Akwasi Appiah should reconsider Asamoah Gyan's Black Stars position - Arhinful

Ghana coach Akwasi Appiah with captain Asamoah Gyan

Ghana coach Akwasi Appiah with captain Asamoah Gyan

Augustine Arhinful wants Ghana coach Akwasi Appiah to strongly reconsider Asamoah Gyan’s position in the Black Stars.

The ex Ghana international is concerned over the apparent dip in form of the Ghana captain since joining Al Ain in the UAE.

Gyan is on the brink of clinching a second successive Premiership title with The Boss.

His bid to retain the Golden Shoe award he won in his debut season in the UAE top flight also remains intact with him leading the scorer’s chart.

Many have however raised concerns over the dipping form of Ghana’s lead striker.

Those concerned believe the former Sunderland hitman is increasingly lacking the cutting edge with the level of football in the UAE cited as the main reason.

Arhinful who has urged Gyan to make a quick return to Europe in order to rediscover his top form is now also asking Akwasi Appiah to reanalyze his captain’s contribution in the Black Stars especially after what many believe was his below par performance at the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations.

“It is a personal decision (to move to Al Ain) to take and the national team coach knows that where Asamoah Gyan is playing for now is not good for the team,” he told Melody FM.

“For him (Gyan) personally and also for the team (Black Stars) collectively. I don’t think the coach can force him or advice him to move if he wants to be there.

“But it will be up to us if we think that his form is enough to invite him for the national team and that will come from the coach or the FA (Ghana FA).

“But we all know the Asamoah about two years ago at Sunderland is not the same Asamoah we know now.

“I don’t do the selections for the national team and therefore it is up to the coach to decide whether to drop him or not.

“For now maybe they are satisfied with him but for those of us who observe football from afar we know that he can do more if he is back in mainland Europe.”


  1. Black Stars Fan says:

    Akwasi Appiah doesn’t have the balls to do that to Gyan, it’s easy to do that to Ayews, Kwarasey, Olele, Afriyie, Akaminko, Inkoom and many others.
    Gyan scored only one goal at AFCON 2012, he again scored only one goal at AFCON 2013. Our best striker and captain? Hmmmmmmmmn.

    • Ghanaman says:

      APE! He scored 1 goal and had 3 assists so contributed to 4 goals!!

      • Black Stars Fan says:

        And how many goals did rookie Wakaso score?
        Are you not ashamed of what you wrote?

        A captain that cannot risk anything to save his mates? he will kill himself for money but cannot do shit for his country?

        If Wakaso were around 2010 world cup the final penalty would have been missed or scored? What about 2012 penalty against Zambia?

        Tell Gyan to leave Black Stars alone and concentrate on his money and selfishness.

  2. Pk dee says:

    Clubs lik AC Milan,Juventus,Barca, Real madrid all wnted Abedi Pele frm Marseille bt he decided to sign for 1860 Munich,a religatn prone team cos they offerd him more than all this teams abov.he’s already famous,he oly need that money;period.asamoah gyan is currently the most famous playr in middle east wth a lot cash success,thats whts abt.doing wht u do whilst ppl lik u,thats success. the 3rd most paid african playr undr the planet aftr Eto nd Yaya Toure.I sugest Augustine take this ampple tim out to cross examine his past failures nd succeses 4 his good futur instead of worrying abt this luckiest boy.lik abedi pele,any reasonable man will chose that success over such veinless fame.

    • Black Stars Fan says:

      It is people like you and Gyan that have made Ghana to lose our credibility. Suppose any of were our president, would you even think of a common man?. All you think about is money, not a good name.
      Where are all the money of the famous rich people who have died?
      Sanni Abacha, Bob Marley, Fela, Michael Jackson ? They didn’t go with their money?
      Abedi Pele, Osei Kofi, Polo, Adolf Armah, Stephen Appiah etc sacrificed everything for Ghana football.
      If Gyan refused to change, he will go down in history as nobody, just like Tony Yebiah, Osei Kufuor and many others who were selfish and arrogant. MONEY IS SOMETHING BUT NOT EVERYTHING.

  3. Don Justy says:

    That is the plain truth. Gyan’s position lacks competition, thats why he gives that outrageously mediocre performance. Not to be dropped entirely, but stiff competition and a rotation policy would bring out the best in him once more…. just saying….

  4. we all love money,its b’cos of this same money we all toilling each day in & out of our lives,and asamoah is lucky to have fallen into such riches,meanwhile its his performance that took him there,if his performance is becoming much to be desire he would lose all those,if Arhinful is hitting on the head of a nail with a hammer about his current form,i personally think one way or the other he was speaking the truth b’cos we all saw him during the Afcon tournament,however if he really thinks he has grown old and for that matter he can not compete with the eauropeans then nothing becomes an obstacle to let him stay there,then he should forget being an untouchable for the position in BSs,period!!!

    • Black Stars Fan says:

      Gyan should forget about Black Stars and make his money. We need quality players who are ready to lift the flag of Ghana very high.

      Look at the commit level of Wakaso, Dede and Waris. Ready to break leg for mother Ghana, and very proud Ghanaians.
      Remember what Emmanuel Frimpong said after his debut? He was so proud and honored to wear Ghana shirt.
      Let’s we all forget about Gyan and encourage RBY, Waris and Jordan to be the best in Africa.

  5. Ignatius says:

    Ahinful…talk too much..why he himselfe not play baca, man u, juve.,ahinful is too known..

  6. If we want 2 be optimistic i think ahinful is speaking the absolute truth.asamoah needs competition in blackstar.

  7. Ghanas Son says:

    Gyan does not deserve to be the Black Stars captain. Muntari is the man!!

  8. Pk dee says:

    @adams-4days ago ppl were comparing Remy nd QPR to Andre Ayew nd Barca or man U.nd ppl say remy is bettr than andre.bt why is remy chose QPR,a relegatd team in de EPL instead of marseill. As well,would u prefer andre to join man u or QPR lik remy?now, why is remy in QPR;money or fame?obviously money.the wrld now is abt money boy.open ur eye wherevr u r adams,chow.

    • Rooney says:

      QPR is popular than Marseill ,Remy can market himse;for a good move in the premierleague than in French league..Remy did not join QPR cus of money ,he is now popular than he was in France ..soo simple dont compare that to Gyan…

  9. @ Ignatius: truth is like a mirror. If he wants 2 stay in UAE, den he shud be ready 4 a reduced role in de Blck strs. Money is not all dat man lives 4. Old players like Drogba n Lampard even refused 2 play 4 money. Asamoah is t young t play 4 money. Come back to europe n prove yrself like Warris, Accam, etc or giv de band out,. U were good!

  10. Pk dee says:

    The era of sacrifice is over.even UN is no longer a charitable organisatn.jesus came for de poor nd sick,bt de modern pastors came for de rich nd healthy.de politicians r there 4 de wealthy,nt 4 de needy.i support asamoh to make more money to promote othr talents wth his boxng promotions.even Eto left barca.

  11. ignatius says:

    in dis life..who dont work for money? look at our old footballers now….did Ahinful play for..Baca… or man u…? massa…life is short…allow de guy to gain more money…..Ahinful talk too much like.. polo…

  12. Pk dee says:

    @ignatius-I lov ppl who think lik u.money moves de wrld.yaya toure left barca 4 more money.Eto left barca 4money nd left inter milan again 4 rusian boomerang, highst paid in the wrld.ppl must shine their eyes in Ghana.

  13. BlackAngel says:

    Well they say money talks bullshit walks, Ahinful must shut up nd do his best to unearth talents for the nation lyk Gyan’s boxing promotion.

  14. Dr Who says:

    We dont have any striker better than Gyan and until we get that he will start from the bench.Lets allow Waris to build his confidence in BS jersey and we will soon have no worries.

  15. Chu says:

    If gyan claims he loves bs, then he shd boldly bench himself for a hungrier striker. we care less abt how much he earns

  16. Fifa One says:

    Chu What are you talking about?, he should bench himself for who? we are all concern over his dip of form for the national team but tell me, for now who can we considered better than him in our national team? until we see serious competition by other strikers in that position for the national team he is still going to be there you matter what. 1 goal and three assist in AFCON 2013 is good enough for any striker in any team in the world.

  17. @PK dee..maybe u didn’t get me well..i shall implore you to go through my comment again brother..have you read @Yamba Christian’s comment?mine is similar to that of his..i never said money is not good..of course we all need it desparately…i shall say it again that he is still young and he needs money why not he should go ahead and dig it,but no doubt he should get prepared to lose his position in the BSs team after he’s done with the money hunting..arab league is so much to be desire as it may kills down his form,and @PK DEE U KNOW THAT

  18. tanco says:

    As far as am concern, money is not everything, jay jay okocha could have been the best african player ever bcos Ronaldinho learn all his skills from him when both of them were in PSG…he decided to sign for PSG instead of barca or man u cos of money, now tell me where is the money now, no where to be found even kanu is currently richer than him, that shows dat money isn’t everything in life, good name is better than gold nd silver

  19. Prettytony says:

    PK,stop misinforming ppl,Yaya toure didn’t go to city cos of money,as a matter of fact,he was forced to leave da barca team by Pep.
    Yaya toure,when granted an interview did admit leaving Barca was the most difficult thing he’s done in his football career.Tell me,which “serious” player will leave barca for city? Becos “serious” players play for cups .If u doubt me go ask Thierry Henry,fabregas,van persie,Alexander Song,da list goes on

    Samuel Eto’o left to Russia cos he had seen it all, same as Abedi Pele who won cups wiv marseille .
    Asamoah Gyan’s case is different,he chose to play in arab when he’s not won anything,plus he went there in his prime..

  20. NANA YAW says:

    Ghana has no prolific striker, that’s why we see Asamoah’s move as dead move. The needs money than fame. He didn’t beg GFA or the coach to select him. It’s up to the football management to decide, just like Arhinful said.

  21. Prettytony says:

    @tanco,ronaldinho learnt his skills from okocha? really? man,ronaldinho has always been skillful,he had the skills way before he came to europe.Have u forgotten ronaldinho in da FIFA under 17 held in egypt in 1997? go watch some of his documentaries if u doubt me..But I do agree with u on some points though

  22. tanco says:

    @prettytony, ronaldinho said it with his mouth when he was interviewed by international media after 2002 world in korea

  23. Prettytony says:

    @tanco,oh really? Dats news to me,tnx for the info

  24. Prettytony says:

    @tanco,oh really? Dats news to me..anyways tnx for the info