Ghana U17 coach Opeele 'Mourinho' hit back at critics: I am still the Special One

Isaac Opeele Boateng is furious with his critics who have questioned his intelligence.

Isaac Opeele Boateng is furious with his critics who have questioned his intelligence.

Ghana U17 assistant coach Isaac ‘Opeele’ Boateng has hit back at his critics after team’s early exit from the African Championship insisting he is still the ‘Special One’ of Ghana football and won’t be forced to shut up.

The under-fire Opeele, also known as Ghana’s version of Jose Mourinho, is loathed by some football aficionados for his acid-tongue and frank talk in his media analysis of football issues.

His part-tme job in the media, where he reviews the work of other coaches and football matches, has given ammunition to his critics after the Black Starlets bombed out of the first round of the tournament in Morocco.

Before his national team appointment, the young trainer was a pundit for local sports radio station Asempa FM as well as a columnist for the state-owned Graphic Sports newspaper.

Opeele was on the Black Starlets bench as they suffered a 6-1 humiliation at the hands of rivals Nigeria in their opening Group B match.

The team also drew 1-1 with Congo and 0-0 with Ivory Coast to finish third and exit the tournament.

His critics have asked why he was unable to rescue the team with his technical ingenuity he displays in the analysis in the media with some asking him to eat humble pie.

But Opeele remains unperturbed and has described his doubters as jealous insisting he remains the ‘Special One’ in Ghana football.

“It’s just jealousy. I am still the Special One of Ghana football,” Opeele told Accra-based Asempa FM in an interview.

“I’ve heard people say I am a talkative but I will still talk because that gives me money, it helps me to feed my family.

“I can never be intimidated; I will be who I am because that’s how God created me. I will never change.

“I’ve changed so many things in coaching in the country; I’ve forced coaches to talk about system and tactics after games rather than thanking God, and am proud of that.”

Boateng is one of Ghana’s highly rated coaches having coached Tudu Mighty Jets, Kessben FC (defunct), Sekonid Hasaacas, Tema Youth and Asante Kotoko.

He also handled Tete Atenpong in the Ghana second-tier league.


  1. NiiNii says:

    Mourhino won something before being called the “Special One”. WHat has Opeele won?

  2. yopoo says:

    I have telling you guys that this opeele guy is not good at all even that way he talks will tell he is a control freak.I hope when the best are talking he will shut up and listen

  3. RAS ''AB'' says:

    My friend you have done nothing,this is just mouth you no need to consider another chances go away with your special one” beating by nigeria six goals to one and you come and tells us that you are still specialone” which special behind this,since you start your coaching program what did you archive for yourself,i hope GFA will notice you and your boss sake-ing from this stand and then give it to those they capable ,starlet we wish them better luck next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  4. Nana Yaw says:

    Crappy coach with crap usual,he will blame fabin 4 their failure.he hasn’t achieved Jack shit in his life & must give us a fucking break.Y culdn’t u use your so called tactical knöw how 2 save the starlets?shame on u RADIO COACH.Let the FA giv u a job as an assistant PRO so dat u can continue 2 defend them.Your record as a coach is shambolic.Just shut up and fuck off.U ARE ABSOLUTELY CRAP.Stop calling yourself the special öne & cos u are not.GO & teach your tactics to the marines!

  5. John Brown says:

    Who employed him and why? Did he actually go for a interview? They got knocked ou n Saturday but stayed Nielsen Wednesday collecting per diem on a daily basis while doing what?

  6. EBIEDE says:

    Opeelee na ur mouth dey deceive u…..better join a comedy show…absolute joke of a coach

  7. Ezekiel Obiba says:

    Opeele shut up the only achievement you’ve done is sending premier league teams to 2nd division,I dnt blame you I blame those corrupt fa 4 appointing U as an assistant coach to a national team.Were is Ghana futball heading towards.

  8. Alfred mc-kenzie says:

    Did i hear opeele saying he is the “special one” in Ghana?funny…very funny and who even gave him that accolade?oh my God i nearly forgot that he is the “special one” for asempa fm morning sports show f.c..come again opeele.

  9. Alfred mc-kenzie says:

    Opeele the self acclaimed “speciall one” of a futbol coach in Ghana.Jones Attuquayefio was named “Sir” for winning the caf champions league,caf super cup,the Ghanaian premier league with hearts of oak,coach Arday was named the multi-system man after winning the fifa under 17 world cup for Ghana,and sellas was named bobovic for winning the fifa under 20 world cup for Ghana…mind u opeele, all those accolades were given to these coaches by people because of their achievement and yet no-body hates them so why will any body envy and be jealouse about u(opeele) the non acheivable fake”special one”.

  10. Kanawu says:

    Hey ppl give Opeele a break, the man is just 33yrs and his achievements can be compared to the 50’s and sixties, this are the kind of coaches we should encourage and not crucify, it’s a shame Ghana. Have u seen an assistant coach win a cup, it’s the head coach who does. God bless Ghana football

  11. khej says:

    Opeele Boateng wo y3 sheeshee too much. U may never be asked to train a JHS team let alone national team.

  12. kofi says:

    too no boy. u dnt no anytin. stick 2 writing n talking not coaching. let pple crown u not urself otherwise nobody go worship u. kwasia boy…is true short pple dey yob too much.

  13. flex says:

    See am oo.I don’t blame dis short boy I blame those who gave him dat job.what has he achieved in life as a coach? Arrogant opeele pls shut ur beak.mind u, its ur tym as an assistant coach dat starlets suffered its heaviest defeat .6-1 serious club in Ghana will sign u as a coach or even a PR job.I even wonder why Asempa FM has kept dis boy all dis while.he talks as if he is under drugs.very harsh .

  14. T. Mensah says:

    Look at his last statement which he said he had forced coaches to talk about tactics after the match rather than ‘thanking God’, and boasted that he’s proud of that.
    Tell me, can one achieve good thing without the support of Almighty God? It’s definitely no. Opeele needs to retrace his step and do the right thing at the right time.

  15. NIFEMI says:

    Ghanians don start oooooo…….special one indeed??…so wat do u wanna call “stephen keshi”???……

  16. togbe pHobia says:

    It takes two… Mourinho called himself the special one so allow Opeele** he’s still a young tactician and I have a feeling he’s destined to change football in a way in ghana. What happend to JOSE when he lost 5 nil to Barcelona ? … Let’s not crucify Opeele but rather encourage him as he’s climbing the ladder. I believe in him.

  17. Nana K says:

    Opeele i beleive should shut up. Uneasy lies the head which wears the crown. Also to criticize another’s work is easy. He should know that the one drawing the line know not he has a crooked back. Besides no PassCO is difficult; wait until you are giving the questions at the same time.
    When he was handed the job he has acheived nothing and come back with excuses.
    Had it been another he would have found loop holes which he himself failed to identify whilst on the bench
    Simply put he should let us HEAR WORD

  18. Nagei says:

    Opeele dont worry it shall be well

  19. Alfred mc-kenzie says:

    What has opeele acheived as a coach in Ghana?u people shuld give us a break!coaches talks about tactics after matches in Ghana long b4 he came into the scene.opeele can’t measure up to the:ammisahs,tanko’s,abubakars,nuhru mohammeds,kobinas,prekos,lokkos,adoteys how much more those of the fifties n sixties?

  20. guy guy says:

    Guys can’t you ignore this stupid,bullshit and ignoramus,the soo called opeele?….seriously what has he done in life as a coach?He will say that he’s gone to abroad and he went to st Augustine’ and later went to UCC jux bragging as if he is the only University graduate in the country…..someone should tell him that he’s noo body in this country so he should shut his nasty and dirty mouth…Experience is the best teacher.