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Marseille star players Andre and Jordan Ayew quit Ghana national team

Posted On Tuesday, 26th February 2013
France-based players Andre Ayew and Jordan Ayew have dealt Ghana a severe blow after announcing a temporary retirement from the Black Stars, can exclusively reveal.

Andre Ayew (left) and Jordan Ayew say they should not be considered for future matches

France-based players Andre Ayew and Jordan Ayew have dealt Ghana a severe blow after announcing a temporary retirement from the Black Stars, can exclusively reveal.

The France-based players have asked the Ghana Football Association(GFA) not to consider them for future call-ups into the Black Stars.

A local radio station reported that the two brothers turned in their resignation letter to the GFA on Tuesday.

The GFA is yet to confirm receiving the letter from the Ayew brothers who play for French side Marseille.

The decision by the sons of legend Abedi Pele comes in the wake of their exclusion from Ghana’s squad for the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations.

Jordan Ayew was excluded from the intial 26-man squad for the tournament which was announced by coach Kwesi Appiah on December.

Andre Ayew was included in the squad but was subsequently dropped after he failed to arrive in time to be examined by the Ghana team doctors after suffering a hamstring injury.

Jordan was furious over the decision to exclude him and cited Kevin Prince Boateng’s decision to quit the Black Stars as some of the thing not normal in the Ghana federation.

Andre echoed similar sentiments when he was also left out squad expressing his shock over Kwesi Appiah insisting he arrives in camp to be examined by the Ghana doctors.

“It was shocking. The coach based on the fact that he only wanted players [who are 100%], which is surprising because apparently there are a lot of casualties there,” Andre Ayew said last month in the wake of his exclusion from the squad.

“I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed. It made me know some people in the staff and federation.

“Ghana is a big nation. There are things happening that are not normal, Kevin Prince Boateng issue shows that there are reasons,” Ayew added.

While the Ayews might have their reasons, some have pointed to disciplinary problems for their run-ins with Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah.

Andre was given an ultimatum to apologise over some tantrums he was alleged to have thrown at the coach when he was substituted in their Nations Cup qualifier against Malawi in Blantyre.

Andre scored four goals in 43 appearances for Ghana while Jordan scored twice in his 10 matches for the Black Stars.

What do you think of the decision by the Ayews to retire from the Black Stars? Do you think they should be persuaded to return? Do you think they should be left alone? Make your views known in the box below:

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  1. wonderful kwame says:

    Hallelujah!!!! wise decision…. until you fix your house, no one will play for you. The current GFA management are a bunch of jokes. Wise decision boys.



      We were beaten by Zambia, Liberia, Burkina Faso and Mali. Is that not enough evidence that Akwasi Appiah is not capable in handling the team?
      Are we waiting for another humiliation before decision? APPIAH SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED AFTER HE COACHED GH TO A DRAW AGAINST SUDAN IN KUMASI.
      If the GFA does not call you up, how can you play for the national team? They select their favorites and take money from the.

  2. THE MAN says:

    better,i will do the same,if its me i will never play again until they clear the entire administration,period,well done,let kwesi appiah take the black stars,

  3. Charles agyarko nti ymcmb says:

    I think all dis ayews black stars brouhaha date back to captaincy issue between abedi n kwasi appiah.

  4. Blakroze GH says:

    Why da f**k can’t Nyantakyi take a cue from all this and honorably(or not) STEP DOWN….or he’s waiting for the BS to crumble down before he starts to clean house?

  5. Viper says:

    Who cares?? go to Nima,the nooks and cranny of Accra and almost every city town and village in Ghana and see better footballers,I don’t blame them,I blame the GFA for their lack of vision.

  6. redd says:

    Thank God.I would have done same.Now its over to you Akwasi Appiah,arrogant saane and kwesi Nyantakyi.You set a bad precedence by allowing asamoah gyan to do same and even rewarded him with the captaincy.When Nyaho and co complained u labelled them anti-black stars.Now lets see how u disentangle yourself from the black stars.

  7. Banahene says:

    This is unbelieveable,they are disappointed to this country.

  8. Don Justy says:

    Well i.m.o its childish, stupid pride, egotistic n selfishness @ it best. This ayew family has been like this since their father was playing for the b s. Many better players has been droppep frm their national teams b4 major tourneys, but they never retired. What shd make a player think that if a coach drops him, it’s a sin and that he retires frm a national team. It seems they’re untouchables now, n they’re the only players who deserve to play b.s. Or i get the idea. They want prez mahama to come n beg them to prove how ‘special’ they’re. Apuuuu! Fellow ghanaians, lets stand up for this. Its time players shd noe that who ever they think they’re, its the national team that made them so. We need dedicated, selfless n comited players who will stand up 4 b.s rain or shine, good or bad. They shd go. We dnt need them. Nkwaseas3m…

    • redd says:

      Why didnt u say the same thing about asamoah gyan when he retired after missing a crucial penalty.You were happy when he was begged to come back and even awarded the captaincy-a slap in the face of those like john mensah,paintsil,muntari,ayew etc who struggled to qualify our team to the CAN.GFA is mismanaging our team and has thus made it unattractive anymore.The team stephen appiah and co suffered to build is now being monetized.No more pride to die for your country.Just go there and sing and dance.Afterall u get to come home with over 50,000 usd.

  9. Banahene says:

    Prayer may come a prayer will go but black stars will remain.

  10. Black Bombardier says:

    Well shoot guys! Don’t risk ur sf to play qualifiers 4 darlin boys to go to tournament.

  11. personally i think it is wise decision by the ayew brothers.well done

  12. ANANSONGA says:


  13. cool says:

    The GFA is simply an inept organization.I sometime sit here in the US and wonder who hired people like Nyantakyi,Akwesi Appiah and Ibrahim Sani Diara.Although I don’t like changing coaches but, the BS have been struggling to win competitive games since Akasi Appiah took over.This so called coach is visionless and has no skills. He compound matters by selecting a ‘dead horse’Asamoah Gyan to be his top marksman.He was so dumb that he made him his captain. The only thing Gyan does well on the pitch is to dance.We have been seeing failure and failure of late, my question is when do we make some changes.We cannot keep repeating the same mistake over and over.I think we have to start boycoting matches featuring Asamoah Gyan.

  14. Papadinho says:

    Good decision guys, you guys are good player and will always be!!!! I hope Kasa and Atsu follow you guys. The corrupted Fa should just step down or else don’t come back. Can’t believe this would happen to the black stars. Andre is a captain and will always be!!! Who is Asamoah Gyan? The azonto dancer? Fck him.
    God bless the Ayews
    And good move guys. Proud!!!!!

  15. yurigagarin says:

    d@ is true…..i ve agree with u 120% nd now kwesi appiah nd nyanterkye shd resign….nd gfa must be over haul to safe our nation…….fellow ghanaians it is high time we stand to defend our tax payers money by heating de street with a serious demo against the gfa nd coach akwesi appiah….they must go we re not joking about it…….

  16. Don says:

    This is a very wise decision by the Ayew’s, this useless GFA n the coach needs to to desolve As soon as posible.

  17. Stephen says:

    I hope people are realising that the problem is with the GFA. Many fans come on ghanasoccernet and insult the likes of KPB, Ayews, Essien etc. But you have to ask yourself, what is the reason for this happening. However, I must say that I am not in favour of the way so many Ghanaian players ate just ‘temporarily’ retiring. This is not a common feature. But what do you expect when Asamoah Gyan decided to retire and then when he came back he was made captain! Very unfortunate times for Ghanaian football

  18. Franko Baresi says:

    Surely this was coming. There were seriously unresolved issues before AFCON and instead of the FA putting together to help unearth and resolve any issues surrounding the Black Stars, including why players like Essien, KP, and co were not willing to play for the Black Stars they went into a so called exco meeting, took some decisions and came to announce it as if everything was OK with the Black Stars. It’s time for the FA to realize that the team has become quite sophisticated and requires an international relations director as well as a player relations director. The coaches and the FA have not proved to be competent in handling matters in relation to player relations. Either it’s been poorly managed or simply swept under the carpet by a very very poor communications outfit which many regard as arrogant, childish and unprofessional in its outlook. many thought Randy was bad but sorry but sani is pathetic and seems not to know what he is about. The FA president needs to up his game.

  19. DIdi says:

    OMG!!! I am soo happy for the decision of this guys.No one can question the Commitment of Dede Ayew and Jordan.We all know Dede Ayew and what he achieved in his youth tournament.Taking Africa and the World.How can a Coach exempt the players who made you qualify to the AFCON and now you want them to come back and player for you guys to Qualify for the World CUp.We need Reshalfling in the Blackstar technical team is not a Kotoko technical team .We need Professionally minded Technical team.I think Desailly should be given the Nod so he bring his Profesional expertise from Chelsea.Blackstar needs to now Play Better football.OR bring back our Sellas Tetteh

  20. bawah says:


  21. lalasu says:

    these guys need an apology from the coach n the FA president, but l think insolent players must not encouraged…there are local players who are willing to die for the nation. they must be considered.

    • LoLvFunny says:

      Please, Please, Please… there are always local players a team can be built around but the current crop of local based players are all below standard… We need intelligent players and not just any player to play for BS. The news about the Ayews retiring is a really big blow… This is not the time to make mediocre comments. Are you saying we have local base players who are good enough? Let us be frank with ourselves. Please Ghana is not Brazil or Germany

  22. Pee kay says:

    we shd not even cal them again who r dey black star s not for their family fuck u guys

  23. Adazu Micky says:

    Good news! Well done boys. KP Boateng knew this earlier. GFA sucks.

  24. the truth says:

    They can go fuck themselves for all i care. They can take painstil with them. Lets concentrate on the players we have and how we can qualify for the wc. we cannot allow ourselves to be take as prisoners by these ignorant and balloon headed enemies of the nation. fuck the ayews and kvp. birds of the same feather flocks together.

  25. wezman says:

    fire nyantakyi and problem solved!

  26. Fresher says:

    Public opinion is on the Ayew brothers side, they are 100% right, they should never honour any Black Stars call up leather alone play any of Ghana’s matches unless Craptacular Akwesi Appiah is sacked. whilst cynically published opinion are on Akwesi Appiah and the Kwesi Nyantakyi’s corrupted administration’s side because there are hired-and-paid liars who are on the payroll of the Ghana FA, they are BBC trained liar number ONE, IBRAHIM SAANI DAARA, and metro TV’s RANDY ABBEY.

  27. Good and perfect decision by all standards.

  28. Yungd says:

    Excellent,u guys r 2 talentd to play 4 bunch of fools hu dnt noe wen 2 change.until d gfa is dissolved,u guys shldnt fnk of comn bak.fukn management can play since they want it all 4 demselves wif nyantakyi bein d captain

  29. Carbonite says:

    The Ayew brothers made my day :-D. Awesome decision!

  30. Rev Deboo says:

    Am prwd of u boys indeed God has vindicated u and all ghanaians saw ur relevance in AFCON 2013 big ups boys !.

    • Ghanaman says:

      Yep their relevance is zero. THe results were the same without them. Useless players!

      • Redd says:

        Its better to lose to zambia(eventual winners) than losing to burkina and playing defensive against a team like cape verde.When the Ayews were around in 2012 the referees were not assisting us but with all the stealing we got in 2013 with akwasi appiah we still played rubbish and had to rely on fake penalties to go through.

  31. edward k says:

    they can go to hell,who do they think they are?.Let them even denounce their nationality and move the hell out from Ghana.

  32. Joojo says:

    Under Nyantekyi’s GFA Juju was used at AFCON 2012 and we came 4th.! Instead of tackling the problems and finding solutions, things were made worse by using vindictive reasons to select players! As if all these were not enough, players who were not fit were taken to the AFCON 2013 and then prostitutes for dinner ( yet to be confirmed) ??!! The result was (minus) 4th. position!! Still nothing has changed , the same old story, nexttime it would be so so ntampi, akpe or weed or apio at camp! Nobody is against qualified and good local coaches with real practical experience ( as against job shadowing), but we are against clueless and visionless local coaches who are backed and used by the GFA functionaires to pursue their own selfish and wicked ends!! Of course , Ghana has a lot of talents but has Ghana also the right people (in place at the moment)to nurture and bring out the best out of these talents and stars??!! Those in charge at the moment are soooooo greedy , clueless and without vision!!!

  33. enoch says:

    Unsound decision there. if a player does not earn a call up into a national team he retires. this laughable, a big joke! they are not bigger than the team. we must remember that they were part of the team that placed 4th last year and without them placed 4th this year. so what is the big deal?

    • Quincy Owusu Abeyie says:

      how would you feel if u were a striker who played the qualifiers and get dropped for a bunch of defenders and fake midfielders? How would you feel when you know quality players like Quincy Owusu-Abeyie is ignored, and Kevin Prince Boateng was badly treated leading to his early retirement. GFA are a bunch of corrupted individuals and God will punish them one day.

  34. Beautiful Bongo says:

    It is funny the way Ghanaians are looking at this thing. If we encourage this crap, very soon we would have to beg players to play for us. It should be the other way round. Players must prove themselves worthy of the Jersey. If anyone is not prepared to fight for his position then he should be excused.
    The other day Dede was substituted and he got angry, now he fails to report on time so the coach leaves him out and he has retired, Don’t you guys get it?If you invite these guys to camp and refuse to play them or refuse to do their wish, they can quit camp or create confusion in camp. They have become untouchables and it’s only proper that they retire. Remember at a point in time they will still have to retire so what happens then? Abedi Pele, Mohamed Polo, Tony Yeboah, C.K. Akunor and Stephen Appiah have all retired and Black Stars are not short of players. Let them go and leave us in peace rather than pieces.

    • anokwale says:

      Beautiful Bongo:
      You hit the nail on the head. Ghanaians do not understand proper business principals. This is a job. The employees do not control what assignment they get. All Ghanaians in favor of this should ask themselves if they are willing to run a business and have their employees dictate what assignments they are given. Even worse, they quit when they are not called for assignments that they want!! As a society, it is time to take work more seriously and this includes the Black Stars. The 2012 team also finished 4th. I do not see what all the noise is about.

  35. Joe says:

    HebertMensah said ”how can a laundry cost BS $500.000 jst 4 two weeks camp in Abu Dabi wth anothr $500,000 in SA”.that’s rediculous. Nyantakyi has taken Ghana 4 fools.Ghanains mst stnd 4 this if truly Ghana is democrats country.

  36. dat guy says:

    Best decision.. I know andre and jordan don’t feel too big to play for Gh but the FA is a waste. I know andre and he is ready to play for this nation even when he iz injured.. U people insulting don’t know anything about their decision so just shut up and let’s see where this useless FA and blackstar team will take us. And the guy saying dey should go to hell pls be a gentleman

  37. Ghanaman says:

    Bye bye to these selfish useless footballers. We don’t want such players on the team. Overall they are not any better than what we have and with or without them the results are the same. Go to hell and fuck you!!

  38. Olembe says:

    Aaaahh oyiwa. The incompetence of nyantakyi’s juju administration. you thk money can win trophy?. nyantekyi’s oncompetence adminisyration is part of the reasons why Ghanaians are sleeping in darkness. trust me, i understand paintil, dereck adam kwarasey and asamoah gyan are yet to tender their resignation letters.

  39. Kwame says:

    It serve them (GFA) right. How on earth should you treat the boys that way. Especially Andre Ayew who played a key role in the qualifying matches to Afcon only to be dropped with flimsy excuse. Ghanaians are backing the boy because he said he was not injured n true to his word, he played for marseille a days after our first game.

    They are actually learning from Essien and I think Essien should also not come because how can you make Asamoah Gyan permanent black stars captain when Essien and Muntari have not retired? Will Essien or Muntari return n be captained by that useless striker?

  40. Zambia Soccerman says:

    Ghana is finished. They should have retired a week before playing Zambia.

    • Ghanaman says:

      Get out of here you filthy ugly diseased ape!!! Ghana should be the last thing on your mind after you get a 2 year ban for match fixing players playing in your garbage league! You are a useless criminal and no threat to Ghana you dog!!!

  41. Nomba Ninshi says:

    FROM BLACK STARS TO FLOP STARS will be Ghana’s story…Well done Jordan and Andrew..

  42. mojahadine says:

    If their decision is to hold the Ghana Black Stars hostage, then they are making a mistake. As much as I have been a staunch critic of Akwesi Appiah, I also reject players who think that they belong to the Ghana Black Stars and therefore throw tantrums when they are not called.

    As far as I am concerned, Jordan Ayew can resign all he wants, he does not belong to the Black Stars so we are not loosing anything.

    Without the Ghana Black Stars their father would have been just another footballer, likewise them. They owe their existence as footballers to the exposure the Ghana BlackStar gave them.

    Infact, why don’t they retire from the BlackStars totally. Life goes on and just as someone discovered them, there are others in the pipeline waiting to be discovered and nurtured.

    Another blemish to the Nyantakyi’s Ashanti regime.

    • Randy says:

      You are not making any sense. Ghana belongs to every Ghanaian whether it is Abedi or his sons. Ayew family have contributed greatly to Ghana soccer than any player. Abedi won 3x best player in Africa. Dede captained and won U20 World Cup. A wonderful achievements that brought glory to Ghana. Please, tell the truth.

      • mojahadine says:

        Randi, what is untruthful and senseless about what I wrote. My question to you is “Would you have known anything about the Ayews if they were never discovered and showcased by the Black Stars?

        How many football players are in Ghana and how many of them are household names without ever playing for the Black Stars?

        Common sense shows that once a player plays for the Black Stars, the whole country as well as the so called European and international leagues watch and that is how they get these contracts to play abroad.

        Do you think Abedi Pele became 3x best player in Africa just because he was handsome or what? If he never ever played for the Black Stars he would never ever have been even nominated for that award.

        Before you make a fool out of yourself by making childish and laughable comments, you need to comprehend the statement you are rebutting.

        The Ayew family never became famous out of a vacuum. It all started with the Black Stars.

        • kay says:

          No, you are dead wrong. Why are you not in the black stars then? It takes personal talent to get to that level, not just being a memeber of the blackstars. How come the other dozens of player who featured for the stars never made the grades Abedi made? The guys have every right to do what they did, just as the coach has the right to invite players he wants in his team. They dont feel they belong to the present GFA administartion and they are right doing just that.

          • mojahadine says:

            And for you what about all those who have the talent and never got discovered. Does anyone know about their existence. This is pure common sense. Playing for the Black Stars is the ultimate advertisement for any aspiring football player. That is why players die to play for and those that don’t get the opportunity complain otherwise what is the point.

            Obviously you do not understand publicity and marketing. Any player that ever played for the Black Stars is never ever in obscurity. They always use that to get contract and are recognized.

            Gosh! is this hard to see. Don’t respond to anyone’s comment unless you have reasonably smarter point to make.

  43. nana kwaku duah says:

    Is about high time 4 some people 2 be educated. let’s not 4get that Ghana is not 4 one family, there are equally gud players out there if given the opportunity 2 exhibit their talent,how did Dede and Jordan come abt? is b’cos they were giving the opportunity. Ghanaians shut-up and give us breath.

  44. Don justy! says:

    They can play for france. They can denounce their nationality. They can fuck their mum, their siblings, their father n friends for all i care. Their father caused a lot of confusion when playing 4 b.s. It was either him or no other. Like father like sons. Bcos of his greediness n stupidity he fix a match for Nania fc to score 30 nil bcos of his selfishness. When he was interviewed, he said it cld happened in Tonga n Australia . It’s either them or no other. Fuck the Ayews. All this perceived problems were there, yet Stephen ‘Tonardo’ Appiah, captain fantastique, led b.s. to achieved the unprecedented. Was Abedi able to do same? His stupid ego destroyed b.s instead. They can quit eating, shitting n fucking their girl friends 4 all i care. At least our $50,000 is for another person to take. Pride is b4 a crush…beat that…

  45. ns3mfonahinamomayenkawate says:

    dis is a blessing in disguise. n hu says gh wud av won d afcon if d ayews wer dere? apuuu. After all do they play 4 d nation free of charge?

  46. OKESEE says:

    Oooooooo……………Ghana why and what is going, GFA you mass be careful or did you think that the Ghana team is for you only . The same thing happen to KPB and you dont want the Ghanaian should no the truth. Fuch you all the GFA PEOPLE . We will see what will happen next. Mboawa……………..

  47. ns3mfonahinamomayenkawate says:

    dis is a blessing in disguise. n hu says gh wud av won d afcon if d ayews wer dere? apuuu. No player shd be begged 2 play 4 b.s. After all they don’t play 4 d nation free of charge

  48. gentle john says:

    I am very happy and i hope Sulley and other will follow soon,no good player will play under incompetent Kwesi Appiah whon does not know anything about coaching,now we should understand we will watch the World on TV without Ghana since incompetent Kwesi Appiah is still the coach of Black Stars.

  49. Yaw says:

    A nation that does not honour her heroes is not worth dying for. Good luck to you guys.The flimsiest excuse was used to kick these guys out of the team to say the least. If it was good to abandoned them in their difficult moments, then, it’s equally good for them to turn their backs to you when you need them. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.Our football administrators must clean up the mess they have caused.

  50. Nana Kodwo says:

    Peaple like the communications director of the GFA, Sani, must be cited for such problems. I don’t think the FA and their cronies will be worried over this, becoause it had already been their plan to get them out.the FA has finaly suceeded in frustrating these talented guys to go out of the team. Shame to the FA.

  51. No brothers 4get kwesi appiah with some of his ungreatful act. We need u boys came on.

  52. LoLvFunny says:

    I think Kwarasey should also retire as soon as possible because i don’t see him playing any black stars matches ever again… Frimpong might as well get fed up one day

  53. muftawu says:

    dis is funy,if a developin country like ghana has more than enough to pay bunch of lunatics who head our football administration with poor man management wich forces our talents 2 retire prematurely,frankly Gyan took a bold a decision and got promoted,a slap in d face,k’si appiah took us SA and we were outplayed by almost al our oponents,GFA used our taxes to hire “ashawo”girls 4 our players.what prov do we need again 2 tel us pple r incompetent.

  54. Louis kwaku says:

    The story is not true. GFA confrims the report is false.

  55. bbc says:

    I agree with most of the comments whether for or against the decision of the Ayew brother.First of all let put the blame on GFA for creating such a division in the team.GFA begging Gyan to come play for Ghana is a very bad decision and even making him a captain is worse therefore now they have to deal with this mess.

  56. kofi says:

    Did cambiasso and zanetti retire frm their nation after they were left out of wc squad

  57. mana ba says:

    Ghana will forever be Ghana , players will come n go , and what SHD humble players such us kodwo Asamoah do . FUTURE MATTERS

  58. mikron says:

    the mali we beat 4-1, liberia 6-1 and burkina faso 1-0 are the teams beating u guys. what a shame. super eagles will never fall down to the likes of mali and liberia, stop blaming ur FA, they did their best even with all the juju’s of this world ur dim stars still failed woefully as usual. u guys should just face the truth, ur team (the ghana dim stars) is just not good enough. too bad

  59. Askantwi says:

    I can see most Ghanaians are fools. How could you accept and support this supremely arrogant behavior from these Ayew brothers. The gfa should deal with this drastically. Michael Essien started this arrogant behavior, then Prince Boateng, Asamoah Gyan, and now the ridiculously arrogant ayews. Who the FUCK do they think they are? They are destroying themselves with their own venom. Now it is getting clearer; the conspiracy between Essien, kpb and the ayews. It is a damn shame that this very gfa natured and brought them into prominence. They now think they are helping gfa by playing for Ghana. Stupid players. They should all be fired from the black stars immediately.

  60. Awwenkwe says:

    Burkina Faso and Mali hv finished bs to crumbs,now wait for the Nile Crocodiles of Sudan to chunk of the last kicking foot and Chipolopolo put the final nail to the bs coffin.

  61. Selfmade says:

    Please Andre and Jordan come back and save us from this misery…pliz we’re on our knees come back we’re begging you .Viva the revoluticiooon!!!!

  62. KIZITO says:

    Nonsense, they can go to hell and somersault. Who cares. It is obvious that Kelvin used the world cup to make his name so what is Ayew brothers beef? We don’t even need them

  63. Pito says:

    This is just an oven. Ghana Football is going through the oven and will emerge bigger and better with good transparency and competent people in positions all the time by open competition and vetting for places. Our quality players like ESSIEN, KASA, ANDRE, KPB e.t.c WILL Always find it difficult to play under the wrong persons. Ghana football must be cleaned up from nepotism and installing House people to be coaches without vetting or any quality control ofcourse if GFA wants to use local players who are looking for opportunity to make it in their plying career ofcourse they will find many and many and many. QUALIY STUDENTS KNOW QUALITY TEACHERS.

  64. Dr Who says:

    The BS will be better without the Ayews.Now its clear either you invite both or get none.the fact that their decision & letters came on the same day confirms that Dede chickened out of AFCON due to Jordan‘s absence.Ghanaian should know better that this boys cant take us to ransom.They cant dictate to authority.Even with their Dad,who was a maestro and a captain, we couldnt win afcon let alone these arrogant swaggers.We have enough talents & good players who can give us the result we need.I wont cry over their exit!

  65. eventhough am so sad to hear that but i think that decision from those Ayew brothers atleast can make me finnish my big bowl of fufu with so much enthusiasim now..look guys lets not blame the players who are plugging off their shells to make decisions to quit black stars but GFA…let the wives and children of the coach and the GFA to play for BS…very incompetent indeed they are!

  66. anyars says:

    i wld hav gone on a hunger strike if the ayews had returned to the black stars.tanx boys 4 saving my tummy!

  67. Rabiu says:

    Can sumbody tell when Essien n Kevin r cming back 2 de b.s?

  68. Viperx says:

    With you guys Ghana was placed 4th , without you two ,it was still same position. They shd go. We dnt need them. Nkwaseas3m…

  69. gentle john says:

    This is very good decision and i support them 100%,Kwesi Nyantakyi and his gang with the incompetent Kwesi Appiah are destroying the Black Stars and i am not sure we will qualify for the World Cup

  70. kuukuphilly says:

    Woe onto anyone supporting these fool’s decision to nobody should have the chance to play 4 black stars except the ayews.we will be fine without them,they can go to hell as far as am concerned.GHANA IS 4 ALL.ABEDI PELE FUCk U TOO.

  71. De Ghana Man says:

    I think people need to step back and look at the issues. The Ayews quitting is not good, because we do not want a situation where ego comes first, BUT in this instance you cannot question Andre Ayew because people should remember he has played for BS at U20 and participated in all games when fit, even at AFCON 2012 when his arm was dislocated. Jordan Ayew I am not so bothered about from a footballing perspective because I think Warris and Yiadom are good players, but I think his issue with GFA for J Ayew comes from the fact that he played in the qualifiers and was dropped without a satisfactory reason, even though he was scoring goals in France at that time.

    People really need to understand that GFA has a serious issue and there is a lack of trust due to perceived corruption, a lack of transparency and are running the association like politicians rather than football administrators. This is what is going to kill Ghana football. If the Ayews retiring (temporarily) puts the spotlight on GFA and asks people and the media to ask questions then good. There is no transparency and such bad feeling towards the GFA that NEEDS to be resolved, because blaming Appiah, Ayews, Gyan, KPB, Essien and others is not going to resolve the issue of why the Nyantaki and his team are under scrutiny.

    What would be helpful is if all those players would be CANDID in what exactly is the problem and be real with it, because if truths are left untold then it looks as if the players are blackmailing or ego is a problem…let them come out and be open about the issue so that we can all then look at GFA to respond.

  72. dadaba gonshots says:

    Now I just lost hope of qualifying to the world cup. I wanted I good reason to bask in the sun on the beaches of RDJ with all them naked C***Ks around. All of these guys who are moving away from the BS cannot be wrong about this CABAL of GFA. Look, there is something seriously wrong there.
    Since now we certainly are not going to qualify for the WC in Brazil, let the government sack Kwesi Nyantakyi and his henchmen. Even if FIFA sactions us, no shaking cos we would save us some money and we are not going any where anyway. I am so pissed I am unable to Cuss. Damn!

    Can you imagine a team comprising


    James Appiah K
    Lee Addy
    Derek Boateng
    Asamoah Gyan( the Dancer)

    Take your pick…

    Now let the FA put down their pride and go and beg, like they begged Asamoah and KPB.

  73. Anieke ogbonna says:

    @Ghanaman!! The BS are in total disarray and frankly speaking,I don’t see Ghana going to WC in brazil.I think Zambia will pip u to that spot but I hope as a fellow west african,they doqualify bt frankly speaking they re not going anywhere

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