2014 World Cup: Incoming Manchester United boss van Gaal earmarks Ghana star Andre Ayew as replacement for Nani

Andre Ayew is linked to Manchester United

Andre Ayew is linked to Manchester United

By Akyereko Frimpong Manson

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Napoli might have taken the lead in securing Ghana winger Andre Ayew from Olympique Marseille but an interest from Manchester United has scampered their chances.

The Italian Serie A side reportedly tabled a $16 million offer for the Black Stars winger but latest reports from England have revealed incoming Manchester United manager Luis van Gaal has already made the 2011 BBC African Football of the Year Award winner his major transfer target.

The Dutch gaffer will offload up a dozen of players including Portuguese winger Nani and wants to replace him with Andre Ayew who has scored five times and assisted thrice from the wings in the Ligue 1 this term for Marseille.

Andre Ayew training at Marseille

Andre Ayew training at Marseille

Andre has always admitted his interest in playing in the English top-flight and has been consistently been linked with a move to Merseysiders Liverpool.

The Reds could have easily outmuscled Napoli from the race to land the winger but they have gone in pursuit of Belgian star Eden Hazard who is linked with a move away from Chelsea after a bust-up with Jose Mourinho.

van Gaal has agreed to join United after the end of this summer’s World Cup in Brazil as he lead the Holland squad into the 2014 World Cup.

van Gaal earmarks Andre Ayew

van Gaal earmarks Andre Ayew

However, the Holland coach would get his first feel and better assessment of Ayew when he plays for Ghana in an international friendly against his Holland side later this month.

Manchester United’s bid could still face competition from home rivals Liverpool who would offer Uefa Champions League football to the 24-year-old.

While United, Liverpool and Napoli fight over the winger, Marseille are hoping to clinch on to their playmaker who has spent seven seasons at the Stade Velodrome, as they harbour plans to name him captain next season.


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  52. Saxcee says:

    Ghana is way ahead of Zambia in terms of soccer but the kinda matured comment s on that site will make you doubt this fact.
    Can’t we have people ignoring someone with some sort of mental problems? Especially when the people in question are responsible men who should know better. The issue is about Andre Dede Ayew but I’m wondering why the insults.
    So are we gonna scold our kids when we hear em dishing our this raw and irresponsible insults at friend?
    Some people must learn to be super tolerant because that’s what Ghanaians are known for. What happened? Why are we losing it?
    We have a Whatsapp group with guys from this page and its very civilised cos men prefer to be men and COL 3:17 ASV

    And whatsoever ye do, in word or in deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. behave like women. Incase you wanna join lemme know. +233205330911. Strictly soccer pls.

  53. Saxcee says:

    Ghana is way ahead of Zambia in terms of soccer but the kinda matured comment s on that site will make you doubt this fact.
    Can’t we have people ignoring someone with some sort of mental problems? Especially when the people in question are responsible men who should know better. The issue is about Andre Dede Ayew but I’m wondering why the insults.
    So are we gonna scold our kids when we hear em dishing our this raw and irresponsible insults at friend?
    Some people must learn to be super tolerant because that’s what Ghanaians are known for. What happened? Why are we losing it?
    We have a Whatsapp group with guys from this page and its very civilised cos men prefer to be men and COL 3:17 ASV

    And whatsoever ye do, in word or in deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. behave like women. Incase you wanna join lemme know. +233205330911. Strictly soccer pls…..

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  57. Prince says:

    @navy seal. Who gave you the navy navy deal. Do you know what it takes to be a navy expeditionary warrior? Not that insults you been pouring on here. Navy seals real gentlemen

  58. selfmade says:

    @ assembly man.. I didn’t insult u and I ll never do that!! Those fellas are using my I.d. name to insult fellas over here!! Check all my comments, u ll see I use @ to reply comments becasus in have no REPLY BOTTOM on my phone but the person who-insulted u yesterday used REPLY BUTTON!! Check it and see mate!!

  59. Pastor Canada says:

    It will be good for Dede to move to Man U or Liverpool instead of Napoli. It will be good to see a Ghanaian in the Premier league again. I miss the days when Essien was Mr. Chelsea

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    @ real sabacious… I know u hate my guts but am warning u to fucking keep my name out of your PIG MOUTH!! U fucking fake with fake football history and analysis nd I punctured your HOLLOW stats with the right one and u have been mad from that time and j don’t give a fuck about u dude!! What u can do, I can do it better and if u are a GUY, am more GUY than u!! U too ccharlatan but am just too much for u and beyond u!! I ll be watching your fake analysis and if u present any bullshits, I ll exposed u for who u really are!! U fucking son of whore!! Keep my name out of your posts and if u want a beef, be a man and face or otherwise SHUT THE HELL UP before I slap your BAD BREATH FACE MOTHERFUCKER!!

    • Benny says:

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    • Benny says:

      Real Sabacious ,ignore that Pillock .l can see a deluded fool when I see one.He is a confused persona.He only finds comfort on GSN because with his very very very poor poor background ,he has no respect.
      On GSN he has maggots like Benito another fool to kowtow him so he wants to take it up to everybody else.That will be minus me.
      What makes a fool lick Selfmade think that he can comment on whatever anybody says here.
      The people who are scared of him are that moron Benito and union leader.
      Real Sabacious ignore the fool.

  63. James, Hohoe says:

    Please for goodness sake, why should GSN publish all comments raw like that without first screening them to see if they are morally sound before releasing them into public domain? Why should a football website be reduced to insults, with some insulting others’ mothers’ private parts? And GSN also releases all comments raw like that. What has become of us Ghanaian youth? Are we not socialized not to insult. In addition, the postings from GSN themselves are replete with basic language errors that even some JHS students would not commit. Who posts the stories on this site for us to read? I think Ghanaians who have had some formal education are very good in the English language but why is it that the English language is so poor on this site and that of ghanafa.org?

  64. selfmade says:

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  67. selfmade says:

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  69. selfmade says:

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  70. selfmade says:

    @ EBENNI BENNY…. Kwasia, OBOYTIA like u( U SHORT GHANA MAN) … Haha

  71. selfmade says:

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  72. selfmade says:

    @ Benny…. Leave BENITO ALONE because that guy is more reasonable and sensible than u and YOUR GOOD FOR NOTHING MOLESTER u call a father!! Woho FII S3 WOSA AMOTUMU!!

  73. selfmade says:

    @ EBENNI BENNY.. Fucking stop saying UNION LEADER from YOUR STINKING, BAD BREATH BUCCAL CAVITY!! Go find some chewing gum to FRESHEN that stinking, yellow teeth which resulted as a result of SMOKING CHEAP WEE and stop EMBARRASSING Ghanaians infront of other nationals with those HUHUGEOUS BOLA TROUSERS AND JEANS haha!! KWASIA, BORGA HUNU! Haha

  74. sululudubai says:

    @assemblyman thank u! You hv said all that I wanted say here.I live in dubai and most people take me to be nigerian but the moment I will tell them am Ghanaian they change their attitude with full of respect!thank u once again!

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