is a wonderful goalkeeper of high quality,” he told Metro FM.

“We all know what he [Kingson] has done for us before and therefore having such a quality goalkeeper in your team is a major plus for us.”

Kingson has returned to the Black Stars team after two-years out due to clublessness.

He has however caught the eye of coach Kwesi Appiah following regular displays in the Cypriot top flight with Doxa Katokopia.


  1. Mr. G says:

    Hahahaha, i can’t stop laughting,,, ghana all the way to brazil, hahahaha, UP M. SALAH.

  2. kuukuphilly says:

    Am laughing with u bro,hahhaaaa!

  3. President Mahama Meets With
    Goodluck Jonathan To Discuss
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    Coast. Hahahahaha.
    Nigeria will continue to rule and
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    Trophy less nation. 33yrs and
    still counting

  4. Pokoo says:

    Remember, will are not trophyless, we have not won it for just a long time. respect Ghana and you would be blessed.

  5. Top Ranking says:

    Yes 33yrs without a trophy but we dont eat human flesh and blow up christians in Ghana like u cannibals and terrorists in Nigeria.No wonder u have so much hatred for the black stars and Ghana in general

  6. Josimar kwesi bonsu says:

    Ghana wud Loose to Egyptian pharoas 1=2 mark my words”GFA unfair to certain quality players like yiadom”Abiye etc willing begging a scamming vagabond like KPB n Arse Licking him to play for us” Our prrsendnt fooling himself begging little kids the Ayew brothers to com n play”Ridicolous! Its a tin of bride to wear our national colours,shame on us if Egypt ride on our bak to the world cup,meanwhile the “injured”scammer Boatend wud return to Scalke nxt match n champions League n gets injured again once the return Leg in Cairo aPproaches.who is fooling who?he wud be super fit n charms evry Ghanaian not me ond eve of the world cup if W??????????? manage to mk it to play all the pre world cup frienlies in Europe n mks it to Brazil at the expense of som hardworking baboonz to get a new big club A?????n? a fat pay check,God&Ghanaians are watching yu on a 3HD Tv•God bless Ghana!

    • AMONIKE says:

      Hey let me remind you lest you forget.Egypt is a very good team and they are well behaved people so we Ghanaians love them.However,It takes Egypt 56 years to play once in a world cup tournament as compared to Ghana who plays in every four years .The statistics show that ,Egypt will wait for some few more years sine they are engaging themselves in this play off with a world cup regular team.Sorry for my Egyptian brothers.We pray for peace and tranquility in the country of Egypt.May God solve all those political problems and keep them safe.

  7. Mumbi says:

    @Pokoo u are trophyless & will never win a 16 nations torney. Egypt is coming 2 disgrace u @ bababoons stadiam

  8. tupac says:

    Ya’ll tell me how many naijalians live in poverty and depression.

  9. tupac says:

    Ya’ll tell me how many naijalians live in poverty and depression. As a matter of fact there are a considerable huge number of naijalians live in a very despicable life.

  10. tupac says:

    Ya’ll tell me how many naijalians live in poverty and depression. As a matter of fact there are a considerable huge number of naijalians live in a very despicable life than any African countries

  11. tupac says:

    Ya’ll tell me how many naijalians live in poverty and depression. As a matter of fact there are a considerable huge number of naijalians live in a very despicable life than any African countries..

  12. Pastor Canada says:

    Mumbi my friend don’t get worked up bcos Ghana booted out the Chipos. If I were you I will support Ghana over Egypt bcos the present Egyptian team is no where near the Ghanaian team.

  13. Powerdey Gh says:

    Hey you again @ Mumbi, still angry with ghana I guess, Hey cool down. Ghana has gracefuly disposed off ur “cheap polopolo” (the rubber bullets of Zambia). so we deserve some respect from you Hunh…. I Beleive by now you know that when it comes to football Your Zambia is no where near Ghana. Wether we win or lose against egypt, we have cut zambia to size and thats refreshing.

  14. Benny Boy says:

    @Josimar kwesi bonsu why are you so bitter that because the players you mentioned were not called Ghana is going to lose? i like Boakye Yiadom as well but we have to respect the decision of the coach and give the guys who are called our full support. We will beat Egypt and you will regret saying what you have said. What is it with all the insults to KP etc? You are a very angry man bro, come down because this is just a game.

  15. dream says:

    @ josimar, you cannot live to please everyone so let AA be. He is human like you. He cannot call all ghanaian players into the team. Some people who are equally good as abeyie and boakye has never been called to the team before but they quiet because they know those who have been called are also good. AA knows the reason behind his selection so dont be too quick to judge.

  16. Malcom X says:

    badu u think u r save?if olele didn’t get position in d pole d next tin he will do is to bcome a midfielder, i hope u no d danger involve? if u dont, ask sammy adjei n coach kwesi appiah bcos d coach cant tell u y he call him, dat is how devilish olele can b, b careful

  17. Zot says:

    Josimar k bonsu & co,hey you guy is crying more than the owners of the corpse.Ho! poor josimar you loose the 10% you will get from those players thats why

  18. Zot says:

    Hey u critics…If you have finish,try ur best to get the gh flag and go chear the STARS to victory,after that,come for your losing bonus slaps»»»GO GH BLACK STARS GO 2:0 victory

  19. Ashantiman says:

    Go your Python and. Human flesh Mumbi

  20. Ashantiman says:

    Tell Jonathan to control his protruding lips. Its a. Disgrace to. Africa

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  23. Papa K says:

    Can we have people here who can present a more critical analysis of why one team will win over the other, instead of spewing out such invectives at each other? I’m a passionate Black Stars fan, but I’m not afraid to say that should Eqypt beat Ghana, I will put my full weight behind them, just as I would with the other winning African countries (including Nigeria, if they make it). What we should remember is that the performance of the African teams at the WC, will be factored into FIFA’s decision to award Africa more slots in future. When Cameroun made us proud during Roger Miller’s hip-shaking display at he WC, we all benefitted from it. So let’s calm down, and pray for the best reps for Africa. Having said that, I believe strongly that the Black Stars are on their way to Brazil. Oct 15 is just around the corner and I cant wait. Please wake me up tomorrow, and tell me it’s Tuesday Oct 15.

  24. Ovoko says:

    Mr papa k, i like the comment u just made, if all ghanians where like you, i think the world will be a better place to live in, but i want u to ask ur dad about your background, u may just have a nigerian trait in you, dats y u talk like a mordenised and civilized individual….cheers bro, proudly nigerian