Crocked Ayew starts running, to be assessed before game at Sochaux

Crocked Ayew starts running, to be assessed before game at Sochaux

Andre Ayew has started personal training

By Ameenu Shardow

Andre Ayew will be subjected to a late fitness test ahead of Olympique Marseille’s game against Sochaux on Sunday.

The 23-year-old is nursing a hamstring injury sustained during last week’s training with his club.

The injury which was expected to keep Ayew out for five days saw him fail to make the Ghana squad for the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations.

He rejoined his Marseille teammates at their training camp in Morocco on Monday night and is said to be making a remarkable progress with his recovery.

The son of Ghana legend Abedi Pele has already started light training and will be critically assessed a day before Marseille’s trip to Sochaux.

“We must treat his (Ayew) injury as he continues to work alongside the medical team,” Marseille coach Elie Baup says.

“Every day provides an additional element. Saturday we’ll see how it is for Sochaux, we cannot say today. ”

Ayew’s recovery will provide a massive boost to Marsielle’s title ambitions as they are tied on 38 points with PSG and Olympique Lyon at the top of the French Ligue 1.


  1. nanaba says:

    This Kotoko coaches at blacks stars himm, now see him started training, shame unto the so called akwasi appiah maxwell konadu. trouble maker coaches in GH football

    • nana says:

      nah @nanaba take your time and read the key facts clearly. I was initially sidng with dede but now im with the coach. Think how is it he can ravel to moroco for monday (AA deadline for him) but insist he would met ghana on wednesday he is taking the mick the coach was right to focus on what he as and pray it goes well and us fans should now do the same.

  2. Dr Who says:

    Now its clear Dede faked the injury…..Long live Coach Appiah,long live GH football.

    • Black Star Fan says:

      Dede didn’t faked it, neither did he say he wasn’t going to Afcon, rather it was Akwasi Appiah that cut him off. As simple as that. Is this too difficult to understand? Why do people blame Dede? Dede loves Ghana more than Akwasi Appiah could ever love Ghana.

  3. GBORMORHII says:


  4. J.k says:

    What sought of stupid commet is that? Is ayew super human than e players over there?After all he’s not better than Kwadwo Asamoah and Asamoah Gyan..Nonsense.

    • Nissi says:

      What makes them better? You wait and see. This is a tournament not a match. Pray we don’t have any more injuries otherwise we shall see the way AA will sweat. Maybe AA thinks the Ashanti players are immune from injuries. Don’t forget that people are coming with the toures and the drogbas.

  5. Jimmy says:

    Faked the injury fuck dem all ….

  6. Lunkel says:

    The ommision of Dede will haunt you, seriously.

  7. Modern Guy says:

    Some of you are really stupid and foolish with your comments. They did not say Ayew would be out till the AFCON commences. They said he would be out for five days and the Black Stars trainers did not have the patience for that period and so they dropped him. Why are you people saying he faked the injury? The BS trainers who have been footballers themselves before should have known that when they say a player is suffering from slight hamstring injury, the possibility of recuperating very fast is very high. Besides, they gave an estimated period that he needs to be fit, which are many days before the tournament. So please, give him a break and let him be. They wanted to drop him and they have done it. Why then should you blame him? Did he take the decision to exclude himself? Doesn’t Akwasi Appiah know his worth even if he has missed his so-called six training sessions? Blood suckers. Leave him alone and let him concentrate on his club duties for now. You would surely need him for the world cup qualifiers, which is even more important than this AFCON. So stop this insults directed at him.

  8. Ayuba says:

    I already said it is a fake injurie!

  9. kiki Nature... UD, Wa Campus says:

    I dnt seriously understand some blockheaded beings on ds platform. The coach gave Saturday as d last day for all players to report to camp. This Saturday deadline prevented Mubarak Wakasu to feature for Espanyol against Barca. Because Ayew was said to hv pulled an harmstring injury, he was asked to report to camp on Monday. As @ Monday, Dede wasn’t still in camp to be assessed by d blackstar medical team. D coach has his own program and one player cannot hold his program for d training tour on hold. I SUPPORT THE COACH 100%. No one is bigger than d BLACK STAR.

    • Black Star Fan says:

      You are thinking like a typical Ghanaian, that’s why we have won NOTHING in 31 years. No consideration, no empathy, no flexibility and no compassion for others.
      How do you succeed with a mind-set like that? Special cases need special solutions my friend.
      Why is Togo still begging Adebayo to play for them? You don’t throw your special talents away.

  10. jon bature says:

    GHANA ,first round elimination here we come!

    • Kwame says:

      We can even be eliminated before we start the AFCON, fuck you. Who is dede, even when his father was in the team we were eliminated in the first round before, we even did not qualify on so many occation when his father was playing active football with the Black Stars. No player is bigger than Ghana Black Stars. If you should rate players who have excelled in Ghana dede will come no where near the first 50. What the fuck didnt sulley do the same thing for him dede to get the opportunity in 2010. When sulleys mum declared that no sulley no black stars what did we tell the woman. What every body should know is that God has blessed this nation so much so that we dont lack football talent what we lack is unity and a sence of purpose. You can line up abedi and all his sons, brothers and cousins if there is no unity and sence of purpose we wont win the cup.

  11. junior mafia says:

    Oyiwa….marseille is more important to dis guy.

  12. Kwasi says:

    Appiah is right to drop him

  13. DAAJOE says:

    Kwodwo Asamoah is better than who, hwo many goals has he scored 4 the BS. We need tournament players 4 Afcon not 2×4 players.

  14. Whocares says:

    Not Kwasi Appiah’s fault. Wednesday is the final day to send the final list to FIFA. Forget Dede and move on. He does not want to play without Jordan. Ghana has lots of good and hungry players.

    • nanaba says:

      Then why did Akwasi Appiah gave Asamoah Gyan some time before joining the team. Gyan asked for a permission because of His mothers funeral, the same happens to Ayew. If this isnt discrimination, then what is this for?

  15. Fabs says:

    What is the problem, look at the issue objectively. I like Ayew as a player but if the deadline to report was Saturday extended to Monday and you don’t turn up, irrespective of whether or not the injury was short-term all for all AFCON you can’t start to disrupt the training squad for 1 player. Either Ghanaians have an issue with Appiah or Ayew, this it seems it what is driving people’s arguments not the objective view that no matter how good you are if you are given a deadline which is extended and you fail to show why would any credible coach continue to wait on one player.

    Indiscipline has killed the BS in the past, let’s not start the same nonsense because some dislike Appiah or Ayew. Ayew is a good player but Appiah was correct in this instance.

  16. kwasi says:

    ghanaman ,u are right my brother ,akwasi appiah give dede all the chance ,but he didnt take it ,what can kwasi appiah do, kwasi need to send his final list today, that is why he drop him ,becouse he dont know if he will be fit in time for
    ofcon. so l think ,appiah is right to drop him.

  17. Black Star Fan says:

    If Akwasi Appiah fails to win the trophy, all those hypocrites supporting him today will ask for his dismissal. Mark it.

    • Kobs says:

      You are missing the point, this is not about supporting Appiah for the sake of it and has nothing to do with his future if he flops at AFCON…that is a separate issue that needs to be looked at on its own merit. This is about player discipline. You can have the best players on the planet but without a cohesive team or squad the team will flop. Look at 2010 and the difference with 2012 AFCON a well disciplined team will do well with good tactics and harmony. If Appiah fails it will not because of Ayew but because he is not tactically aware enough. The issue of Ayew and how Appiah has dealt with him is not the same as whether or not he is a competent tactician. You can have good man manager, who bend over to accommodate players but who are poor tacticians and those who have an iron fist when it comes to discipline but can motivate teams to win.