Bayern Munich is the best team in the world not Barcelona - Sammy Kuffour

Samuel Kuffour of Bayern Munich

Samuel Kuffour of Bayern Munich

By Ameenu Shardow

Ex Ghana defender Samuel Osei-Kuffour claims Bayern Munich are a much better team than Barcelona.

The newly crowned German champions took a giant leap towards securing a final spot in the UEFA Champions League after beating the Catalans 4-0 in their first leg semi final meeting last Tuesday.

The thumping win has casted a great doubt as to whether Barcelona are indeed the best team in the world as popularly acclaimed especially with their four-time World Best player Lionel Messi.

But Kuffour who won the Champions League trophy with Bayern in 2001 says Barcelona lack the needed balance of a team that should be the best in the world.

“Before the game (last Tuesday’s Champions League match) everyone though Barcelona was the best because they have been at the top for the past five years or so,” he told

“But they don’t have that balance to be the best team in the world. Their defence is not good, their midfield maybe yes and attack solid.

“But to be the best team in the world you should be strong in all departments and that is where Bayern comes in as the better team.

“Look at Bayern, the defence is strong, midfield strong and they have quick and intelligent attackers and it showed in the 4-0 win.

“The height is also there (for Bayern) for set pieces and all that so you see Bayern have the complete team but Barcelona don’t.”

The two sides will meet again on Wednesday for the second leg game of their semi final tie of the Champions League.

Both teams are chasing a fifth title in the prestigious European club competition.


  1. smauel robinson says:

    Samuel Kuffour is a fool

  2. 9ja4real says:

    Hey Robinson or whatever u call urself… That is his opinion. What is wrong with u. A fool that has everything ur family lacks.

  3. Sean says:

    Sorry to say this, some of you who likes to comments on peoples opinions you are….. I really don’t understand you guys, well if is not on your favour then insult, even the person is saying the right thing. Look at what he said..! and you are insulting him? so now you and him who is a fool? look at spain who is leading score chat board and Germany? spain its messi and they are ontop of the league with 11 point ahead, and Germany not even Beyern player who is leading yet they won with 20 point difference, meaning they don’t depend on one or two people add to what Kuffour was saying they are all good as a team, that makes them best team whoever you call yourself please! Repect, we don’t command it but we earn it.

  4. Andy says:

    Sammy Kuffour is correct, with what he says. Barca dominated the last years, but this is over now. We all see what Bayern did with Barca in Champions League 2013, they not only beaten them, they destroyed them 7:0 when you count the two games together. And also the spanish national-team, which had many players from Barca and Real was destroyed in the Confederation-Cup-Final by Brazil. So it`s clear to see, their area is over. At the moment is no doubt, BAYERN ist number one in the world and DORTMUND is number two in the world. The CL-Final was very close, because this two teams are on a similar level. Sadly Dortmund lost some players now, because they go to other clubs, but i hope they will buy some good new players too. Then in next Champions-League it`s possible, that we see the same final again.