Marseille assistant coach Passi tells Jordan Ayew to grow up quickly

Jordan Ayew has been told to check his temper

Marseille assistant coach Franck Passi has told tempestuous forward Jordan Ayew that his father and OM legend Abedi Pele would not be proud of him following the youngster’s recent ill-tempered outbursts.

Ayew, 21, provoked an angry reaction from David Beckham after clashing with the Paris Saint-Germain star in Wednesday’s Coupe de France defeat at the Parc des Princes, sparking an unsightly melee involving players and staff from both sides.

It was the Ghanaian international’s first appearance after being suspended for a red card picked up in a league game at Evian, where Ayew was booked twice for two rash challenges within 111 seconds of coming off the bench.

“I know his dad, Abedi, well. I imagine that his father isn’t proud of what he’s seeing,” Passi, who played alongside Ayew’s father at OM during the 1987/88 Ligue 1 season, said.

“Sometimes, he’s a little irritable on the pitch. He was coming back from suspension. He wanted to show what he can do and get things going, and that translates into a little bit of anger. He’s a young player, but he’s going to have to mature quickly so that he can show his qualities as a footballer.”

Ayew, whose elder brother, Andre, also plays for OM, has become an integral part of Elie Baup’s squad at the Stade Velodrome over the last two seasons, and his emergence was a key factor in the club allowing Loic Remy to leave for Queens Park Rangers in January.

“We know a different Jordan to other people. He’s a real footballer with great qualities,” Passi continued. “It’s clear that we’re not going to give up on him given his potential.” He added:

“I think we’ll manage to help him become mature enough so that he can control himself.”



  1. NiiNaiTeshie says:

    Quoting coach Passi “We know a different Jordan to other people. He’s a real footballer with great qualities….It’s clear that we’re not going to give up on him given his potential.” He added:

    “I think we’ll manage to help him become mature enough so that he can control himself.”

  2. gift says:

    hmm Oyiwa , when AA said it Ghanains said he hate the chaps father. God bless Gh.

  3. simpleman says:

    Jordan is a player,black star should depend upon.The same character some black star players complained at camp has reflected to his own club officials and thousand of fans against David Beckham.

  4. Askantwi says:

    He is a real hindrance to progress and traquility in the Black Stars’ camp. If they are retiring from the national team, it is a blessing in disguise.

  5. Mochacho-USA says:

    Is this a player Ghana shd go n beg?……Nigga, please……..he only brings division n confusion in the GBS . And his brother ,Dede thinks is buy one get one free. And that ,if they dnt call Jordan to GBS,he gonna resign,y’all can goto hell and join KBP and Essien,fuck y’all motherfukers. Mother Ghana n GBS is bigger than y’all

    • Black Stars Fan says:

      What are you saying? If Marseille could have patience and help him to grow how much more Ghana?
      He is 100% Ghanaian, therefore Ghana should be the first to take the initiative.
      Do you throw your baby out of window because he urinated on your lap? Only a fool will do that.

      • Andre says:

        If you are a true black starts fan you would not disagree with Mochacho-USA. It is clear that they do not love Ghana the way we all thought if they did they would not reitre prematuely whilst we have wc quailifiers their beef with the management should not take first place over their commitment to ghana they should seek to solve the issue rather than retire. And to be specific on Jordan why should Ghana go and beg him, he is not garenteed starter at OM do you see him running to his boss and say im not playing for marseille next week ill play when you garentee me i’ll play every week, wait the answer is NO. So why should he now send GFA letter saying until he is garenteed a place he will stay away etc come on open your eyes they too have their agendas. Only Ghana will accept this foolishness and beg them, Andre is a great player but Ghana is a nation of pride a nation which has led Africa for decades and no player should make us small to beg them. They basically are saying they have temorily retired (in the hope we don’t qualify for the world cup, the coach gets sacked) then they return again as the savours and we Ghanaians praise their names. Come on brothers and sistas open your eyes, Im not a big fan of the coach but come on if these boys loved Ghana the way they said they did, they would not be doing what they are doing, and I am a big Andre fan and I have realised this, their name in lights is more improtant to them so they would love to see Appiah fail as he didnt select Jordan. THATS DISGRACEFUL!!!

  6. selfmade says:

    Son, is about time u stop your dad b shit and start behaving like a real ghanaian hustler…. u gotta talent and there is no too ways about it but u need to be a gee cuz real gees knows how to show their swagger on the field of every endeavour with coolness and level headedness!! Son,stop the pomposity and pampingness,be focused like a real talented ghanaian and start use your brains cuz thats how ghanaians always do!!! Your dad has a name in football but dude this is the time for u to showcase what u have because talent without discipline ll never ever take u anywhere!!! Your attitude on the field sucks big time,try to keep a cool head and stop behaving like a 13 yrs kid because u big guy now and big guys shows class in all field of endeavours!!!! u behaving like a spoiled little brat but we ll criticized u tilled u shed this foolishness!!! Son,there are more talents out there who want to reach where u are and there are pple who has already reached and surpassed what u doing now but still remained humble and humbleness is the key to success!!! Lie low and u ll be noticed because too much portrays u as an empty barrel!!! Am also surprised his dad is not saying nothing about all the negative hype is his son is receiving but for me he is getting into the news for all the wrong reasons!!! Today Zambia,tomorrow i have retired and now bechkam!! I am getting tired of this bullshit!!! Viva the revolutioncioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

    • Randy says:

      So many questions I would want to ask you from your write up. Who is a Ghanaian? The one tat loves, forgives others mistakes and help them to better themselves, or the one that insults people?

      What has Abedi done to you? Does Abedi still plays at Marselle? is he the coach for Marseille?
      You speak of humility but your post is full of arrogance and unnecessary insults. You grow up.

  7. selfmade says:

    @ randy….where did i insulted him? Where son? Where doesn’t play for Marseille so he can’t advise his son right??)! Did u ready my post?

  8. Tanko says:

    @Black Star Fan: You are a blessing to this website. You made sense in that short article than the whole of what GSN provided today. Thanks

  9. Apple says:

    @randy well spot.. Ppl make comments on this forum as if they are jerks. Why insult pele what has pele done. Pele served ghana well and what hv u donecfor ghana in your own smal way. Fuck these haters



  11. selfmade says:

    @ randy… i don’t know abedi for me to hate him infact,i love abedi so much cuz he was such an excellent player and for me he is one best African footballer of all times and there is no African player who was a complete player than abedi …. oppong weah is the greatest but abedi was the better player…now i don’t hate abedi but i hate some of his actions during his playing days and am not the only one here!! Ghana had its best generational players during his days and as respected captain of the team,some of his actions were totally absurd and weird too!! I don’t have to repeat those actions to u as u are already aware but his last son is doing exactly the same thing!!! How can a kid who hasn’t won anything in football retired from the national team???? Dede has won the under 20 and dedes case is different from jordan because i sympathised with dede a lot because i was pissed off when he was dropped frontal afcon squad because we all know that dede is one of the most committed bs player and he is the very engine of the team but jordan case is different!! There are a lot of world class players who has being dropped from their respective national teams because of lack of form,indiscipline( it doesn’t matter your form) etc and Jordan should take this opportunity to prove everyone wrong but here he is saying he has retired and for me is so ridiculous because he hasn’t achieved nothing yet!!! Dede was criticized heavily during Ghana 2008 afcon but he didn’t quit but persisted to proved all his critics wrong and that’s what i want Jordan to do rather than this pomposity from him!!! The Jordan that i saw against Tunisia during the last afcon with such a blistering pace,silky cross overs and amazing driving techniques is not the same Jordan i saw against zambia,against malawi in Kumasi!! He is a good player but if we don’t correct him,he ll go the way of charles taylors,don borteys,odarteys etc and the early the better it ll be for him!!! Thank god am not the only one who has seen that he needs to grow up quickly because football is bang time business!!! Viva the revolutioncioooooooooooooo!!!