Feature: Gyan could return to the Premier League - But would anyone want him?

Feature: Gyan could return to the Premier League - But would anyone want him?

Asamoah Gyan with his teammates the day after joining Sunderland

Asamoah Gyan has not ruled returning to the Premier League but the ex Sunderland man had a poor Afcon 2013. So would anyone gamble on him?

As the African Cup of Nations comes to a close many teams are left picking at the wreckage of a disastrous campaign while others are basking in the glory of over-achievement and glory. For Ghana once again it really is neither.

A semi-final with Burkina Faso was on paper the perfect avenue to make it to the final against Nigeria but they failed on penalties and the dream was over for another year.

One player who featured for The Black Stars was former Sunderland striker Asamoah Gyan.

The striker came into the competition off the back of extremely impressive form for his United Arab Emirates club Al-Ain; scoring 48 goals in 38 appearances for the club arriving at the club from the North East.

His move to the Middle East was questioned by many who felt it demonstrated a lack of ambition and that he had failed to settle into life in the UK. However the former Udinese striker has not ruled out one day returning to the Premier League; speaking of how he misses the fans and lifestyle:

“Yes, that’s the one thing I miss. A big crowd can sometimes really cheer you up, and the fans can really lift you when they sing your name; it’s a great feeling. When I started my European career in Italy it took a year and a half to get a regular spot, but when I joined the Premier League I was already experienced, so it was easier for me to adapt. Life was easy for me because so many Ghanaians live in the UK, so I was meeting a lot of friends, it felt like home.”

“I don’t really know. I’m still young and concentrating on where I am now, Definitely if you’re doing well other clubs will be interested, then we will see where my future lies, but for now I’m really happy in Al Ain.”

But would anyone in the Premier League want to take him on. He struggled for form in the African Nations; surely a consequence of playing football at a lesser level. The way in which he left the Premier League as well would act as a deterrent despite his age and obvious ability it could be a real task convincing somebody to take a chance on the Ghanaian.

If he was to return it would be a welcome sight as there is little doubt he is one of the world’s most recognisable football faces but whether that will ever happen may have to remain a mystery for now.

Would you like to see Asamoah Gyan back in the Premier League?

Make your thoughts known in the dialogue box below.


  1. TRuMPET says:

    Hahahahaha…He never adapted upon all his experience. He simply ran away from pressure. Lazy player!!!

    • Pito says:

      A STRIKER gets to his ultimate prime around the age of 25 through to 29. ASA had the opportunity to stay in EPL when he was 25 years. Once he has forfeited that, he will not be half as sharp as he is supossed to be anymore, because they work involved will unbearable for him. GHANA SHOULD CONCENTRATE ON PLAYING WITH BOAKYE YIADOM, ADIYIAH, WARRIS, JORDAN AYEW, AND THAT INTER MILAN YOUTH STRIKER. Also if we are lucky and we land MEMPHIS DEPAY. IF these new Guys cannot play 4-5-1, lets us adapt to suit the way they play at their clubs with 2 or more strikers. GHANAINS ARE CRYING OVER SPILT MILK.

      • kwame-blz says:

        Ur comment proves that u are saying whats on ur mind and its ok, but if you dont watch soccer keep quite, What league does Adiyiah play in becuz the articel is talking about how a lesser league made him slow and lost skills to compete, u are hear saying Gh’s future is in the hands of a player who play in the second division? think about ur comment.

    • Quincy Owusu Abeyie says:


  2. massive says:

    lazy ana rich hahaha

  3. King says:

    When you see the truth and you talk, people can’t simply tolerate it and they take you to be a hater. Realities cannot be lost on us forever. They will definitely pop up in our faces some day. Those who thought we hated Gyan for not praising his prolific scoring form in the “tough” UAE league may now see for themselves as things panned out in afcon 2013. He should find his way back to the Ligue 1, Serie A, Bundesliga A, EPL or at least the Eredivisie in other to regain the the form befitting for a national team captain

    • miki says:

      LOOK, for me, its a very VAGUE argument pple are making about Gyan’s form and ability….

      What EXTRA ORDINARY feat did Asa do for Ghana when he spent less than a year at sunderland? The answer is, nothing extra ordinary…

      People are just making assumptions because of the logical but not always true fact that Asamoah plays in a lower league…

      I do not buy that view… he may not have been splendid at AFCON, but i still fail to see how that is a result of his playing in that league?…

      someone claiming that Asa left Sunderland at the age of 25 and shouldnt have done so…. but the question is

      IS HE REALLY THAT YOUNG as a footballer? AND THE HONEST TRUTH IS, NO….. I dont see how playing in the EPL at his stage of his life wud MARVELOUSLY turn him into a ronaldo……

      are we saying that by the same ANALOGY, what shd be said of Adebayor?…. isnt he in the EPL?… We all saw Ba at the past AFCON……

  4. mojahadine says:

    I have been one of his critics but I think in this case he should be given the opportunity if he ever gets booted out of his D-league and needs a job. I am quite sure a lot of teams will give him that opportunity. But my question is why all of a sudden the media is saying he did not perform very well at the AFCON. They never said that when he was missing all the scoring opportunities at the AFCON. He and Akwesi Appiah arde the reason why Ghana never got to the finals, His lack of creativity coupled with Akwesi Appiahs inferior coaching style doomed the Black Stars,

    At this juncture the only way the Black Stars would qualify for the world cup would be to relieve Akwesi Appiah, Asamoah Gyan and Derek Boateng of their Black Star duties. As for Akwesi Appiah he needs to go back to basics, they should relegate him to the coaching job of the Black Queens or the Starlets to learn how to be a professional coach. The GFA has to wean itself also of politics, cronyism and nepotism.

    Here in Ghana we have the only Black coach on this planet Sillas Tetteh, who has ever won a world cup soccer championship and he is coaching a second level Black Star team, with a total newbie AA rather coaching the Senior Black Star? There is something wrong with this picture. This scenerio can only happen in a third world country like Ghana where there is no reward for making the country proud, unless you grease some elbows.

    Everyone keep saying but what did Sillas Tetteh do when he coached Rwanda? I should remind all those folks that Rewanda is not Ghana. Ghana has the resources in players to build a formidable team, whereas Rwanda doesn’t.

    If Ghana wants to be playing at the 2014 worldcup in Brazil, then we have to immediately change coaches, put Sillas Tetteh and Kuuku Dadzie in charge to restructure the whole team. If not then I promise my fellow Ghanaians that we shall be watching others African countries play at that level at home.

    • Ghanaman says:

      Just shut up moron! You don’t know what you are talking about!!

      • mojahadine says:

        Mr Not so smart, Ghanaman. Write with your mind and not your mouth. Stop using insults, you are exposing your lack of intelligence to the whole world.

        Another advise to you, do not let your kids or family know you are using the alias Ghanaman in this forum or else they will not take any advise from you on their education.

        • Askantwi says:

          This idiot mojahidin, if you love to continue kissing the asses of the Ayews, it is your own palava. Don’t make it everyone else matter. ok? You and your idiotic comments should cease.

          • mojahadine says:

            Ghanaman, now you changed your name to Askantwi. Who you are trying to fool. You are not even worth my while.

  5. cool says:

    The media and some segment of the supporter don’t get it but Asamoah gyan has passed his prime.He only managed to score one goal in 6 matches with less fancy African teams(Cape Verde,B/Faso etc.My question is do you guys think he will be better off in the Barclays league.The guy is fat and lack any striking abilities.I think the best place for him is to stay in Al Ain or what that fucking name is.(Please let us learn from Nigeria

  6. Score says:

    Asamoah Gyan excuse me to say this…don’t be childish. What do u mean by you are still young? You been saying this since infancy. Grow up and stop talking like a kid. Your performance now depicts one of an old footballer. Please buckle up and stop deceiving yourself else you will soon loose your place in the black star line up….All the best “Mr. i’m still young’.

  7. Kwame Adu-Gyamfi says:

    I think Gyan’s story was pretty sad. But really he only has himself to blame for it. Gyan had proven himself at the World Cup. He got a nice contract with Sunderland. And his striking became much better. He was scoring every 3 games and he could have become one of the best African footballers. He even scored against England and in 2010 and 2011 he was on a high. Now I don’t have a problem with him joining UAE, I think most people would probably do the same. But his striking got considerably worse and it carries in to his international career. If Gyan doesn’t get in to a better league and sharpens up his skills, I think it would be time find some new strikers. We should also play with two strikers up front. I don’t understand why we keep playing with Gyan by himself. In the friendlies where Ghana wopped Egypt and Tunisia. We were playing 4-4-2 formations. Then all of a sudden, we switched back to the one goal project formation.

  8. kantoose says:

    OPEN YOUR EYES MY PEOPLE. the only way forward is selecting players on curent form and merit. A player in UAE for the past 2 years should not be our team captain, such a player should be worrying about getting selected. This was one terrible mistake Akwasi Appiah made as coach, and GFA backed him. Is the Thai league not even tougher than the arab dubai league? Now how do we move forward without causing trouble in the team? the answer is simple. Release Akwasi Appiah and bring in a different coach who will then make his own selection and strip Gyan of the captainship. That mistake must be corrected. Some Ghanaians are too ARROGANT.

  9. Dr Who says:

    It saddens my heart when people call for Gyans exclusion in the BS team without mentioning his replamement.Do we have any better than him? Waris & clottey came but scored no goals.is it Adiyiah or Emmanuel Baffour? Lets face it,we are only trying to point fingers at the wrong direction.Anytime GH loses we want to blame Gyan.How many goals did Drogba scored at AFCON 2013? or how many goals did Diabate of Mali and Bance of Burkina Faso score? Yet we sit & insult Gyan as if he is the worse striker on earth.How many of you have spoken about Wakaso penalty miss? If it were gyan hell will break loose.Some of you are only interested in giving the dog a bad name to hang.

    • nana says:

      just to comment on wakaso’s miss, we ghanaians really didn’t care about that 3rd place match, plus he was one player we all saw that died for ghana he ran everywhere even more than badu who let me down after the second game. Now bro can you say gyan put 100%?

    • anokwale says:

      Dr. Who:
      I agree that Ghanaians are being way to harsh. Many of the strikers in this tournament did not really do that much anyway. However, I do think that it is time to move on. I sort of think that right now, the only hope at the striker position is to bring Owusu-Abeyie and play him as a striker and maybe call Dede and play him up top as well. This is my proposal:

      Afful Boye Vorsah K. Asamoah


      Adomah Wakasso


      Owusu Abeyie Dede Ayew

      I think this is worth a try. It will give us a bit more speed and creativity up top and this line up should be enough to qualify for WC. Now when we get to the WC one might make some modifications depending on the opponents we have to face.

  10. koby says:

    i think Gyan should come to the epl

  11. fel says:

    A player is selected among the best eleven in a tournament and u describe him as having a bad tournament. is this hatred or misjudgment?

  12. Ben agortey says:

    I agree with you Miki

  13. Nigerian loudmouth says:


  14. joseph harding says:

    it was a bad decision,the legend mohammed Polo said in one of our media said you cant two thgs at the same time.asamoah two thgs money and fame and choose money he choose money.so that is what he is ripping.luk at Didier,Eto and the rest they all mke the fame b4 going for the money.So Asamoah shd thnk twice.

  15. makaamaka says:

    gyan simple sold his career to the arabs immediately he signed that contract. It was evident in his poor performance during the afcon.

  16. kwaku says:

    Yea Adiyiah is in ukrainain league not a second division

  17. Nhyirabe says:

    Thanks God for the live of Jordan Opoku as he was saved from an accident that occured at George Bush highway last sunday Glory Be To God.