Kevin-Prince Boateng to meet FIFA boss for anti-racism talks

Kevin-Prince Boateng to meet FIFA boss for anti-racism talks

Boateng to meet Sepp Blatter later this month

By Ameenu Shardow

Ghanaian midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng will meet with FIFA President Sepp Blatter later this month to discuss ways of dealing with racism in soccer.

FIFA says the AC Milan star is scheduled to visit Blatter in Zurich on March 22.

Boateng became the focus of anti-racism efforts in world soccer in January.

The ex Ghana international led his Milan teammates off the field to protest against racial abuse from fans of a fourth-tier Italian team during an exhibition match.

Blatter praised Boateng for making a ”strong and courageous stand,” though he faced criticism for saying that players mustn’t run away from problems.

The FIFA President used his speech at the world player of the year gala, held four days after the match, to stress that leaving the field ”cannot be the solution.”

The situation has put the former Germany youth international in the limelight as an anti-racism ambassador.

Boateng and his model girlfriend Melissa Sata have already been signed onto a campaign to fight against racism and discrimination in Italy.


  1. INSIDER says:

    a player knows when he is drop for footballing reasons. Jordan was drop because some greedy bustads at the GFA hates his swag. secondly, there is always 3 or 4 places in the team of 23 for fringe players who will be willing to give a percentage of their bonuses to those bustards at the FA. that is why Ghana has never presented its best team at major tournaments. kervin, essien and the ayews would all love to don the national shirt on any day, but the politics that goes into player selection for major tournaments has really got them thinking about their international future. aKwesi appiah is just an “android” who is being controlled by those greedy bastads at the FA

  2. Samedge7 says:

    The Blackstar coach is a remote which is control by Kwasia Nyantakyi

  3. selfmade says:

    He is going to meet another kkk member clad as a o called president!!! This blatter guy is a fucking racist himself and am.surprised we Africans always vote for him!!! I know nothing good ll come out form this meeting because blatter knows the only solution to this archaic racist chanting is for the abused player to walk off the field leaving his team with ten men and reducing their substitution by only two!!!! Again,when the abused player walks off the field,it should take like ten mins for the team to effective any substitution and let see if this foolishness ll be nip in the bud forever!!! This is my only solution to this problem and this guy ll never ever effect it!! I have written alot of letters to fifa about this racist chanting,citating my above solutions but it seems nobody wanna hear about it!!!! Maybe is about time we listen to melcom x!!! An eye for eye,ear for an ear!!!!! If u feel me on this lets us all chant,viva the revolutioncioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

  4. selfmade says:

    The know kpb can effect some real revolution in fifa because he is half white and black,so his move ll ginger alot of support from both white and black!!! They just dying to meet him to advice him to keep his mouth shut and possible promise him some money and lucrative package at fifa when be eventually retires!!! The see kpb as obama in football because he has alot of swagger,a spark and he can collapsed these racist walls in fifa and i bet anyone that they ll do anything within their power to calm him down because they always want to keep the blackman as the lowest of all beings!!! I think is about time some of ghanaian players led a real revolution at the international stage by walking off rather than wasting their fucking energy of retiring from the national team!!! Viva the revolutioncioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!