FIFA assured us Cairo was safe to host playoffs- Egyptian FA member

Egypt fans inside the Cairo Military Stadium

Egypt fans inside the Cairo Military Stadium

A member of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Federation Association has told that country had assurances from FIFA that the second leg will be held in Cairo.

If this is established, then the world football’s governing body will reject Ghana’s appeal to move the playoff return leg to a neutral ground.

The Ghana FA officially wrote to FIFA on Tuesday to re-evaluate the deteriorating security concerns in the North African country.

FIFA has set a task force to look into the security situation in Egypt before deciding on whether the game will go ahead in the capital or not.

Political motivated clashes between the country’s military and protesters of the Islamist group Muslim Brotherhood.

The recent violent confrontation led to the death of more than 50 people.


  1. Goodnews says:

    we nigerians r solidly behind Ghana. Pls ghana shd not fail west Africa. We wl beat ethiopia come what may

  2. spellBOUND says:

    if fifa does not change the venue, then there’s some bribe involved here. u just need to tuen on cnn and aljazeera to realize cairo is not safe. wy waste time with bull investigations.?????????

  3. Speed says:

    @goodnews, You are a True Son of West Africa. It shall be well with you. Good Luck against Ethiopia.

  4. Speed says:

    Team West Africa!!! Brazil here we come! Ghana, Baukina Faso, Nigeria, Cote d’voire, and Cameroon.
    Let’s show the world that West Africa got Talents.


    Akwasi APPEAH is going to change the venue after playing the pharaohs ..I was told he is now
    CONSERNTRATING on our Home match..Ghana is not going to play in Cairo neighter inthe country EGYPT..I wa told the match must be played in a neutreral coutry and grounds..Nyantatkyi is concerntrating how GHANA can get more goal at Kumasi first B4 he strikes to FIFA.. WAT THEY ( EGYPT ) is now doing is to distracts Ghana cocerntration ..

  6. Josimar kwesi bonsu says:

    @speed ur jst on point,am calling for truce a ceasefire btwn Ghana n Nigeria,Let’s unite and fight ds Arabs,Josimar is Nw Launching (OPERATION WEST AFRICA FoR THE WORLD CUP)let’s unite for cause,GO Ghana ,Nigeria,Cote ivoire,Burkina faso, n Cameroun, One L??? brothers!

  7. kimco says:

    i tot cameroun was in central african.

  8. Goodnews says:

    even in cairo one thing is certain, egypt must fall. up super eagles

  9. Josimar kwesi bonsu says:

    Yes they re central but ve gat a common border wit Nigeria,so yu dnt expect me to support Arabs Tunisia against our near Nieghbours Cameroun, so I tip Ghana,Nigeria,cameroun burkina faso n cote d ivoire,Goooooooo Team West Africa

  10. The egyptians can take the battle to the bedroom of king Pharoah yet, Madam Ghana will penitrate there to defeat them.

  11. Egyptian Rambo says:

    Y’all r cracking me up. Reminds me of little kids and talking non sense. Egypt r kings of Africa and winning the Afcon 3 times in a row is not ez. Ghana is a great team but with little to show for. I think it’s a 50/50 chance and can go either way. If Ghana wins I will still support u guys in the World Cup but stop with this nonsense about west Africans vs the Arabs lol. I really wish that Egypt wins but good luck to both teams and may the best team win