Ghana captain Asamoah Gyan first to arrive for crucial World Cup qualifier against Zambia

Ghana captain Asamoah Gyan arrived on Saturday morning

Ghana captain Asamoah Gyan arrived on Saturday morning

Ghana captain Asamoah Gyan is the first player to arrive for next week’s crucial World Cup qualifier against Zambia after touching down in the country on Saturday morning.

The 27-year-old arrived on a private jet under 24 hours of his cup disappointment in Al Ain’s penalty shootout defeat to Al Ahli in the UAE Super Cup match.

Gyan thus becomes the first player to arrive for Black Stars duty contrary to reports South African-based trio Fatau Dauda, Rashid Sumaila and Mohammed Awal who are in action this weekend were to arrive on Thursday.

The former Sunderland hitman proved his fitness after suffering a knock in training by playing the entire duration of the Boss’ defeat to Ahli on Friday night.

He even stepped up to convert the side’s first kick in the penalty shootouts but eventually ended up on the losing side.

Gyan’s early arrival shows his immense commitment to the national team ahead of the crucial qualifier against Zambia this coming Friday in Kumasi.

He is determined to help banish recent heartaches suffered at the hands of the Chipolopolo – with one forcing him to take an almost six-month break from the Black Stars.

The Ghana captain has been in inspired form in recent times for both club and country.

He has scored in his past four goals in Ghana’s last three wins in the qualifiers to ensure the Black Stars remain on track to making a third successive World Cup appearance next year in Brazil.

Ghana only need to avoid defeat against Zambia in the last Group D match on Friday to secure progress but the Black Stars are determined to atone for recent back-to-back defeats suffered at the hands of the 2012 African champions.


  1. Papa says:

    Hahahaha! You are right in arriving early Gyan because you now have to prepare your permanent retirement. The Copper Bullets will be flying in soon and there’s no way you can dodge them. Ghana will be shot by the snipers from the south and you will not even know where the copper shots came from. You lose to a country that has been undergoing a civil war, Libya, and you want to defeat the African oasis of peace. Pwahahahaha. Ghana, please stick to playing women’s football and youth football because that’s where you seem to excel. Kikikikikiki!

  2. Gada says:

    kai this one be gud news indeed welcome home baby jet. Isha,Belinda, Diana are all routing for u. U b star I also love u…..two goals for u. by this time the chipalala heart is beating like ur dre beat playing use ur back on n ooon

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  4. King says:

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  5. futr says:

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  6. PDon says:

    He will be sent back into retirement on Friday

  7. kuukuphilly says:

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  8. Papa says:

    Ghana, perpetual age-cheats. Go and participate in the under 20 world cup where you normally send your over 30 players and win. Michael Essien claims to be 31 years, but these days he runs and plays like his true age – 39ys. He is Ryan Giggs’ agemate and will soon turn 40 yrs. You don’t win anything at senior level, because by then you are over 40yrs. hehehehehe!

  9. Papa says:

    You think old man Essien can run with Rainford Kalaba? It will be like a race between Usain Bolt and Ghanaman’s and Kuukuphilly’s grandmothers. Hehehehehehehe!

  10. Papa says:

    I will be coming to Kumasi for two things: To support Chipolopolo and to take Jackie Appiah. Lol

  11. King says:

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  14. King says:

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  16. King says:

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  17. kuukuphilly says:

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  71. taste says:

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  72. African Consciousness says:

    The Black Stars captain means business. He will play the best football of his career against Zambia on Friday and he will shatter the Ghanaian goal scoring record by scoring a hat trick against Zambia. Asamoah Gyan was able to break down the Sudanese defense something the Zambian forwards were unable to do in Ndola.

    Gyan is ready and Zambia better watch out!

  73. African Consciousness says:

    Assamoah Gyan was not fit against Zambia at AFCON, so the rubber bullets got away with a 1-0 win. With Gyan 100% fit we will see how the Zambian defense handles him and Majeed Waris on the forward line.