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Egypt name provisional 33-man squad to prepare for Ghana World Cup play-off

Posted On Monday, 23rd September 2013


Egypt coach Bob Bradley has named a provisional 33-man squad for next month’s Brazil 2014 World Cup playoff against Ghana in Kumasi.

The Amercian’s squad which consists of 23 locally-based players with 11 drawn from giants Al Ahly who have qualified into the semi-final of the 2013 CAF Champions League.

Ten foreign-based players named earlier by the technical team will join for camping to begin on Wednesday.

Zamalek forward Mohamed Ibrahim has recalled and Ismaili veteran Mohamed Sobhi has replaced Ahli youngster Mosaad Awad as one of two backup goalkeepers for number one Sherif Ekrami.

Conspicuously missing from the list are Zamalek goalkeeper Abdul-Wahed Al-Sayed and centre-back Mahmoud Fathallah who played in this month’s final Group H qualifier against Guinea.

Fathallah’s position has been taken by Ahmed Saied ‘Ouka’ who returned to Wadi Degla after a loan spell at Belgian Pro League side Lierse.

Masri’s Ahmed Al-Shennawi is also making a return to replace Abdul-Wahed.

The Pharaohs will face the Black Stars at the Baba Yara Stadium on 15 October.

Egypt provisional squad:

Goalkeepers: Sherif Ekrami (Ahli), Ahmed Al-Shennawi (Masri), Mohamed Sobhi (Ismaili)

Defenders: Wael Gomaa, Rami Rabiea, Ahmed Shedid, Ahmed Fathi, Mohamed Naguib, Sayed Moawad (Ahli), Mohamed Abdul-Shafi (Zamalek), Ouka (Degla), Adam Al-Abd (Brighton, England) – Ahmed Elmohamady (Hull, England) – Ahmed Farag (Lierse, Belgium)

Midfielders: Hossam Ashour, Mohamed Abou-Treika, Walid Soliman, Abdullah Al-Saied (Ahli), Omar Gaber, Shikabala, Ahmed Eid (Zamalek) Amr Al-Sulaya (Ismaili), Ahmed Hamoudi (Smouha), Hossam Ghaly (Lierse, Belgium), Ibrahim Salah (Orouba, Saudi Arabia), Mohamed Elneny (Basel, Switzerland), Mahmoud ‘Kahraba’ (Luzern, Switzerland)

Strikers: Mohamed Ibrahim (Zamalek), Ahmed Temsah (Dakhlia), Ahmed Hassan ‘Koka’ (Rio Ave, Portugal), Mohamed Salah (Basel, Switzerland), Amr Zaki (Al-Salmiya, Kuwait), Geddo (Hull, England)

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  1. spellBOUND says:

    gsn, must u post every single news about egypt? whether it be fact or fiction? they can even name a 100 man squad. ghana will not be denied brazil.

  2. confusion says:

    if they like,they should go for all the Egyptians players in the whole World,we will still win them home & away,Go Ghana go Black Stars

    • Wuatoto MaddDogg says:

      Well if you don’t know ask your legends in the game, you guys have never qualified for the world cup when you’ve faced a North African Team realistically you guys will not be in Brazil and you can’t just face the fact

  3. Kenneth County says:

    Obviously Egypt holds the trump card so far as preparations for this crucial encounter is concerned. I think Akwasi Appiah and his technical team should take the time between now and until The Black Stars begin camping by actively monitoring our European-based stars and watching top European matches to get new technical ideas. If possible, we must also endeavour to monitor (spy) on how the Egyptians are preparing for the match. I believe in that way we may be able to counter the advantage which the Egyptians hold over us in terms of preparations for the match. Good Luck to Ghana and the Black Stars.

    • spellBOUND says:

      I will have to agree with u that egypt has a slight advantage in terms of hving adequate training time to jell as a team. but bear in mind that no amount of training can simulate the intensity on game day, and the form that our players are getting at club level.

  4. theprince says:

    Not even Spain can deny Ghana from going to the mundial

  5. selfmade says:

    In football terms,whenever american leaves america,he ll still be hunted by Ghana!!! Bob Bradley mentor called Bruce arena was beaten by Ghana in 2006 and his student called Bob Bradley was annihilated by Ghana in south Africa!!! No american with b name can beat Ghana!!! Egypt ll still fall!!

    • mikron says:

      the ever boastful ghana fans, always boasting. the same way they boasted to roast any team they meet in the past nations cup. egypt does not boast, they are preparing seriously to beat u guys but instead of doind same, NO, u guys will boast as usual. unfortunately i dont see u beating egypt. be it home or away. ur team is not good enough

  6. confusion says:

    non mater how GHANA 3 Egypt 0

  7. selfmade says:

    Bob respect for Ghana ll make him fall!!! All Americans are supporting Egypt because of bob and their painful two defeats to Ghana but no matter how hard Egypt try,Ghana ll eventually qualify!!! Bob tactics choked against better opponents and he had a solid american team but was still beaten by Ghana!! Bob still doesn’t know anything about African football and he ll see what all happen to his tactics that day!!

  8. selfmade says:

    My question is this, why 33 players when we are made to believed that Egypt has a solid undefeated team? Their coach is scared to death!!!

    • spellBOUND says:

      33 players because they faced minnows in the group stage who were able to score on them, and BOB Bradley knows ghana is miles ahead of those minnows. so he’s trying to cover all his bases.

      Heck, sudan and zambia would have knocked egypt out if they were in their group. egypt and nigeria had the weakest groups. dont know who will win, but ethiopia will give nigeria all they can handle.

  9. kuukuphilly says:

    I think he will select the 11 players from ahli..

  10. selfmade says:

    Ghana now has a team which is very matured and we score goals when we underperformed and that’s a make of a developed team!!! At first we played all the nice football with one goal project but now,less football with more goals!!! Egypt ll be no match for us!!#

  11. Ibrahim moktala says:

    U monkeys don’t with Egyptians, worry more about yo stinking, dirty black skins!

    • Stranger Danger says:

      This fucking half cat half human shit is taking like he owns the world. you Sadam hussen osama bin ladin ibrahim monkeytail motherfucker is gonna get shot twice in your face at your home with a made in America stainless steal shot gun like your two-shit-no-good uncle oshitma bin ladin (or however the fuck you spell it), only this time instead of a shot gun, its gonna come in Ghanaian made Asamoah Gyan, Micheal Essien, KP Boateing, and plenty others for you to shriek away from, and instead of 2 bullets, its gonna come in 2 goals then you will realize the power of the BLACK SKINS you half cat half human Ibrahim Monkeytail motherfucker! YOU are the reason it seems every continent have the ability to evolve but Africa. We are African, after all the centuries of pain onto Africa from foreigners you still remain a narrow minded, selfcentered idiot. You are a disgrace to the name “Ibrahim”, but the name monkeytail, suits you quite well.

  12. selfmade says:

    @ kuuku…. I know Bob ll prefer the foreign based players to ahly players and that ll be his downfall!!! Bob knows Ghana very well and Egypt ll bring the best out of Ghana!!! Bradley is under intense pressure to get his american revenge against ghana as his mentor was beaten by Ghana,his team was oppbeaten by Ghana and he lost his job because of Ghana!!! He has three things to accomplish against Ghana,qualify Egypt to the WC,get his country revenge against Ghana via Egypt and save his Egyptian job too and though the pressure is not glaring,he is under extense pressure and it all finally get to his team too!!

  13. EA1us says:

    @ selfmade, u.s fans are not supporting egypt. We’re just hoping we don’t meet ghana again in the WC groups, it’s NFL (american football) season and all attention right now is away from the world cup qualifies. U.S beat mexico 2-0 about last week and had qualified for brazil already.

  14. selfmade says:

    @ EA1.. Checked this link and see how a lot of Americans want Bradley to beat ghana!!

  15. Ben garzy says:

    Mohamed mohamed mohamed abou abou treka………

  16. egyptian says:

    continue overrating ghana ,guys :D ghana is still not able to win the African cup or become the best team in Africa ! i dont know why Ghanians have this confidence ? it is strange !

  17. selfmade says:

    Under,read the story ‘ Bradley is facing a foe he and american fans knows too well’

  18. @egyptian: ples after the 2010 world cup, ghana was ranked no.1 in africa.Only egypt haven’t qualified for the world cup for 23yrs.

    • egyptian says:

      i don’t talk here about egypt . we can rate our egypt well . we know ourselves ! i talk about ghana here which is really a good team but people here give me the feeling that we will face spain or brazil !! :D

  19. Ishmail says:

    @Egyptian. Very strange bro!Anyway let’em mouth till the 15 th of October and then we sort them out.

  20. GenEral says:

    Asem bi re ba ooooooooo

  21. selfmade says:

    @ Egyptian.. Egypt is the most successful African team at the afcon whiles Ghana and Nigeria are the most successful African teams of all time in terms of world football achievements!! Dispute this hard facts

  22. Dr Who says:

    AA should name 23 man squad for the first leg….I wish to see Sulley and Affum to augment the squad that faced Zambia.

  23. selfmade says:

    @ EA.. Under the same link,read the article ‘ Bradleys Egypt draw Ghana in African worldcup playoffs and read the comments section too to see how die hard and hardcore american football fans wants Bradley to beat Ghana to get their revenge

  24. EA1us says:

    @ selfmade, I just checked it out. I’ve seen about 25 comments….yes it’s true, but if you listen to their ‘voices’ about 8 of them are egyptians, yours, and several africans. You’ll be looking at approximately 500-600 comments at least…. if U.S really supports him. He’s against ghana by himself. Lol

  25. EA1us says:

    @ selfmade, i like the site tho…thanks

  26. selfmade says:

    @ Egyptian…. Listen the last time Egypt qualified to the world cup is 23 years ago!!! After seven afcon titles,Egypt should have been a regular participant at the big ballers club called the wc!!! Just as Ghana doesn’t have the character to win 16 nations african cup,Egypt doesn’t have the character and capacity to qualify to the wc!!! Egypt is the most successful African nation only at afcon but not the most successful African nation of all times!!! People confused the two!!! Just as Uruguay is the most successful nation at CONCAF,Egypt is also the most successful nation at CAF but both are not the most successful football nations in their respective continents!!! Uruguay has won more continental titles than Brazil and Argentina but both countries are more successful than Uruguay!!! Ghana and Nigeria are more successful at world stage than Egypt period!!!

    • profane says:

      which nigeria…abeg, its Ghana and cameroon. Nigeria’s best is 1/16

    • Wuatoto MaddDogg says:

      @selfmade you very funny and how old are you if i may ask? incase you don’t know go and ask Abedi Pele Tony Yeboah Prince Polley and Sam Johnson wha’ North Africans did 2 them the last time Ghana ever faced a north african side just to qualify for the world cup. am afraid your reign of succesive world cup apperances has expired think of russia 2018 you ghanaians keep on ragin’ your mouth and watch bob come to kumasi and take all your fufu’s away from your mouth on 10/15 once this website very open we shall all come to express our feeling lol

  27. selfmade says:

    @ EA … U welcome bro and I also like the site and have been there a long time!! I always read my live commentary from there!!! Their live commentary is AWESOME!!! They always have interesting stuff about Ghana esp during live commentaries!!!

  28. ziade says:

    i Dont know why Ghanian pepole think they can beat Egypt team easily ! When I watch Comments i feel we ‘ll play brazil or spin :D
    If you stay on this case I think we beat you 2-0 in your home , Continue on this I am happy fot this

  29. selfmade says:

    @ profane… Has Cameroon ever won any FIFA orsganised competition( world cup)??

  30. kuukuphilly says:

    welcome back selfmade..

  31. selfmade says:

    @ profane.. U didn’t understand what I said!!! Am not talking about WC achievements but overall achievements on the world stage been it afcon, uefa,European leagues success and FIFA organized competitions!! With the exception of Ghana and nigeria, none of the African countries has done really well!! Cameroon won the Olympics which is diff from FIFA competitions and apart from their Olympics success,what’s Cameroon achievements in FIFA organized wcs from the under 17 thru the under 20 to the WC itself!!! Their only visible success is their quarter finals at the WC and their Olympics medals!! Compared these two achievements to both Ghana and Nigeria in fifa organized competitions and u ll see what am saying!! U want me to list for u?

  32. selfmade says:

    @ kuukuphilly…. Thanks a lot my man!! I love your comments too!!

  33. StepApp: says:

    @selfmade: true that! @egyptian: we’re giving you the actual FACTS-not talks. We respect egypt for the unity n devotion n discipline n the fact that majority of ur players are locally based. Now,that is an advantage as it gives the team common grounds to work together with cohesion. But Ghana has majority of its players scattered across the globe playing various leagues,which brings diversity into our team. If Ghana gets enough time to bring all its players together in camp and prepare (like egypt does with a lot of time),trust me,Ghana is no size for egypt. Our players play more international leagues that’s why we excel at the big stage-WC! That said,Ghana is ahead of egypt in terms of world football. Period. :D

  34. egyptian says:

    okay guys , as we know : the match is played in the field not in the sites :) i think we have to wait and see

  35. Wuatoto MaddDogg says:

    Two nations been paired up for a home home playoff and the winner after the tie gets to qualify for the world cup one of these nations release a preliminary roster the other starts talkin’ trash even against americans bcus the coach is from american lol better start thinkin’ bout you gonna get past these great egyptian team over the two legs plus the monster cairo stadium packed with over 80,000 plus screaming egyptians await you guys lol Brazil will happen without Ghana haha

  36. selfmade says:

    @madd… All your rantings are total hogwasg and is no wonder u called yourself mad dog!!! Read what u posted and tell me the senses in it and am not surprised your girlfriend see u so weird!! Stupid fool!!

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