How can Ghana stop Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal at the World Cup?

Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo gestures during  the Euro 2012 championships football match Germany vs Portugal  on June 9, 2012 at the Arena Lviv. AFP PHOTO / PATRIK STOLLARZ        (Photo credit should read PATRIK STOLLARZ/AFP/GettyImages)

In the third game of their “group of death” at the World Cup next summer in Brazil, Ghana’s national team will face Portugal and their megastar Cristiano Ronaldo.

As points in this group—which also includes USA and Germany—will be scarce, Ghana  will need to head into the game looking for at least a draw, even if Ghana happens to beat USA and draw with Germany in their opening two games.

Portugal is ranked fifth in the world and led by likely 2013 Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo. So, is there any way the Black Stars can stop them?

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  1. henry says:

    It’s quiet simple let make sure that this time round the technical team does not field 4 natural left fosters in one game….now we should use l natural skillful left footer to manage the left flank like David addyto make things difficulty for Ronaldo to operate at the outside right of the Portuguese….then make Samuel inkoom manage the right back then pair either Jonathan and boye or Jonathan and Isaac….but not boye and Isaac…because of complacency….

    • ofori asiedu says:

      portugal is strong only one person but ghana is a team lik Germany they do not have one man like Ghanaeise all the prayers are good . Ghana have Good prayers they can beat any team in these world if they have good day

  2. spellBOUND says:

    injure him in the first 10 minutes when the referee is not looking. lol.

  3. Amicus Curia says:

    File over age complaint to FIFA against Christian Ronaldo. That is the answer.

  4. Boro says:

    He is very athletic, skillful and has pace. He loves switching positions to both the left and the right wings. He is also dangerous with free-kicks.
    Some of his low points are that he is selfish on the ball and his skill is very predictable but faster on it. Man marking cannot work on him (draw a red card) but his supply can be cut. He should not be allowed to think on the ball. He should not be allowed one on one with the goalkeeper.

  5. Boro says:

    What a discipline player!!!!!

  6. Fred B. Kyeremeh says:

    Ghana will be playing against Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo.There is no dispute about his pedigree as a key player for them but I think our efforts should be towards stopping the entire Portuguese team and not just Ronaldo.This is team play and no one player from the Ghana side can mark out Ronaldo.That is the more reason why we should employ our energies towards outplaying the Portuguese.We may concentrate on only Ronaldo and that can create gaps for others to utilize to own detriment. We need a compact and disciplined team to stand the might of these teams at the mundial.Ghana will triumph in the end.We will surely qualify from the team if we play as a team and not focus on only one player.

  7. GHANSON says:

    From what I’ve noticed, I think CR7 has a huge self confidence and we must mark him with someone with a big ego like Jon Boye. I watched clips of Ronaldo and how easily he splits defenders.. I also noticed most defenders give him too much space to operate..Once we are able to give him that close marking, he gets easily frustrated and lost in the game

  8. jerry says:

    to be honest we Ghanaians talk too much AHA BA instead we concentrate on our prepare and pray that we get injury free till the world cup people and some journalist are here posting all this Ananse stories abt who should mark Cristiano Ronaldo this player should do this to him bla bla bla and so fore why should we wash our dirty clothes in public to let people know our secret dont we know that people who re closed with or fan of cristiano Ronaldo will give this guy all the information or what we re planning on him to make him alert is better we put our plans on our chest or the coaches chest so dat we the time comes he will see different Ghana team then to come here and say all this he will find plan B to cost havoc for our defenders if he have plan A in mind already he will changed it becos se wo pe ebour ato a bo anoma na anoma nso pe be bia w3 be tu a ko see meaning if one is looking for a stone to throw at a bird then the bird too is also looking for a safe place to fly to so my advice to the coaches and technical teams and management is that they should prepare for our first game against US that’s the hard mountain to climb cos we ve beating twice and as the saying goes soturo me nu ma ani hia ne hia ne meaning two dirty slap make one eye become red so we should published all who is gonna mark Ronaldo and that shit the coaches will know what to do and we should forget that they Portugal too will also play with Germany so there the coaches who watched him closely and find out how to deal with

  9. Pillar says:

    This is very simple, since ronaldo plays with skill, speed and power and loves switching play on the flanks, the black stars must field two lateral defenders who are robust, experienced, quick thinking, can join attack. Essien and Wakaso have shown how versatile they could be. so essien on the right full back and wakaso on the left full back. Boye and jonathan centre back, Rabiu and Muntari central midfield, Dade and Kwadwo Asamoah for right and left flanks where they can play inter-positional games in order to cut the supplies to Ronaldo and Nani. Asamoah Gyan leading the attack being supported by Waris/Kelvin. This is 4-4-2 system only for Ghana Vs Portugal

  10. ZG GH4LIFE says:

    CR7 will be injured before he gets to the Ghana game, USA and Germany will do some work on him don’t worry.

  11. O.K BOY says:

    @Pillar, Damm right.

  12. O.K BOY says:

    @Pillar, Damm right. Remember 2006, what Black Stars did to Chechoslovakia in Germany? Is going to to be the same against Potugal and Germany mark it on the wall. God Bless you all and Happy New Year.

  13. b cazola says:

    Ronaldo can b marked but b very carefull,as u can ce he is d only lively player in their team,u saw it in their quarlifier against swedeen.gud luck black stars.

  14. chipolopolo says:

    U can’t stop ronaldo, thez only one way to do that mak those who give him de ball. Look at wat simeone said about barce if they r to win against barce they don’t stop messi but they stop iniesta and xavi from thinking. he understands that thes r de guys who give him deadly balls

  15. thomas says:

    Ghana will silence all the big teams…and the new messi Christian atsu the play boy.

  16. Birex says:

    Stupid comment. Be rational,think kindely. GOD is with him,God saves him from any kind of injury. God have no room to hear ur ugly pray!!don’t pray to harm others b/c u don’t wish harmful things that you don’t want to do on you.