FIFA delegation to inspect security plans in Cairo ahead of Egypt-Ghana clash

Ghana FA boss Kwesi Nyantakyi will lead the FIFA delegation to Cairo

Ghana FA boss Kwesi Nyantakyi will lead the FIFA delegation to Cairo

A FIFA delegation led by Ghana FA boss Kwesi Nyantakyi will be visiting Egypt within the next 48 hours to appraise themselves with the security arrangements ahead of the World Cup playoff.

The Black Stars will be travelling to Cairo to face the Pharaohs in the second-leg of the ultimate qualifier for next year’s World Cup in Brazil.

The Ghana FA have however raised concerns over the security situation in the troubled Egyptian capital ahead of the November 19 clash.

FIFA in its bid to re-assure the Ghanaian delegation of their safety for the match will be sending a delegation to Cairo headed by the GFA boss to understand the security arrangements for the game put in place by the Egyptian authorities.

“They [fans] can be assured that we are doing altogether the maximum for them to attend this game and for Ghana to play in the best condition as by the way for Egypt,” FIFA General Secretary Jerome Valcke disclosed after meeting with a Ghanaian officials including the Sports Minter Elvis Afriyie Ankrah and football ambassador Abedi Pele in Lome, Togo on Monday.

“I mean there are two teams on the pitch and they have to play together.

“What we have decided in order to bring even more feeling of insurance for Ghana is that we will organize in the next 48 hours a visit led by the President of the Ghana Football Association in Egypt to meet with our [FIFA] security officer but also the Egyptian authorities.

“And for this delegation from Ghana to have a full introduction of the system which will be in place for the game so they can see with their own eyes, they can feel the level of organization which will be in place for the game.

“I think it is important and that is the way to make Ghana feel comfortable to move to Egypt to play this game.”

Concerns for the game remain rife after the firing of teargas to disperse a crowd in Sunday’s Champions League final between Al Ahly and Orlando Pirates.

The FIFA general secretary however remains confident Sunday’s incident will not affect the November 19 cash.


  1. Malebu Ghana says:

    why not move this game?? why all these trouble self?? what is FIFA and the Egypt FA up to??? I smell something fishy

  2. Chipolopolo1 says:

    See fifa has heard yo cowardly cries and protest and wil send its officials to egypt. So u can come out of yo rabbit holes and prepare for egypt.

    • spellBOUND says:

      hahaha cheapulupuluuu, it must drive u nuts that ghana will be at the mundial doesnt it. well get used to it, bcuz i dont see ur farmers, potters, blacksmiths, prostitution ministers, aids preventionists, and military generals making it to the mundial anytime soon. leave that to real footbaling nations. ur hate for ghana clouds ur perspective to realize the severity of the issue at hand, so i will leave it at that. nice day sir.

  3. JAL says:

    i really don’t know why Fifa still wants us to play in Cairo.
    even club football they are fitting what about national team?

  4. Chipolopolo1 says:

    @nutpound. I dont hate ghana. I jst comment on what am sein. U guys are africa’s official flag bearers to the worldcup. Go to faz(football association of zambia) facebook page. Read wat you the ghanains are sayn abt our beloved team. So am justified with the comments i make here

  5. Blackangel says:

    I don’t mean to be disrespectful, buh how can a Zambian tell Ghanaians to come out our rabbit holes? Well, I predicted a slaughtering for the Egyptians in Kumasi nd it was. Am predicting a 3:1 win against them in Cairo or wherever… As for the zombiens the least said about them the better. I for 1 know Zambians have never seen roll-on before, no wonder they smell like their Nigerian counterparts……Go BS Go GH!!!!

  6. Israel Akins says:

    Ghana v Nigeria: The numbers that prove who is Africa’s best at youth level

    With respect to excellence in youth football, Ghana and Nigeria are Africa’s torchbearers, with the latter being the latest of the duo to assert its might after claiming the ultimate at the just-ended Fifa Under-17 World Cup in the UAE.

    The Super Eaglets are the 2013 U17 world kings,

    Occasionally, the likes of Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, and Egypt do make a statement of sorts, yet the status quo has always been the reserve of the two west African giants. Generations of senior sides for both countries have been built on the back of huge feats at junior level, with the likes of Nwankwo Kanu, Samuel Osei Kuffour, Austin Okocha and Michael Essien all emerging from talent factories so fecund.

    There arises the million-dollar question, though: which of the pair – between Ghana and Nigeria- is better, if not necessarily more productive, at international youth football?

    Goal seeks to answer as accurately as possible, using the simplest of statistics.


    As a measure of determination, the key to these comparisons is to credit two points for each title won at continental level, and one less for a runner-up finish. A championship triumph on the global stage fetches three points, a finalist slot two, and a bronze-winning campaign gets one. Multiply the deserved point(s) by how often a country has achieved a particular feat, add up, compare the final tallies and, Voila! *

    So, then, shall we?


    At U17 level, Nigeria are the top dogs on the international stage, underscoring that very fact with a convincing victory against Mexico on Friday. That conquest puts them on four titles, one better than Brazil and, even more crucially to this analysis, two ahead of Ghana. Nigeria have made the finals thrice more but lost. Comparatively, Ghana are not too far behind. In fact, had the Black Starlets been successful on the two other occasions they made the finals (1993 & 1997), they would have counted as many U17 world titles as Nigeria, and perhaps prop their cause up with the bronze secured from New Zealand 1999. However, the Eaglets’ dominance is not so pronounced on their home continent, with their two titles matched equally by Ghana and being just one losing finalists’ spot better.

    At the end of ‘Round One’, the scores read as calculated below:

    GHANA – AFRICA (WINNER): 2×2?4
    \” \” (FINALIST): 1×1?1
    GHANA – WORLD (GOLD): 2×3?6
    \” \” (SILVER): 2×2?4
    \” \” (BRONZE): 1×1?1
    SUM : 5+11?16

    \” \” (FINALIST): 2×1?2
    NIGERIA – WORLD (GOLD): 3×3?9
    \” \” (SILVER): 3×2?6
    \” \” (BRONZE): 0×1?0
    SUM : 4+15?19


    Black Satellites conquered the world in 2009,

    Nigeria have been twice as successful as Ghana has at the African Youth Championships – six titles to three – and have been at par with their neighbours in finishing second, with two silver wins apiece. Only in 1999 did the rivals contest the final, and Ghana, then managed by Italian Giuseppe Dossena, emerged victors by a solitary Laryea Kingson goal in Accra. At the U20 World Cup, Ghana have claimed four podium finishes – once in third-place, twice as runners-up, before picking Africa’s sole world crown four years ago – in six appearances. Nigeria, on the other hand, have achieved all that Ghana have but the title.

    GHANA – AFRICA (WINNER): 3×2?6
    \” \” (FINALIST): 2×1?2
    GHANA – WORLD (GOLD): 1×3?3
    \” \” (SILVER): 2×2?4
    \” \” (BRONZE): 1×1?1
    SUM : 8+8?16

    \” \” (FINALIST): 2×1?2
    NIGERIA – WORLD (GOLD) : 0×3?0
    \” \” (SILVER): 2×2?4
    \” \” (BRONZE): 1×1?1
    SUM : 14+5?19


    Things are a little more balanced title-wise at continental U23 level where each nation has managed one triumph in five participations at the All African Games. Only when silver medals accumulated at the tournament are factored in do Nigeria distinguish themselves, edging this particular count 2-0. In the larger picture, Nigeria increase their advantage with some five points from fine performances at the Olympics football tournament; three from winning the Atlanta 1996 edition, and another two from finishing next to Lionel Messi’s Argentina in Beijing half-a-decade ago. Ironically, the only medal Ghana can boast of – bronze won by that ridiculously talented batch of Black Meteors at Barcelona 1992 – was that which put Africa on the Olympic football podium for the first time. That said, it fetches them no more than a point. Now let’s see how that adds up to give us our final, almost conclusive figures:

    GHANA – AFRICA (WINNER): 1×2?2
    \” \” (FINALIST): 0×1?0
    GHANA – OLYMPICS (GOLD): 0×3?0
    \” \” (SILVER): 0×2?0
    \” \” (BRONZE): 1×1?1
    SUM : 2+1?3

    \” \” (FINALIST): 2×1?2
    \” \” (SILVER): 1×2?2
    \” \” (BRONZE): 0×1?0

    SUM : 4+5?9

    GRAND TOTAL – GHANA: 16 + 16 + 3 ? 35

    GRAND TOTAL – NIGERIA: 19 + 19 + 9?47


    Ghana’s successes at youth football level cannot be understated; they might be third, fourth, or even second best in the world. On home turf, though, they do not seem to run their neighbours close enough. Nigeria are clearly on top, a full 12 points ahead and trumping the Ghanaians on each count, per the units of measurement applied in this analysis.

    So maybe statistics are a bit like mini-skirts.
    Maybe they do reveal everything.

    Well done, ‘Naija’.

  7. liliwelu says:

    zambia would be the experimental pigs-Ethiopia declined to play in Egypt. zambia and FAZ needing pocket money and some change are risking their players in this useless exhibition- in fact faz gratefully accepted the offer to play in Cairo before Ghana.

    faz the epitome of unqualified leadership and useless amateurs ruining football with their self vested interests. faz hasn’t changed abit having been exposed several times.

  8. Benito says:

    I just don’t understand this stupid pot belly FIFA officials,why risk lives for this stupid world cup qualification,do you your tournament is more important than even one life lost,or you want Egypt to qualify.why can’t you guys at FIFA change the venue and save us these useless meetings here and there,are you all idiots?????