Abdul Majeed Waris and Kevin-Prince Boateng miss Black Stars first training session in Maceio

Kevin-Prince Boateng

Kevin-Prince Boateng

Abdul Majeed Waris and Kevin-Prince Boateng were the absentees at Ghana’s first training session in Maceio on Thursday afternoon.

The pair could not partake in the drills at the Estadio Rei Pele as they continue their preparations for Monday’s opener against USA in Natal.

They spent the afternoon at the team’s Radisson Hotel.

Waris injured his left thigh during last week’s final warm-up against South Korea at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida.

The Spartak Moscow striker has been told he will need ten days to recover and return to training.

Schalke 04’s Boateng also look to have picked up knock in the friendly and has to be observed by medical team.

African football.com understands their inability to complain is a precautionary one to get them in shape


  1. Zargon says:

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  2. SHANGO says:

    Even they play ,still USA will us 3-1.MARK WORDS

  3. SHANGO says:

    The truth hurts. It is unfortunate that we will lose to USA by 3 goals to 1Dede Ayew to score the only goal. That was revealed to me

  4. Dan says:

    @Zargon.what is your source?

  5. benito says:

    So boateng now decide when he wants to train,right?? Hmmmn…

  6. […] other Group G news, Ghana forwards Abdul Majeed Waris and Kevin-Prince Boateng were absent at the Black Stars’ first training session in Maceio on Thursday afternoon ahead of their opener Monday against the […]

  7. Rasheed says:

    Uztaz the Ghanaian spiritualist predicted 4 goals in the match and it has happened. Neyman has also scored 2 goals. Folks, let us wait and see if his predictions will come to pass

    • spellBOUND says:

      haha r u serious??? anyone could have predicted that. if he is all knowing, let him tell us the scores for all the games, their goal scorers, exact time of the goals, and stop shooting in the dark hoping to get lucky… what a FOOL. people like uztaz prey on the ignorant who cannot reason for themselves…spare us the BULL.

      • Houston says:

        Good news guys!
        I watched the match again last night! It was a very close and intense game but Ghana prevailed at the end of 90 mins.
        We scored first and they drew back. We lead again but they fought back really hard and drew again. But Ghana played some good passes between the 80 – 86 min that lead to our third goal of the day.

        GHA 3 – 2 USA

        Pray for the Black Stars!

    • Africanus says:

      I cannot believe you are looking to a so called spiritualist for answers.

  8. Tosh says:

    No reported stampeds though.

  9. Zargon says:

    Titled: England third in World Cup rich list
    12 June 2014 Updated 10:37

    BBC sports – World Cup 2014 -12th of june 2014

  10. Benito says:

    He said 4 goals,he didn’t say how,I predicted 3:1 for Brazil,am I not more spiritual than this asshole?

  11. Skinny says:

    I wonder why we took KPB I said it before that no doubt he is a good player but who wants to take a player to a tournament of such magnitude and you play one game and need to go to the sick bed for the other. Even with Majeed if he is injured we can drop him and take someone else it is not the individuals that wins anything but team work. We still haven’t found our cohesion and players are already not training with the team AA should just watch out.

  12. yaw, USA says:

    @ Bonito, please re – read the last but one paragraph well. You have to aim before you shoot. Please with all due respect don’t just criticize.

  13. African Consciousness says:

    KPB speedy recovery we need you on the field.

  14. Akua says:

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  15. Ghanaman says:

    O kpb you should cone hone massa if you are not fit. Let some one shine

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