Is Andre Ayew Ghana's best player at the moment? Baba Armando thinks so, do you agree?

Controversial striker Baba Adamu Armando has sparked a huge debate in the country claiming Andre Ayew is Ghana's best player. Do you agree with Armando's view?

Is Andre Ayew Ghana’s best player at the moment?

Controversial striker Baba Adamu Armando has sparked a huge debate in the country over who is Ghana’s best player at the moment.

According to the ex-Kotoko player Andre Dede Ayew is the only ‘exceptional’ Ghanaian players at the moment.

Armando says all the players in the current Black Stars squad are ordinary players insisting Andre Ayew is the only ‘exceptional’ player in the team.

Ghana boasts of top players like Michael Essien, Asamoah Gyan, Kevin-Prince Boateng, Sulley Muntari, Kwadwo Asamoah, Mubarak Wakaso , Isaac Vorsah, Emmanuel Frimpong, Rabiu Moahmmed, Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu and Christian Atsu but Armando says they are all overrated.

“Counting from the captain Asamoah Gyan to the last player in the team now, there is no gifted or quality player like those former greats I mentioned,” Adamu told Asempa FM.

“The only exceptional player in the team in Andre Ayew and this is the truth. Apart from Dede there is no exceptional player in the team.

“The current boys in no way can ever win us the trophy we are all praying for , because they are too ordinary.”

Do you agree with Armando’s assertion that Andre Ayew is Ghana’s best player at the moment? If yes why do you think so and if no why?

Do you agree with Armando’s thoughts that Dede is the only exceptional Ghanaian player? If yes why and if no who is Ghana’s best player at the moment?

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  1. PITO says:

    Armando may have been talking about hunger and ambition. Ayew clearly shows more Drive on the pitch similar to Wakaso. But quality wise I think we have other young players who can also boast of quality. KASA, ATSU, BADU e.t.c But remember Andre captained the same players Badu, addy, adiyiah, e.t.c to the U20 World Cup.

  2. kevin says:

    That’s a fact but maybe kevin Boateng too

  3. roy says:

    GSN this is very unnecessary.There is no need dignifying what baba what what said.lets foster unity at all times. Word.

  4. kuukuphilly says:

    Not anymore my friend…he’s not playing with us any longer and wakaso is taking over.!

  5. AJASCO says:

    Dede is a good player but i don’t think he is our best player. b’cos we have equally good players like Christian Atsu, KASA, Agyemang Badu etc.

  6. Black Stars Fan says:

    He is right, Dede is our best player NOW. He won BBC Best African Player 2011. That is enough evidence.

    • Ghanaman says:

      If you don’t know that is voted by the fans and Ghanaian radio stations were urging people to vote everyday. BBC is mainly frequented by English speaking West Africans and since there was no Nigerian on the list it was naturally going to go to a Ghanaian.

  7. immediately he said that, u then remember that we have players like kevin n essien….so u know we have good players like kevin n essien yet ur mismanagement kept them out of de team

  8. Papa Nkrumah says:

    I am really disappointed GSN feels the need to have people argue on such an unnecessary topic. What is the point? Are we supposed to get any winner from such a debate? How will it make Black Stars better than it is. I am really sad that many of our present bloggers are immature, insensitive people spewing invectives at the least opportunity. Please don’t give them a such a fora to tear us further apart.

  9. yes is true dede is our best player as a moment.

  10. cool-USA says:

    In my opinion, I think Dede is the best, because he makes every player on the pitch better. His level of play and intelligence is close KPB. These two are the highly rated players the Blacks Stars currently have and they are play makers who will certainly raised the level of play of the BS. The rest of the players are not even close to these two and they are just ordinary. Dede and KPB the ‘Deaadly Duo’

  11. Ghanaman says:

    Is this Baba idiot guy Nigerian in Origin. Everything he says only brings confusion and destruction. what part of Ghana is he from and what is his origin.

    • Ghanaman says:

      Dede is not Ghana’s best player. He is not the best goal scorer, not the best defender, not the fastest, not the best play maker… The only thing he may be close to being the best at is headers but, even that Gyan may be better than him.

  12. Ghanaman says:

    All talk like this does is make Dede big headed and makes it harder for him to come back to the team. Part of the reason why he had problems is he did not want to be treated like everyone else on the team and wanted to set the agenda and even determine who the coaches would call.

    Determining subjectively that he is the best only feeds into his ego and causes more problems. Is he going to start demanding that Jordan and Raheem got called for every game and start on top of that??

    This Baba idiot failed in his footballing career for a reason. He is an idiot. His analysis shows that. He even flopped at Berekum Chelsea! In the end, Dede has the potential to be good but humility is what will help him improve and not fake praises which can’t be proven. As I stated above under ever footballing criteria he is not the best. In non footballing criteria once again there is no category he will come in first so, what is the point of this. Are people trying to deliberately get him in trouble??

  13. Ahoofe says:

    Apuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!! That primary sch soccer he play or what? hahaha…People doesn’t have technical eye, Just watch him clearly on the field, he is absolutely not and can’t be not

  14. Mannie says:

    Ofcourse he is our best. Confident, smart, technical, good work rate. No. MR. AHOOFE, so who on ghana’s team is better than DEDE? that is the question???

  15. kelvin says:

    This is very funny. Who is Dede Ayew and why is he not playing in the UEFA champions league or even the UEFA cup? Baba Amando should shut up if he don’t have any skills more to offer mother Ghana

  16. Camara says:

    Yes is true no player in curent BS can compared to Dede.

  17. kwesi says:

    Yes the guy is one best players in the country

  18. Kwame Adu-Gymafi says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Ghanaman. Andre Ayew is by far not Ghana’s best. Marseilles is not that great of a team anyway. Look at the statistics, and let me remind you that Ayew plays as a forward or a winger. Out over 40 games for the black stars he has scored only 4 times. Now let’s look at the man all Ghana football fans love to hate Asamoah Gyan, out of 71 games he has scored 32, he has one of the best scoring ratios of any national team striker. The Ayews are good but they are greatly overrated, because of there father who only won something for Ghana when he was playing on the bench in 1982.
    We don’t need Andre, Jordan, Boateng, or Essien they disgraced the whole of Ghana and should never be called up again. Ghana always has a great midfield, we don’t need them. Is Andre Ayew better than Wakaso, Nana Asare, Owusu-Abeyie? No way. Even Agyemang-Badu who is a defensive midfielder scores more than Ayew who is a forward. Wakaso has been Superman for Ghana as of late. Kwadwo Asamoah is being touted as one of the best in Italy. Is Jordan Ayew better than Waris, Otoo, Accam, Karikari, or even Gyan? No. And who is this Armando guy? This is the first I’ve heard of him. I looked at his stats and they are unimpressive. He scored once for Ghana and barely scored for any team he has been on. Now I am not saying these guys aren’t good, but they are too over-rated. And I feel we should stop talking about them.

  19. Jay says:

    Seriously guys, dede is a good player but not the best. his inclusion in the black stars is very important and all players should be treated equally. u shd also note that he and wakaso are too different machines with dif play styles. atsu on the other plays like dede though. We need all our good players to qualify us to 2014. Baba Amondo is just a frustrated guy and just needs attention. ignore him.

    God bless Ghana.

  20. John Brown says:

    GSN when did you start accepting Kevn Boateng? “We have Kevin Prince Boateng”

  21. ayialolo says:

    @Ghanaman…..all ur write ups sound senseless….from which village did u get all these nonsesense talks

  22. Omama says:

    Hmmn is not true . He can be among 10 best prayers in Ghana . So can u compare dede to Essien.

  23. tesla addo says:

    I don’t think this should be something to be debated. The truth is hard for people to accept.Armando is right. He knows the actual ages of almost all the players. Hence, his comment.

  24. Carbonite says:

    Hahaha, this is a topic that is going spur unnecessary argument! GSN, please get serious. People will comment on this with passion, emotions and hatred and not based on facts. If Dede is not Ghana’s best who is?, some are even claiming he’s not part of the top 3? Really? hahaha. Feel free to express your sentiments!, at the end of the day, the dude is who he is!

  25. The truth says:

    In the blackstars uniform I believe wakaso is our best player. In Europe kwadwo asamoah is our best player. Ayew use to be our best but not anymore. He is part of our top 5 players

  26. Yoyo! says:

    @Ghana man, Yes Armando is Nigerian. I really think you need a psychiatric doctor. a fella like u: