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John Mensah targets place in Ghana's World Cup squad

Posted On Friday, 13th December 2013
John Mensah says he is fit and ready to return to Black Stars

John Mensah says he is fit and ready to return to Black Stars

By Patrick Akoto

Experienced Ghana defender John Mensah is hoping to be selected for next year’s World Cup in Brazil, claiming he has fully recovered from his chronic injury while insisting he’s not finished yet as there is plenty of fire in his belly to stage a comeback.

Mensah, 31, has not played for the Black Stars for more than a year due to a problematic back injury that has shattered a rather fine career.

Without the former Stade Rennes strong centre-back, Ghana have secured a place at next year’s World Cup finals, having beaten Egypt 7-3 on aggregate in a two-legged playoff last month.

The ex-Sunderland man claims he has fully recovered from the set-back and targeting a place in Kwesi Appiah’s final squad for Brazil.

“I have been on treatment and I have been doing some personal training too,” Mensah is quoted by AllSports

“I have always served Ghana and I still hold that dream in my heart.

“I have gone through a fair share of injuries in my career but it’s always been part of the game and as a footballer these are some of the challenges.

“I am targeting a place in Ghana’s World Cup team God willing and I am positive I have made a full recovery.

“I am not finished yet as many people have said and written about me.”

Despite the country’s qualification to the World Cup, the defensive frailties continue to dominate the major talking point in the African country with Ghana President John Mahama lamenting about the weakness in the centre-back ahead of the tournament.

With Brazil firmly in sight the debate about the potential recall of Mensah has resurrected with calls for his immediate return to the team to partner either John Boye or Isaac Vorsah.

Mensah’s quality has never been in doubt and was once branded as an ‘animal’ by former Sunderland team-mate Danny Welbeck.

There are those who believe the uncompromising centre-half must be handled with care as niggling knocks have taken their toll down the years.

Despite being unattached, he is a defensive colossus and a class act whose no-nonsense approach could prove crucial for the team in the difficult group G ties against USA, Germany and Portugal.

With John Mensah claiming he is fit, do you think Kwesi Appiah should consider re-calling him into the team?

Please make your views known in the box below.

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  1. milky says:

    I really hope is has fully recovered and performs better where ever is now so that he can get a call up because he is such an experienced player who can offer alot to support and his experience in defense.

    • Sugarly says:

      I am sure the milk that has becloud your reasoning so send thrash to

    • Pito says:

      Call old John Mensah? NO WAY!!! Unless Akwasi Appiah and Konadu has No ambition to win the trophy. I WILL RATHER BE HAPPY WAKASO IS TESTED AT LEFTBACK POSITION than Call John MEnsah against Germany and Portugal.
      We have enough experience players in Essien , Muntari and Gyan. THE REST HAS TO BE YOUNG, SPEEDY AND AGGRESSIVE

  2. Viper says:

    Simply,NO,then we might as well recall Abedi Pele and Tony Yeboah since we need potent strikeforce…the next thing we know,Painstil will be clamouring for a recall,at this rate JM should rather be looking to go into coaching rather than deceiving himself he is good to play again…

    • aberico says:

      He should learn how to kick a penalty kick oo!! We don’t want any class-1 boy penalty kick. Of course football stars even misses penalty kicks, but most of the time u can’t blame such stars because they did their best. But a penalty kick like that of Mensah’s own is abhorring. His slow-childish penalty is still fresh in my memories and he better improve because penalties are part of the game.

    • Assemblyman says:

      I agree with you Viper.I guess he can go with the team to Brazil as a motivation factor to the young ones.Just the same role as former capito Stephen Appiah might be doing.Because if we decide to send all semi-retired players to Brazil 2014.I guess our coach Akwasi Appiah might have to also come out of retirement to join the likes of Abedi,Tony,Frimpong Manso,Osei Kofi and such like to play for the team.John Mensah,I guess cant deal with the pace and might have a problems with his turning.As its obvious in every player over the age 30 years.Still holding my outermost respect for John Mensah.He was arguably the best in this days.

  3. Gbenzeh says:

    Gud to hear dis.he must get a club first.

  4. abus says:

    the rock has no place in the current crop of black stars… beema beye bi wanbeye niyinaa111

  5. Rasky says:

    Sure! If only he gets a gud team n playz consistent matches,i dnt see why he shouldnt be call,coz argueablly he is de most experience defebnder we hav nw

  6. Boro says:

    Well John your quality in defense has never been in doubt. We still remember how you used to organise the defense of the BS. However, you being fully recovered does not lie in your mouth right now. Time will tell if you have fully recovered as you claim. We must see you having playing time henceforth to confirm else forget this dream.

  7. dre says:

    Only way I will accept this is he gets a decent club in Jan and plays week in week out to a high level, with no injuries, if he can prove his fitness and is still of that same high standard no doubt I will never oppose his inclusion.

    CS’s for the World Cup in this order

    John Boye
    Isaac Vorsah
    Jerry Akaminko
    Jonathan Mensah
    John Mensah (If fitness and co has been proven)

  8. Nat says:

    Why must he not be giving a call up if fit ? His quality has never being in doubt and the issue of him being in active football/club is neither here nor there.He trains just like the other players who have clubs but are not selected in their various clubs to play do.Don’t we have a number of these players in Black stars line ups ? Has A.A complied with his criteria for selection ? If YES then John has no Place but if NO, John come and take your number 5 jersey and your captain armband and lead us to Brazil.

  9. Simon says:

    General capito, we need you for real. Ghana need you

  10. Pinkus says:

    Bravo John! We need you badly. Lace your boots and start jogging for stamina In fact, if I were you I will pitch a tent at Mount Afa Jato and start working for stamina. All you need is fitness, your quality has never been in doubt.

  11. Ojam says:

    It is not for the forum to decide whether he can play for the team Black Stars or not! This is the DUTY AND RESPONSIBILITY of the coach and technical team of the Black Stars! If Akwesi Appiah feels and is convinced that John Mensah would is fit and very capable of being a part of the defence , then so be it! AA is in charge and can best judge who he needs for the WC 2014! So far as the Black Stars are successful and rising higher, we have to trust the coaching and technical team and give them the necessary support! John Mensah has a dream, and if THE COACH OF THE BLACK STARS SAYS HE WOULD MAKE THIS DREAM A REALITY,WE HAVE TO GIVE HIM THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT! A fit and regularly playing and active John Mensah is still a “Rock” to reckon with!!

  12. ok says:

    We also need our best holding midfieder,Anthony Annan back.Fantastic midfieder.

  13. spellBOUND says:

    get yourself on a squad and u will be back in the stars in no time. unlike kingstons return, i support mensah potential return because he can still play. he just need some games under his belt to get up to speed. good luck. i will not be surprised if out weakest link somehow becomes one of our strongest with the return of vorsah, boye and mensah returning for the world cup.

  14. Kofi(Atlanta) says:

    Club + performance = Black Star

  15. franklin says:

    Wld be very glad to see JM back,his inclusion wl really stabilize our defence with de return of boye and vorsah.Your dream wil definately com tru!!!

  16. Cy says:

    John mensah is the best, I will love to see him play again

  17. Google Maps says:

    Will love his come back…………………….
    if really he is fit, then he deserves a comeback, whether he’s playing club football or not

  18. kwasi says:

    If he is fit…he is one of the best. …….give him a serious look

  19. Assemblyman says:

    Habah old man..give the small boys a chance.Because if someone hadnt retired.There wouldnt have been an absolute spot for you in the national set up,Mr John Mensah.I think you should be part of the team to Brazil but as an inspiration factor.Moreover the back too spot has so many to tend for with the likes of Jonathan Mensah,Rashid Sumaila,John Boye,Isaac Vorsah and Jerry Akaminko all vying for the two spots in the Central Defence role of the national team..Besides you dont even have a club and with your constant injury situation 6 months to the world cup will be too short to monitor your progress.Kindly move on please ,Chairman!

    • Ken says:

      John Boye and Akaminko are new to the World Cup. You need a leader to guide them to minimize mistakes.
      Now add Quincy Owusu Abeyie if get a new club in January. What remains is a solid left-back, Akaminko can dispose Afful or Opare at the right-back.
      Fatau Dauda should find a new ASAP.

      • Assemblyman says:

        My friend Ken,I wouldnt dispute the experience John Mensah brings to the team.But I guess,he is lacking a lot at the moment to even think of going to the world cup.Maybe a new club and some playing time will do.Unfortunately I dont think he will be able to catch up too soon after almost a year of being sidelined.After having to deal with domestic issues over divorce with his wife.I dont think he is ready psychologically enough.Talking of a leader role in the back,I think we can send him to Brazil but not as a player rather an inspirational factor to the boys just as Stephen Appiah might be doing so over there in Brazil for the team.And if we are going to bring all almost retired players into the team for the sake of Brazil,I guess Abedi Pele and Tony Yeboah can do more than that..Lets give the young ones a chance,the same way we gave inexperienced 24 year old John Mensah during Germany 2006 world cup.I think the boys can do better should we instil some amount of confidence into them.With some support from John Mensah..Thats my opinion anyway..

  20. King of Kings says:

    John Mensah, get a club and playing time. That is only way you can be active and play for Ghana at the World Cup. You can even get a Club in Ghana so you can get playing time to be ready to go.We need you

  21. adam4eve Ag.Swedruni ba says:

    Indeed yes we really need this “pillar” behind our defense.however i agree with @Kofi…

  22. Benito says:

    What’s the big deal if all the so called old players are clamoring for a place in the team why not?I think it’s a good problem for team because there will be competition and every one will strive to earn a role

  23. kobby says:

    —————- KWARASEY ————-



    ————– KP BOATENG ———–

    ——————- GYAN ————


    DAUDA (GK)
    OPARE (DL)
    WARIS (CF)




  24. Benito says:

    People still don’t get…the national team is for all Ghanaians so even if you’re 90years and the coaches say you are fit to play,why not.Mensah should definitely come back.laryea Kingston,don bortey,Mathew amoah,etc can all return if coach call them.

  25. BENARD BOATENG says:

    K. Appia should select according 2 our opponents.

  26. Benito says:

    Kobby I don’t have problem with your line up except that your back is terrible..wakaso n essien can’t play comfortable at right n left full back respectively..and formation is this 4:4:2 or one goal project which is 4:5:1?gyan n waris have good partnership however we also partner kpb and gyan to see how it goes.

  27. Ashantigreats says:

    You guys are funny is buffon not older Than John mensah

    • Assemblyman says:

      Buffon is a goalkeeper bro!..Goalkeepers tend to be better with time and age than players.I mean goalkeepers perform better in the latter years of their careers as opposed to field players.Who tend to loose pace and turning with age during their latter years..

  28. adam4eve Ag.Swedruni ba says:

    @Ashantigreat..i like your aguement but mind you should forget there is varse difference b/n a player and a goalkeeper.One can be at his 50s but he can still be on post,but a player who does a lots of running on the field has a lots of burden to on his shoulder,and if he is over 35 imagine how he would pass through a hell with the younger ones.its an undisputable fact that few players over 35 can cope mingling with the younger one..however i wish he comes back to BSs.

  29. Issahaka Zakaria says:

    if john mensah is really fit, then i believe the coach should bring him back to the team because i dont trust our centre backs

  30. Acc says:

    Come oo come We need u badly rock

  31. massa says:





  32. NAIJA MAN says:


  33. sululu says:

    @naija man hahaha!!!……chop ur house matter!

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