Ghana's Deputy Sports Minister Yamin declares 'demolishing exercise' against Zambia

Deputy Sports Minister Joseph Yamin

Deputy Sports Minister Joseph Yamin

Deputy Sports Minister Joseph Yamin has warned Zambia they face a ‘demolishing exercise’ when they turn up to battle Ghana in the deciding 2014 World Cup qualifier next Friday.

The Black Stars will be hosting the Chipolopolo in the final Group D match at the Baba Yara Stadium in Kumasi on September 6.

The Ghana team is determined to exact revenge against the 2012 African champions despite requiring just a draw to progress in the qualifiers for next year’s World Cup in Brazil.

Deputy Minister Yamin has now added his voice to the belief of many Ghanaians there is no escaping of the Zambians against an expected hostile crowd in Kumasi by declaring a ‘demolishing exercise’ against the Chipolopolo.

“Let me stand here on behalf of my minister to announce a demolition exercise next Friday,” he said at the MTN FA Cup awards on Saturday.

“It is a demolishing exercise because the Black Stars will be demolishing Zambia to qualify Ghana for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

“I therefore call on your support to help the Black Stars qualify for the World Cup for the third consecutive time.”

Zambia have already moved to camp in South Africa to prepare for their expected annihilation against the Black Stars who will begin preparations for the game on Monday.


  1. kuukuphilly says:

    Am already telling them but they’re taking me for granted ..

  2. kwame says:

    The young forward of Ghanaian origin has been handed his foremost Dutch senior national team call-up
    Dutch-born Ghanaian forward Memphis Depay has received his first Netherlands senior national team call-up by coach Louis Van Gaal as the Orange face Estonia and Andora in a 2014 Fifa World Cup qualifier.

    The 19-year-old has been one of the key elements of PSV Eindhoven this season putting up fantastic performances for the Dutch champions which have caught the eyes of the national team coach.

    Depay, born to a Ghanaian father and a Dutch mother, is among five new players called into the Dutch national team for the double header which also includes Jeffrey Bruma, Adam Maher, Joshua Bennet, Jurgen Locadia and Karim Rekik.

    The youngster is also on the wanted list of Black Stars coach James Kwesi Appiah and with this senior Dutch national team invitation it is evident the door has been almost shut on Ghana.

    He has featured for the Dutch national Under 17, 19 and 21 teams.

  3. selfmade says:

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  4. selfmade says:

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  5. selfmade says:

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  6. selfmade says:

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    • Andy says:

      ‘small-time’yet been dominating your black stars for 31 years.Come Friday it will be 32 years…this is why we say we can lose to any other country but not you. We love deflating your big ego ,its our job.

      • Zambianblood says:

        Andy to the point….these buffoons will see. Ghana is nothing to escape the copper bullet. U can go hang however u like but you we are pounding to pieces. Hate it or love it, treat them hostile however u like but after the game Zambia will be celebrating – bunch of buffoons

        • Copper bullet says:

          Don’t think that Zambia can be intimided by those threats,we are very ready for you cowards.Ghana will never baet Zambia,..Ivory caost has better players than Ghana,w’ll make sure that,Essien and Gyan retires again after an outmet defeat frm the Zambians,open your Mouth even more Louder we are not scared of you,come friday w’ll finish you in home ground

    • Louis says:

      When was the last time this so called big footballing (Ghana) ever win anything, thirty one years ago and you are atill bragging upto now.

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  45. Dr Who says:

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  46. Speed says:

    Are we not tired of insulting each other? I’m tired of it so I encourage others to quit too. Its worthless. I support Black Stars bcos I’m a Ghanaian. Zambian Support Chipolopolo because they are Zambians. So let’s all cheer our teams up and let the see what happens on friday. I predict a 4-1 win for Ghana. That’s my opinion. You are entitled to yours.

  47. proud zambian says:

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  57. Cape coast boy says:

    Hahahahah!its funny how my Ghanian brother @Selfmade has started having second thoughts,by acknowledging how good Zambia is.
    I always tell my Ghana people that BEFORE YOU EMBARK ON JOURNEY OF REVENGE,THINK TWO GRAVES.Zambia always been a hard nut to crack,thats why this time around im not Using the word REVENGE and im sitting on the FENCE…Ichisungu bakamba..

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  61. selfmade says:

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  62. selfmade says:

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  73. Andy says:

    @ Selfmade.The reason u don’t get your headto head count wrong is ‘cos you always leave out the ’88 Olympic qualifiers and as usual ghanaian hearts were broken..ask Abedi n Yeboa.
    May the best team win FRIDAY.

  74. Andy says:

    @micky……se. At least we own our ‘so- called’ poor unlike you where everyone got a say in your economy.Please make sure your bp pills are within
    reach cos FRIDAY is NIGH!

  75. zed 4 lyf says:

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  76. Andy says:

    Honourable Minister i admire your confidence but i dont think your demolition excercise will come into effect….THIS IS ZAMBIA you’re about to tangle with.