1. Kwaku Asante-Nketiah says:

    I wish to show appreciation to for this wonderful innovation of giving us feeds from some television stations. That is progressive.

  2. Bright says:

    i can’t intaller the plugin. any help

  3. Kwesi says:

    Doesn’t work for me. I think the plugin is not compatible with firefox.

  4. phillbanger says:

    u need windows on your computer.

  5. Chris opoku, SA says:

    Plugin doesn’t work for me. pls help

  6. Johnny says:

    Are they showing the match on Ghana TV? Which channel and at what ime?

  7. Frimpong says:

    after installing the plugins what next

  8. Raf says:

    What’s wrong with the tv. after installing the software, the tv fails to show even though my network is very strong.

  9. francis Macony says:

    gradually Ghana is also improving.but why is that metro TV is not among the channel list?

  10. alhaji seidu says:

    please can i watch on my phone?

  11. EK says:

    This is innovation! Thank you ghanasoccernet for these links to Ghana TV!

  12. Basty says:

    I’m living in China , it’s really hard for us here to get to watch our motherland TV stations, so,we are giving all thanks to Ghana soccer net for this great thing.

  13. BELIEF NEW YORK says:


  14. edward says:

    i have installed the plug in but the tv is not coming up yet. can any one help me

  15. Yaw Opoku says:

    wish he would have given Jordan Ayew a go. Tagoe is not playing very well

  16. Nana(USA) says:

    How do I watch Ghana Vs Brazil tomorrow and what time can anyone help?

  17. JK-Sasraku says:

    I’m getting sound but no picture. Any help?

  18. london boy says:

    am watching GTV and is coming clear

  19. london boy says:

    or you guy can check http;

  20. Eghan isaac says:

    I wont 2 no why at de western region bia district GTV is no more working again.

  21. pinto says:

    i ve been watching for sometime now but about 2 weeks ago i started having problem, it does not show at all after activating it, any help,pls?

  22. Agasco says:

    I could say New Abirem in the Eastern Region are not having problems of GTV everything is clear

  23. bash says:

    I have install the software but I can’t view the TV. What should I do?

  24. Wicked wictch says:

    Ghanasoccernet are ass holes.

  25. Ernest Kwakye says:

    cant view the Gtv at all why?

  26. kfoosuh says:

    hw cn i watch gtv on net

  27. Donald charles otami says:

    U re gay

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