Al Ain coach tasks Gyan to extend record-breaking form

Asamoah Gyan has set a new UAE Pro-League record

Asamoah Gyan has set a new UAE Pro-League record

Al Ain coach Cosmin Olaroiu has challenged Ghana striker Asamoah Gyan to extend his great domestic form beyound the UAE top flight.

Gyan is now the all-time leading scorer in the UAE Pro-League after scoring his 29th and 30th goal respectively on Sunday night to better the 14-year record set by Albouri Lah during his time with Al Wahda.

The Ghanaian bagged a brace in Al Ain’s 2-2 draw with Bani Yas on Sunday night to take his Pro League tally this season to 30 goals.

However, despite his domestic dominance, the former Sunderland ace has struggled in continental competition and scored just once in four AFC Champions League appearances this year.

Coach Olaroiu now expects Gyan to replicate his sizzling form beyoung the domestic league.

“For me it is important that Asamoah Gyan breaks the record in all competitions,” said Olaroiu.

“Congratulations to him, but I want him to be at the same level in all competitions, that is my wish.”

Al Ain’s Romanian coach felt his side had paid the price for having to play for so long with only 10 men.


  1. King Wise Don Fuzzy says:

    It’s a personal feat and am happy for him but as the coach said, I am also looking forward to seeing him break other records in the game, especially international.

  2. mojahadine says:

    That will never happen outside of UAE. Let him stay there and have his ego stroke for him, he keeps being pat on the back over there and his behind kissed by our crumb snatchers at the Ghana GFA and the media, but internationally and Africa as a whole he is not a threat, the competition don’t really care whether he is on the field or not, they have no regard for him.

    If he is that good why does he flop all the time in most international games? That’s the question he needs to ask himself. He doesn’t exist anymore in the world of soccer.

    • peace says:

      You’re being so unfair to him which competition are you talking about? if you’re talking about the afcon,so you’re really blind,ok let me ask you something did adebayor,drogba,touré’s brother performed better than him?
      Have they been able to take their team where Asa took the black star to during the differents internationals competitions? Asa have been far better than them all,in spit of the fact he is playing in UAE,and the others in the champion league.You people are very keen on destroying people reputation and casting curses,instead of praying for your players,you’re talking trash on them,this is so wicked and unfair.

  3. Asamoah Should go to Europe and see. He can never score outside uae. He is only following money not the quality of the foolish boy

  4. Sam Praise says:

    This is a prophecy and I want all to mark it down, you’ll be shocked at the European club that will come for Asamoah Gyan, I won’t name the club but it will be a shock to all and a celebration to all his fans, he will shine more than the STAR that he is, they are on the way coming, just watch and see!