Ghana defender Paintsil released on bail, wife not pressing charges

Ghana defender John Pantsil was released by the Ghanaian police on bail on Friday evening after a neighbour accused him of assault and threatening language.

Ghana defender John Pantsil was released by the Ghanaian police on bail on Friday evening after a neighbour accused him of assault and threatening language.

Ghana defender John Pantsil was released by the Ghanaian police on bail on Friday evening after a neighbour accused him of assault and threatening language.

 This comes in the wake of a domestic altercation with his spouse Richlove Paintsil which attracted the neighbour who is now seeking to press charges against the right-back.

Ironically, Richlove who was the key actor in the incident at the affluent neighbourhood of East Legon, told police she wants their differences to be settled at home and did not level any charges against the player.

Richlove vehemently rejected a report that she was stabbed by the defender contrary to reports by a section of the Ghanaian press and was never unconscious.

Several members of the Ghana FA were at the Legon Police Station in Accra to offer their support to the family when news of the incident broke.

“John Paintsil has been released on bail following a charge against him by a neighbour,” Ghana FA spokesman Ibrahim Sannie Daara told the press at the Legon Police Station.

“Mrs Richlove Paintsil did not press any charge against Mr John Paintsil and any misunderstanding between them will be solved at home.

“There was no stabbing whatsoever during the incident and no one was unconscious because of the incident.

“I am pleading with the press to be circumspect with their reportage as we have already seen some reports which are wide off the mark.”

The couple has been reported to be arguing over the past few days after a fan told some radio stations that the defender bedded a prostitute at the Africa Cup of Nations tournament in South Africa.

Even though the defender and the Ghana Football Association have strongly denied that players of the Black Stars engaged the services of prostitutes during the tournament, radio stations have continued to carry the allegation made by a fan called Appiah Stadium.

This resulted in an altercation that led to the allegation of assault that attracted the attention of neighbours, who called in the police to arrest the defender.

Richlove was sent to the hospital where she was being observed by doctors following the incident but was promptly released before she arrived at the police station to secure her husband’s release.

The couple who have three kids have been happily married for years but the allegation of engaging prostitutes, which has been heavily denied by the player and the GFA, looked to have brought a strain on their relationship.

The issue has also brought into sharp focus the way unsubstantiated allegations are carried on several radio stations in Ghana without evidence which has damaged the reputation of several players and officials of football in the country.

Paintsil had already threatened to sue Appiah Stadium and some of the radio stations who have carried the allegation of the supporter without asking him to substantiate his claim.

It is well known that the Ghanaian camp was heavily guarded by the South African national special security forces as well as operatives for Ghana’s national security office.

There officials were placed to monitor the players 24-hours a day yet Appiah Stadium made his claims.


  1. murtala says:

    This is simple,Ghana should no more sponsor supporters to any tournament,is not done in any advance soccer nation,for our news media the list said about them the better,worse ever.

  2. tetteyfio says:

    These allegations are serious. Animguase journalism. They just live on sensationalism without substantiating allegations. This Appiah Stadium is a disgrace to Ghana and to his family. Such allegations can ruin a marriage. I am ashamed of Ghanaian journalists and Appiah Stadium. Disgraceful people.

  3. vim says:

    my respect for sannie daara is over! what does he mean by “some reports are wide of the mark”? was he there? does he mean to tell us that the neighbour who choppd the slaps is blind and stupid? sannie is a big LIAR! issues between some people and u are bringing ur lying skills here. has anyone askd u to be a spokeperson there? are u painstils lawyer? someone stabs someone, there is a witness and you are saying thngs are being blown outta proportion! KWASIASEM lemme punch ur sis n see if u wunt take me to D

  4. efo kojo says:


  5. Micky Adazu says:

    Ghanaians, you like taking delight in other peoples problems.

  6. Apo's Wife says:

    The point is something happened in the house and even a neighbor was also for Paintsil’s wife i pity her because this wont be the last time this will happen to her and am not sure if this is even the first time,a wife-beater is a wife-beater.God forbid but next time she might not be alive to lie to safe his ass,she should take a clue from Oscar Pistorius and his girl friend’s story.

  7. Dr Who says:

    Obi ara endi nefie asem!

  8. Olembe. says:

    Hmmm. The wife is protecting her husband and marriage fine but am scared for her cos recently similar thg happened in SA. So pls JP is one of the few ppl i respect so much cos of his generosity. I know him personaly at trasacco so pls it can happend to any one but am lil bit scared for the wife.

  9. oteng aning says:

    john pantsil should be allowed to play for the black stars

  10. pito says:

    I mr.pito will place myself in the shoes of a Ruling Judge on this matter:
    Pantsil will need to collect evidence of Appiah stadium making the allegation or tapes or papers of whichever media house carried the news and tender it in court as evidence. I rule that Although IT IS MORALLY WRONG TO COMMIT ADULTERY. Nothing justifies subjecting Pantsil to slander and public ridicule considering our Ghanaian society and it’s views on ashawo soliciting. I nonetheless note that Pantsil’s dick belongs to him and no one else, he decides what to do with it in his free time. The floor is now open for the horn blower Mr. stadium to tender in evidence supporting the allegation raised. However even in the face of video or photographic evidence if any at all; Sex between consenting adults is yet to be rendered illegal. Which therefore affords Mr. Pantsil the premise to SUE for infringement of privacy. So Hey, it is a WIN WIN situation in favour of John Pantsil. Court Riiise.

  11. bbc says:

    Honestly, these players need some serious advice and some prayers from our spiritual leaders. Firstly, look at the hair cut they were all carrying in South Africa? Even when i look at Vorsah i see nothing but a ghost. AA should have stood up for that none sense hair cut in the camp but he did nothing that was a mistake. Also these players are not playing for free they are taking a huge amount of money from tax payers hence they have to learn how to be responsible. If in 31 years these players haven’t won any silver wear for the nation then i am sorry you guys are not good enough so stop disrespecting our elders with that shameful hair cut. In Senegal 92 if Abedi had played the final game against Ivoire cost we would have won the nation’s cup. Now for us to win this cup in the near future we need a striker like Tony Yaboah caliber who is deadly and can score in every angle. Finally, Gyan can never be an inspirational captain therefore the captaincy should be given to Dede asap.

  12. A concerned citizen says:

    G.F.A refuting allegations has become your hall mark now a days. The evidence of the medical reports shows assault and you guys who were not there at that prticular time comes out to say a different thing haba..This reveals that what happened at S.A regarding the prostitutes might be true.

  13. bbc says:

    I mean their shameful hair cut will do them no good. 31 years without any strophe is a shame to us.Even the last time we won some of us weren’t born so it is lack of leadership and discipline in the team. I am really concern about the direction of the black stars. Last year some strong teams like Nigeria, Egypt, and Cameroon didn’t qualified but still we failed to take advantage. Now you see,Nigeria came back this year to win it for us.The question i always ask myself is why AA gave the captaincy band to a player who is so confused at the moment. A captain is someone who never say die and step up to take a huge challenge in the team.Even now Gyan is afraid to take a penalty kick during shoot out. Stephen Appiah was very right to say Gyan should have taking the penalty kick against Burkina Faso cos he is the leader of the team. I don’t want to say too much but i have lost confidence in the black star team.