FEATURE by Zambian journalist: Ghana here we come!

Zambia players

Zambia players

I am enjoying the current analysis going on in the country about next Friday’s Ghana versus Zambia Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup final qualifier match in this round.

For some reason my heart, to borrow the cliché – is cool, calm and collected- like was the case at the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) final match against Ivory Coast in Gabon.

Both Zambia and Ghana are very good teams; if you had to ask for my opinion, this game will be a 50-50 affair, but ultimately there has to be a winner.

The bookmakers are definitely putting their money on Ghana – they have their own reasons for believing Zambia’s performance since lifting the Africa Cup in 2012, has been inconsistent, others feel it is almost impossible to beat Ghana at the 60,000 ‘soccer mad’ Baba Yara Stadium, home of Asante Kotoko Football Club.

They feel the Black Stars have not only impressed on the big stage in the last decade, but they have proved mostly diligent in qualifying for the last two FIFA World Cups.

They say Ghana has an impressive FIFA World Cup finals record that saw the Black Stars in 2006 beat the Czech Republic and the USA before being eliminated by Brazil in the second round, but they were the only African team to escape their group.

In 2010, they were again the only side from the continent in the knockout rounds, and they equalled Africa’s best-ever performance by beating the USA to reach the quarter-finals before losing in a penalty kick shoot-out to Uruguay in the last eight; and would therefore want to go all the way to Brazil next year to avenge their defeat to the South Americans.

But that is just what the bookmakers are saying; Ghana would have to pass the Zambia hurdle first and I believe the Chipolopolo do rise to the occasion when it matters most; not only that, I believe our players have the zeal and desire to take the country to the first ever World Cup in Brazil.

The Chipolopolo just needs soccer fans to travel enmass to go and support the team in the gigantic Baba Yara Stadium; and of course, coach Herve Renard and his technical bench will have to read the game and make those necessary and timely changes when need be.

Renard himself has scores to settle with Ghana where he served as assistant coach under countryman, Claude Leroy from 2007 to 2008 before he was appointed Zambia coach: “I receive a lot of calls from our friends from Ghana, It is a big pleasure, but my biggest pleasure will be to beat them,” Renard told Supersport.

No one team prepares to lose – therefore neither Zambia nor Ghana would take defeat lying down.

As for the Chipolopolo, this is the time to feel proudly Zambian and must play their lungs out; if anything; even die a little for mother Zambia, as my cousin Dennis Liwewe would put it.

On head-to-head count, Zambia and Ghana have never met in FIFA World Cup matches and the statistics favour Zambia who have defeated the Black Stars four times compared to Ghana’s three in the duo’s seven competitive meetings.

Both Renard and his opposite number, Kwesi Appiah have picked their best possible teams to ensure them victory to the next and final round of qualifiers, the knockout stage of 10 teams to be grouped into two groups of five to play on home and away basis.

Ghana, like Zambia, have brought in a mixture of fresh and old blood to show the endurance in their various departments; with Chintu Kampamba of Rose United in South Africa coming in to reinforce the defence in the Chipolopolo camp; Appiah on the other hand has brought in the experience of injury-prone midfielder, Michael Essien from Chelsea, currently on loan to Real Madrid.

My only worry is the camping of the team in South Africa because of the difference in altitude between West and South Africa; FAZ has explained that it is due to travel complications to West Africa from the professionals’ different bases, however, all things being equal, we hope the team will have acclimatised by the time they stroll onto the Baba Yara Stadium pitch at Kumasi.

For now we can only hope and pray for divine intervention, I don’t know about you, but I believe Zambia is advancing to the next stage. God bless Zambia!

By Brenda Katongola, Email;


  1. Ijahman says:

    Keep dreaming. Ghana will spell Zambia. 6:0.

  2. zambia is our toilet hole says:


  3. zambia is our toilet hole says:


  4. spellBOUND says:

    Mr. writer – perhaps your heart was “cool, calm, and collected” because you did not expect Zambia to amount to anything at afcon 2012; as is the case with mediocre teams. don’t mistake the same feeling you have now as a remembrance of then. that was on a nuetral field. Thinking this game will be a 50-50 affair is clearly looking at this from the viewpoint of Zambians. There’s nothing special about Zambia’s away record. Good luck.

  5. KC says:

    All the rubbish talk from Ghanians will soon give way to football on the pitch. If Ghana think they can put 6 past Zambia, you will be sick to the stomach as early as half time. Do not forget you are arguably playing the strongest side in all of southern and central africa. This is not Lesotho my friends. Get this, Zambia plays to the strength of its opponent. Its what makes us weak in the easy games and what makes us one hell of a tough side to beat in the tough games. Ur coach knows this, even your president knows, its why he took it upon himself to beg your celebrity players to make a prodigal return to a team that has otherwise been winning its other qualifiers. Insulting Zambia will not help you on Friday. Dare I say, if Ghana do not score in the first half, then they will not score at all in the entire game. Ur JuJu wont help much either.i urge your countrymen to keep praying this day will tilt in your favour. One mistake and our team will punish you.

    • Kessy says:

      Have you asked Sudan and Lesotho about Ghana playing at home?

      Ghana could force Zambia to make mistakes, if possible collects two red cards because of your inexperience.
      You are playing against Ghana not Mozambique.

      Be careful of what you wish for, Zambia might leave Kumasi with serious humiliation.

  6. charles Boham says:

    This dude is really funny eh, he started saying he was neutral then somewhere along the line he says zambians will die for zambia.Does he really think he is coming to ghana to have an easy game???If you prove to us that you are stuborn we will put you at where you belong. How many teams can survive here at kumasi? watch again the match against zambia in their own home,they were deffending all the time but this time they have no choice than to attack leaving a masive whole in their deffence.The only way to surprse Ghana is to be humbly and this is your biggest problem.Now a note to zambian funs…..the stadium will be full already 06:00am so make sure you get there before this time.

  7. kuukuphilly says:

    What the Fuck is this writer smoking?

  8. black says:

    dis guy doesnt evn knw wht he is talking he still thinks essien is on loan at madrid). clearly he is leaving in the past and doesnt knw what is at stake. to think dis is match is a 50/50 affair shows dis guy is living in a fools paradise. ahahaha. zambia is goin 2 take 4 goals goals 4rm blackstars come friday. mark my words.dis journalist should wake up. u hv nooooooo chance. period

  9. Emeka says:

    @Ijahman, HOW can GOD help u when even as am writting u are BUSY planting JUJU in your BABA YARA stadium so that ZAMBIA fails. GOD doesnt WORK like that u MORON. Despite all your black efforts, its Ghana 1 Zambia 2.

  10. Nell boyGH says:

    Please Mr writer, your team cannot even face our left-over players. And if you want to know the scores just find the average scores when Ghana met lesotho and sudan in Kumasi

  11. Emeka says:

    @Ijahman, HOW can GOD help u when even as am writting u are BUSY planting JUJU in your BABA YARA stadium so that ZAMBIA fails. GOD doesnt WORK like that u MORON. Despite all your black efforts, its Ghana 1 Zambia 2. Infact u people ARE muslims.

  12. kojo says:

    God bless our homeland Ghana,
    And make our nation great and strong,
    Bold to defend for ever…!

    When this anthem is sang with us in Kumasi…, Hmmm…!
    Zambia is No match to the Black stars,because we have an un finish business to do at the world cup.

  13. Collynzo says:

    @Black don’t blame the writer if he thinks Essien is still om loan afterall he hasn’t seen the 42 year old dwarf play for Chelsea this season.

  14. kwesi brew says:

    Emeka see the way u re referin to al whole nation as muslims as if bein a muslim is an i

  15. Midori is my hero says:

    Kalaba is a very good player. Ghana should mark him well

  16. Donald says:

    @Emeka or What the fuck ever ur filthy name is, go get a job from the most trusted and fastest growing companies in nigeria *BOKO HARAM or better still internet frauding and leave us alone ok. After all with ur country’s population of over 150million ur * SUPER CHICKENS* has only 9pnts from a posible 15, so shut that stinking hole in ur face and reserve ur comments and use it to advice ur Senators and Gorveors to stop marrying 12yrs galz.

  17. Minimpinim says:

    Anticipation of death is worse than death itself and the twist legged Zambians shall stumble and fall in Kumasi.

  18. wonderful kwame says:

    Why all these talks?… Are you guys the ones kicking the ball?… As much as I want Ghana to win, I don’t have faith in your coach… you can have the best team, but you need a good coach… the Zambian coach is better… That’s my fears for you guys. But no sweat, I will be announcing my prediction soon.Waiting for the holy spirit to show me what’s up.stay tuned!!!

  19. Bryt says:

    Big liar check ghana played zambia 10 times 6 wins for ghana 4 wins for zambia

  20. don says:

    Ghana 0 – libya 1
    Ghana 1 – Zambia 2.

  21. Andy says:

    Zambia has won 5 competitive matches compared to ghana’s 4.So far ghana has fallen 3 times in a row in these competitive matches .

    • Ghanaman says:

      Zambia has not won a single away game in these qualifiers and has never won in Ghana. If it was not for Fifa reversing a Zambian loss they would already be out. This is a team coming to CHEAT AN STEAL and you know what we do to thieves and CRIMINALS that we catch in the streets in Ghana right… :(

  22. Super Eagles for Life says:

    Prophet TB Joshua has said , Zambia will beat Ghana by a goal. The Ghanian fans will riot throwing stones at Zambia, and FIFA will Ban Ghana from soccer for 10years…now watch the space as things unfold