Italian press hail Super Mario

Mario Balotelli and Germany goalkeeper Manuel Neur

The Italian press is unanimous in its praise of Mario Balotelli after last night’s 2-1 victory over Germany that clinched a place in the final of the Euro 2012.

The Manchester City forward scored two superb goals to fire Italy into Sunday’s final against holders Spain at the Olympic stadium in Kiev.

This morning’s Gazzetta dello Sport screams: “It’s us!!!”

That is followed by a sub-headline which reads: “Super Balotelli, the whole of Italy celebrates.”

The 21-year-old Balotelli, playing in his first major tournament, had not impressed in the Azzurri’s group games in Poland and Ukraine although he did score against the Republic of Ireland.

However, he stole the limelight in Warsaw on yesterday.

Gazzetta’s editorial “A star is born” applauds Balotelli, whose heroics put the Azzurri in the final of the tournament for the first time since 2000.

The Rome-based Corriere dello Sport shows on its front page a photograph of Balotelli celebrating after scoring his second goal with the headline: “Giants of Italy.

“Germany beaten 2-1, we are in the final.

“Balotelli amazing.”

Corriere’s editorial believes the Azzurri’s win could not have come at a better time for the country and for the sport.

Italy is struggling with the world-wide economic crisis while the Azzurri went into Euro 2012 with the match-fixing scandal having hit the nation’s football leagues.

Corriere wrote: “Happiness is restored to the country.”

Turin-based sports newspaper Tuttosport shows a photograph of Balotelli, noting his sublime performance: “Fabulous goals by Balotelli.”

National newspaper La Repubblica salutes the Azzurri’s performance, their best of the tournament so far, and says on its front page: “The perfect game, Azzurri in the final.

“The magical night of super Mario.”

National newspaper Il Messagero is also in awe of the national team’s display, with a headline that reads: “Magical Italy.”

The paper also highlighted Italy’s dominance over Germany, a team they had never beaten in a competitive match in seven attempts, with a sub-headline that said: “Germany defeated again with a superb Balotelli.”

The win ended Germany’s 15-match winning streak in competitive games.

Germany had more time to rest after their quarter-final showdown against Greece than the Azzurri, who also had to go to extra-time to beat England.


  1. Newyork4ever24 says:

    Now i see where GSN get most news from…Copy and paste from “Mirror football”…

    • Chuku says:

      Oga, this thing happens on every press. They get the information from another source and publish it. The bad thing about this website is that they do not give credit to the source. I agree with you on that if you would have say so.

  2. Chuku says:

    I know most Ghanaian do not like this guy because he opted to play for Italy. I know Ghana FA takes bribe before featuring players, and I don’t think this guy will pay. Ghana FA, stop taking bribes and let the right players play the game.

    Good job Mario!

  3. The Great says:

    U f–ls, y cry over spilled milk? ZAMBIA doesnt behave like this. Zambia also has players with there parents in diaspora. Zambia is not the one who led u 2 hav blunt strikers. Try 2 lure Balotelli from Italy just 4 one game against Zambia maybe u can draw with African Champions 1-1 after he scores one in additional time in Accra or Occra next year. Gudday guys.

    • compliments says:

      I think you are really a foolish animal on planet.what is zambia?have you ever heard of any zambian player making wonders in any of those great footballing countries?No matter what Baloteli is still from Ghana whether he plays for Ghana or not the whole world knows he is a Ghanaian blood.Mark my words Zambia is not going to any world cup.and l repeat it.You idiots are coming down to Accra to cry and we are not going to let our national police beat your players as you idiots did in your country.We are civilised enough.Your so called spiritual deeds will end because you used those ways to beat big teams like Ghana and Ivory coast which is never gonna happen anymore.Mark my words Zambia will never go to any world cup and they will be 3rd in this group.Ghana first followed by Sudan.Mark it.Note that I WILL NOT MIND ANYTHING YOU WILL SAY AAGAIN TILL THE TIME YOU WILL GNASH YOUR YELLOW TEETH IN ACCRA.

  4. ken says:

    this is totally uncalled for.what? a filthy criminal minded nigerian and a primitive uncircumcised pygmy from a poor landlocked country called zambia calling Ghana names?

  5. nicholas marfo says:

    @chuku, u bloody nigerians, are u not ashame 2 accuse GHANA on bribe. right now there’s Farouk bribery case in ur national assembly. boko haram is destroying life n properties evryday. even yesternight at Gulak, Madagali local government area, Adamawa state. naija is the only nation dat a sitting governor was kidnap. look at pple lyk Atiku, Buhari, IBB, Uzor Kalu, Peter Obi, Obasanjo, Eteh, Tinubu, El-Rufai and the rest dat LOOT naija 2 standstill. Pls clean ur eyes b4 u can tell us 2 clean our own. next tym knw hw 2 address us cos there are some of us dat knw u inside out. tnx.