Balotelli registers Ghanaian surname Barwuah on EURO 2012 shirt

Mario Balotelli and brother Enoch Barwuah

Mario Balotelli may be one of football’s biggest names – but his surname just got a bit bigger.

That’s because the Manchester City striker has decided to have both his family names on his shirt at Euro 2012.

Balotelli was born in Sicily as Mario Barwuah to parents of Ghanaian descent.

He took the name Balotelli from his foster parents in Brescia, who brought him up after he became ill as a toddler.

And UEFA’s official player list for the tournament shows that the 21-year-old forward has registered “Barwuah Balotelli” as his shirt name.

Source: The Sun


  1. joe. says:

    Who cares. He can even add Kwabena, Kofi and so on and so forth .

  2. keith from germany says:

    is he now coming back to his sences?we live to see

  3. Anorfpet says:

    He is now reasoning.I can really see that there is wisdom in age.

  4. YAW says:

    PLS check out here.It’s really funny:

  5. Mochacho-USA says:

    Stupid boy, you will learn one day after the Italians reject you.

  6. Young says:

    Give Mario a break you fools.. You’ve yet to walk in his shoes, therefore you shouldn’t knock him but respect him as a man and most of all, an excellent striker. It’s a very sensitive subject for him to discuss and until you’ve experienced it, you wouldn’t understand so try to reason, support and love him..

  7. kwame says:

    This is not true, check the official site of uefa He is registered as Mario Ballotelli with the No. 9 shirt. Please if you have been paid to do a PR work you have failled we aren’t dump.

  8. joe. says:

    They said give ur comment but not to insult ppl u don’t kn. pls if u hv natin to say, pls keep mute. coz u can insult but not every body especially the ppl u don’t kn..b4 they invoke curses on u!!!!! manoriso .

  9. Papa Nkrumah says: