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POLL: Can Ghana advance out of its World Cup Group of Death?

Posted On Saturday, 7th December 2013
Black Stars

Black Stars

After being drawn in a difficult group against old faces Germany and USA as well as Portugal at next year’s World Cup finals in Brazil, can the African super-house advance from group G?

Please make your views known in the box below 

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  1. Papadinho says:

    Yes, A win over the USA and a draw with both Portugal and Germany will see us through. One thing that needs to be changed is the goalkeeper. Now we have 3 teams with deadly strikers that have great ball skills, this is the time to train Kwarasey and get him ready for the World cup. Remember how he stressed Ronaldinho out?

    • spellBOUND says:

      haha true say papa, ronaldinho could not believe the saves kwaresay was making.

    • Chic says:


      You are very wrong….Kwarasey is not even a goal keeper. No country imports a goal keeper from abroad, good goal keepers go to abroad. We tried him and he conceeded more and easy goals than any Black Star goals in history. Germany Portugal will slaughter him ….Ghana is here due to Dauda’s performance. Chic

  2. texas says:

    Well to be the best, one needs to beat the best and over all obstacles on ones path. And that is exactly what Ghana will do. If you do not want to play a team in the World Cup, then never think of winning the world cup. Why even participate? Black Stars players are ready for the battle…….remember – it is always impossible until it is done – Nelson Mandela.

  3. spellBOUND says:

    if we shore up the defense, theres too much quality in the midfield to not beat the US and portugal. AA, PLEASE GET THE DEFENCE IN ORDER…. our chances or progression depend on it…

  4. compliments says:

    The letter G that represents the group itself means a lot for two of the countries in the group.Ghana begins with a letter G and so is Germany.This is a signal that,Ghana and Germany will represent the G group to advance.Beside,Ghana has what it take to advance out of the group and beyond.As it is said by the later Mandela,May his soul rest in peace .It is always impossible till it is done’.So the black stars will do it.

  5. kukuphilly says:

    Thers no doubt in my mind we will prevail out of this group.player for playe we have the edge over our opponents,the only thing that can cause our downfall is the defense so kwasi appiah the ball is in ur court.

  6. Prof says:

    Hmmm! Let’s wait till the day.

  7. FRANK THOMAS says:


  8. B marley says:

    We’ve got more than it takes.. Germany barely beat us last world cup. And tgat was bcos we didnt take our chances.. We can beat germany!

    • iantwii says:

      Thank you. People should remember, Algeria beat them in 1982 World Cup. That German team then is ever stronger than now. Ghana’s present team is almost untouchable. So We definitely got more that it takes. Well Said, Bro. I believe we can win this group. Sure.

    • anokwale says:

      Exactly my point. Germany and Portugal are not that far ahead of us. We simply need to make sure to beat the USA and then all bets are off. The key is that since Germany and Portugal play each other first, one or both will be damaged after game one. In fact, if they draw and we beat USA. We are in a strong position.

  9. Joshua atrikpey says:

    Maybe wit de determination of the players to make the impossible happen, we will defile all odds and emerge victors from the group. Let us not forget that in the game of football, nothing is ideal.

  10. Kwame Milla says:

    Yes. Ghana is progressing. We have always had to work for everything that us
    Ghana. We fought for our independence, we fought for all Africa and continue to fight. Nobody thought it was gonna be easy. If you wanna hang with the best you have to beat the best.

  11. Bemol says:

    Yes wit fatau dauda in goal adam on d bench wit a flat defence and k.appiah as coach.

    • Kwame Milla says:

      I think we should go to Kwarasey first Fatau is jittery. If we can get Kwarasey to handle crosses well, he should be the preferred first choice. Fatau does not command the requisite confidence and the fear he needs to instill in opponents. Remember Robert Mensah and Kingson?

  12. Papadinho says:

    I have the feeling AA will use Dauda but then get banged by Altidore and AA will subtitude him for Kwarasey and Ghana win the game, And that will be the end of Dauda’s world cup actions.

    • milky says:

      Altidore is not that much of a prolific of a striker to score. The US team is not that good. I watched most of their games during their qualifying series and I wasnt impressed at all. Ghana played some really tough team (Zambia and Egypt). I dont think the US got such caliber of teams during their qualifying series. As I keep on telling everyone, Ghana will beat the US again, this time with a wide margin.

      • CEREBRAL says:

        I think so also…as long as they see the US as a threat rather than an underdog. The key to any WC performance is preparation to the teeth. The players must be fit even b4 they come to camp. All the coach has to do is fine-tuning the team for each match or opponent. We cannot take our laid-back African attitudes to the WC and do well. We have to be vigilant and proactive……think through every single detail: set pieces, penalties, passing game, stamina, tactics, substitution, camaraderie, etc

  13. kobby says:

    —————- KWARASEY ————-



    ————– KP BOATENG ———–

    ——————- GYAN ————


    DAUDA (GK)
    OPARE (DL)
    WARIS (CF)




  14. Anthony Kwamina Afedzie says:

    Of course yes!!! Ghana Black Star is a world klass taem,with Quality Players with skills and bodymovemet to control and also Dance with ball, they cann Play anyteam in the world, and that makes me fell too sure that Ghana can sail through the Group of death, and if possible take the Cup.

  15. joseph says:


  16. Ken says:

    We did it in 2006 and 2010. Our maiden world cup paired with Italy and Czech Republic. Italy eventually won the World Cup.
    Essien missed the game against Brazil because of cards accumulation and Gyan was red-carded, Ghana played with ten men against mighty Brazil.

  17. Blackangel says:

    With good preparations we can go thru, we’ll beat Portugal. All we’ve got to do is take Ronaldo to Kwaku Bonsam so he’ll be half fit nd uncomfortable onthe field that day. If we can qualify from this group then the sky will be our limit. Let’s believe in ourselves, our mental toughness must be an all time high. Every team is beatable nd nothing is impossible….. Go GH, Go BS!!!!!

  18. Paul says:

    Akwasi Appiah please keep Dauda on the bench and play Kwarasey he is far better than Dauda. Ghana will move on to the next round. Black Stars all the way.

  19. dede says:

    If we didin’t qualify from this group then we should stop compete for world cup tournameents.for sure Germany are favourite but we can beat them with hard work or better still get draw,Portugal strugled to qualify we should just get C7 out of his possition then we can beat them hands down as for USA we know how to scater them.seriously AA need foreign terchnical director.

  20. Naija says:

    I see GHANA team doing everything to Mark C Ronaldo ! He will tear GHANA defence into shreds, ! I see card upon card ! Being collected by Ghanaian in this match !

  21. Ooops says:

    @naija. Are u sure You’re not from zambia? Bc all the naija I know, even on the forums they are wishing Ghana luck to progress.

  22. benny says:

    AA should change Dauda and the sky will be our limit.

  23. thegoldenstool says:

    Germany and Portugal as group winners and runners-up respectively is the most realistic outcome.

  24. BlackStar Tacticain says:

    What AA needs to do now is
    1)Go for some serious training
    2)Have our starting 11 from now and make them available at all our friendly games if its possible.(Building Chemistry)
    3)GFA needs to organize some though matches.We need to play countries that have similar play to our opponents in our group.
    AA needs to start preparing from now, now or forget progressing during the tournament.

  25. We're The African Champions (UP 9JA) says:

    Toh hell with u gayna, all ths what ur saying is dreaming, i knw on paper gayna can won the world cup cus with mouth u can beat germany and brazil, u better start pr*pr*ttttion 4 russia 2018

  26. We're The African Champions (UP 9JA) says:

    Even one minute i did’nt waste just to thnk u kan success in ths group,,, impact i’m more than happy with ths ur group, you go hear’am,,, no be me put u onto ths group ooo na ur mouth,

  27. sam says:

    ghana will qualify…we always perform when the odds are against us

  28. sam says:

    ghana will qualify…we always perform when the odds are against us! nigeria has a good group but trust me they won’t qualify

  29. We're The African Champions (UP 9JA) says:

    Hahahahaha gayna ol the way to semi final,

  30. We're The African Champions (UP 9JA) says:

    I blv gayna is a strong futbal countri, and they never give up in any game, but th real truth evryone had his mate, germany fasss u far more betta. Germany ar among the contender’s to win ths world cup edition, if nt number one, then they are number two, brazil nuber one, so dont ever dream of beating germany at ths world cup, ths mean in 9point lets minus 3point, usa that u use to knw before, nw they improve i doupt if u can beat them, portugal? Hahahahahaha they hav one man army!! CR7 alone can do u damage that the whole usa cant nt do u,

  31. adam4eve Ag.Swedruni ba says:

    yes GH can qualify fromthat group but i bet Dawda and our defends are our main problem trust,i know the truth hurt.Whether anyone agree with me or not we shall gonna need Kwarasey’s service

  32. ZG GH4LIFE says:

    GHANA means GOD HEALING A NEW AFARICA.Africa’s mind and soul has been wounded for soo long by the white man but the time has come for some healing. The world heard of Ghana but now they will KNOW Ghana. (I will say these words until June 2014)Ghana will bring some new life to Africa this world cup.

  33. danny alvez says:

    lol you guys should know that we had good defenders during the 2006 and 2010 world but this time our defense sucks inkoom is always giving the balls to opponents and imagine if you are playing against c ro who can score from anywhere. i dont see ghana going through though. and no matter how hard well try germany will beat us for sure. we should be sincere and stop these noise. we need to bring in more defenders.

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