Black Stars players to sign dreaded contracts ahead of opening 2015 AFCON qualifier against Uganda

Black Stars to sign contract before facing Uganda

Black Stars to sign contract before facing Uganda

The Ghana FA will enter into a formal agreement with the Black Stars players on their code of conduct, amount of bonuses to be paid them and the mode of payment before they face Uganda in their opening 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier.

Ghana FA spokesman Ibrahim Sannie Daara confirmed that the players will be made to sign formal contracts with the Ghana FA and the Sports Ministry as a corrective measure to some of the issues that bedeviled the team at the 2014 World Cup.

Ghana’s camp during the tournament staged in Brazil was rocked by the delayed payment of appearance fee which is considered as the main reason behind the Black Stars’ first round exit from the competition.

And even though the GFA and Sports Ministry are adamant the terms of contract will not be forced onto the players, the GFA spokesman insists a formal agreement will be in place before Ghana opens its 2015 AFCON qualifiers on Saturday.

“On Tuesday we have planned a meeting with the players that is between the players and officials of the GFA and the Sports Ministry to discuss issues of their contract,” Sannie Daara said at a press briefing on Friday.

“The contract with the players will be signed before our match against Uganda.

“As you are aware, we had some issues at the World Cup and we want to address these issues with the signing of this contract.

“The contract will contain their code of conduct, the amount to be paid and the mode of payment. We want to put on record that the mode of payment will change.

“Either by bank transfer or through the issuance of a cheque.

“We are confident that the players will not oppose this and I am sure a lot of them have hear the reactions of Ghanaians after the World Cup.

“The meeting will be used to formally introduce the new Sports Minister Mahama Ayariga to the players.”

Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah expects to have a full house by Monday night ahead of the team’s departure to Kumasi – the venue of the match – the morning after.

The Black Stars will play a trial match against a lower tier club in Kumasi on Thursday before facing Uganda in the qualifier on Saturday.


  1. Draman Appiah says:

    Lets pay them handsomely. Each player should recieve $800,000 as wining bonus, $600,000 for a draw and $400,000 for a loss. Ghana is the richest country in Africa so we can easly afford to pay them those amounts.

  2. ARAFAT says:

    Appiah,you think this site is for jokers?if you got nothing reasonable to share please back off.

  3. fish says:

    Sign contract for what?,GFA assholes.I don’t know if ugly Nyantakyie and his cronies at GFA drink urine as their water,and that has affected their warped brains or what?.

  4. Mumbi says:

    Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! @fish drinking urine?

  5. banger says:


  6. banger says:


    • Mumbi says:

      Ask your wife.
      Uganda should take advantage all this money wrangles in ghana camp to win the game. Ghana seems to be dead scared of fast improving Uganda side while ghanaians are focusing on money.
      @ Draman Ghana is so poor and your Govt is struggling to fund your health ministry to fight Ebola which has claimed over 100 ghanaians lives. So where on earth can they get that money to pay its trophyless players?

    • Selfmde says:

      Enjoying sex with my wife. My fellow Ghanaians, are you married for you to be posting coments at the time of making love? Twe3w! You only musterbate.

  7. kosmos says:

    GFA is bringing contracts but they will be the same ones that will default. Very soon players will start taking the GFA to court for breach of contract.

  8. James, says:

    Will the contract be signed by the players only or the coach and other technical and management team members will also sign? I ask this question because it was not only the players who caused our early exit from the world cup but the management team as well. The management team members should not be competing with the players in terms of money.

  9. Dasaintshy says:

    @banger, no! Mumbi has not taken a shower today. He was busy using my name to post things around his numerous websites, what time will he get to shower that thing! …

  10. Raphael(sirMerciful) says:

    hahahaaa. Guys are really funny. Go blackstar. God bless gh