Kwesi Nyantakyi criticizes fans for 'unfair' abuse of goalkeeper Richard Kingson

Ghana FA boss Nyantakyi says local fans have been unfair to Richard Kingson

Ghana FA boss Nyantakyi says local fans have been unfair to Richard Kingson

Kwesi Nyantakyi says Ghanaian fans have been unfair to goalkeeper Richard Kingson following criticism over his return to the national team.

The recall of the 35-year-old for Tuesday’s World Cup playoffs was greeted with an uproar after a two-year absence.

Opinions have bee divided on his return to the team despite his regular and commanding displays for club side Doxa Katokopias.

But Ghana FA boss Kwes Nyantakyi says the criticism are off the mark.

“Ghanaians are not been fair to Olele (Richard Kingson),” Nyantakyi said

“His age is not what people are saying. Some players are even older than him yet still playing. Olele is not above 40 years, he is doing well and the first goalkeeper in his club.

“We should stop saying negative things about our players and encourage them rather”

Kingson received a rousing welcome on his first training session with the Black Stars at the Accra sports stadium on Wednesday.

The most capped player is expected to fight for the number position with current number one Fatau Dauda and Adam Kwarasey.


  1. Viper says:

    To be fair,its not bad to have Olele as one of our three goalkeepers but I don’t think he is in shape to man the post,I will give that to Kwarasey,he can certainly inspire and motivate the Kwarasey and Dauda with his experience.

    • aberico says:

      Ghanasoccernet!Aba! Why do u sometimes intentionally bring out pictures that negates ones proficiency? So of all Kingston pictures you couldn’t display any of them except this one? Aba! You intentionally brought this one to portray indirectly to the General populace that the man is old. You are behaving like the foreign media who sometimes pain bad and ugly face of African personalities to make the news. Stop it!

  2. Viper says:

    …and another thing,is the Ghana league sooooo bad,that bench warmers in South African league are considered better than those playing top flight football in Ghana???? Why is Dauda being selected??? When he is warming the bench in SA??? Are there no better performing goalkeepers in the league??? So we call a bench warmer??? Then whats the point of league football????? If bench warmers somewhere will get selection over active well performing local players.whats the point???????????????????? Unless there is some kululu in all these selections…

    • Fabs says:

      Not onlyu Dauda, but look at Frimpong….if Appiah’s focus in to not select bench warmers then why select Frimpong, who is not even being selected for the Arsenal squads to even warm the bench.

      This is what is frustrating about Appiah and the FA, some of those that are playing regularly sidelined for those that are not starters but perhaps individual members of the GFA or Appiah like personally.

  3. Viper says:

    It makes no sense to me….

  4. Kobs says:

    No one should insult players who are willing to come play for the BS, so credit to Kingson, especially when some players are all so eager to swerve playing for their national teams, BUT that does not mean questioning whether or not a player is the best or must suitable to be considered shouldn’t be allowed.

    If some disagree with the inclusion of Kingson then as long as they are measured in their tone then that allows conversation/discussion to flow. However it’s a shame that Ghanaians (perhaps Africans in general) cannot distinguish between constructive argument/criticism and insults…it’s either a situation of you oppose someones opinion then you deserve to be insulted or if you don’t like what someone is saying even if the person is being measured in their tone, it’s still ok to insult.

    As Africans, well me personally, I face enough issues with being perceived as being African and therefore ignorant when in a foreign man’s land, without having to see Ghanaians and other Africans living up to the stereotypes on this site.

  5. Mumbi says:

    Desparate ghanaians look @ his pic, kingstone is more than 45 years old. This time he should be looking after his grand children. ege cheaters.

    • kobs says:

      I don’t get comments like yours. Clearly you are not Ghanaian so why do you care so much…a player can be 50 and play for a senior national team, so the fact YOU think he’s 45 is not an issue…he’s not playing for the U20s is he. You seem to be bitter at Ghanaians in general and just using this issue as an excuse.

  6. Fred says:

    Nyantekyi is not being fair either. The very people who have been very critical about his age are Dr Nyaho his predecessor and other football administrators. Ghanaians have been divided about bringing him back just bcos he has been out of the game for 2 years already but Mr Nyantekyi should have seen the massive support and cheers he got at training by the same fans. Massa direct your chritisism to your own colleagues and cronies.

  7. nana says:

    Mark it on da wall olele is in post on thursday

  8. Boro says:

    He should just be mindful of the long balls and not concede cheap goals like the one against Uruguay during the last world cup. I wonder if he can see from afar. His old age is affecting his sight.

  9. Dr Who says:

    @Viper & Fabs,its not only about playing regularly for your club…was Fatau not in our local league a while ago? Didnt we see his performance?…The fact that Essien is ón the Chelsea bench doesnt mean those playing regular in our local league are better than him….this is a WC qualifier not a friendly match to dó try and error…we need tried and tested players.Those days when Olele was our number one keeper and was playing the EPL,didnt you know hé was a bench warmer? Yet hé performed well with the BS….lets support the team and stop punching holes in their preparation.

  10. Josimar kwesi bonsu says:

    Support our team, olele,fatua,kwarasey who eva man the post let’s support him,but my instinct tells me Olele wud man the post on tuesday based on expirence not much due to reflex,but he’ll either he will either turn a hello or a villian,see us changing keeper n defenders for the return Leg in Cairo.Ghana all d way!

  11. Zot says:

    Hey Bro. What do u mean by olele not seing frm afar?U are craying more than d owners of the corpse bro.Olele there wil put kwarasey&dauda on their toes xpercialy in their 4rign teams.Let k.appiah do e job,the sellection no come yet why people doing d that?