2014 World Cup: Ghana attacker Ayew scores to keep Sochaux's hopes alive

Jordan Ayew scored for Sochaux as they beat Stade Rennes at the Route de la Lorient

Jordan Ayew scored for Sochaux as they beat Stade Rennes at the Route de la Lorient

By Akyereko Frimpong Manson

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Ghana attacker Jordan Ayew made the difference for Sochaux and kept their top-flight hopes alive after scoring to secure the maximum points in a 2-1 away victory over Stade Rennes on Saturday night. 

The 23-year-old scored the opening goal at the Stade Route de la Lorient with a 33rd minute effort which proved unstoppable for Benoît Costil but the host levelled through Madiba Ntep before Zambian international Emmanuel Mayuka came off the bench in the 76th minute to restore their lead a minute later.

The on-loan Olympique Marseille star has increased his season’s tally to 5 goals in 16 games for Sochaux and he would be aiming to finish the season on a high by helping Sochaux escape relegation.

However, the fight will go down the wire on the last game of the season at Stade Auguste-Bonal in a final fight with fellow relegation-threatened Evian Thonon Gaillard.

Evian who have Ghana defender Jonathan Mensah, recorded a 2-0 win against OG Nice but Sochaux away victory at Rennes has piled pressure on them and could return to the Ligue 2 after two seasons on the top-flight if they lose against Sochaux next Sunday.

Black Stars center-back John Boye played the entire 90 minutes of the game for Rennes are safe from relegation.


  1. wee ba says:

    we see Ayew,kip it burning

  2. Reagan says:

    Thax Jordan God is on our side and our enemies will always be ashamed. You are surely going to Brazil

  3. Reagan says:

    God bless you Jordan. The sky is the limit more goals

  4. Johnny says:

    Jordan is still not very efficient, (wastes a lt of chances), plus he loses the ball a lot. I believe Accam will be more useful, playing at the right wing position, for Ghana in Brazil.

  5. Mate says:

    At first I thought he wasn’t good enough but if we are selecting on current form then based on the last four weeks he definitely deserves to go to the World Cup.

  6. Kwabena says:

    Yes this is what majority of ghanaians want, that is, playing and making an impact but not those who are just happy to be in the first team and not making any impact in their team. All you hear them say is i am playing in the best league and therefore encounter the best defenders so if i play say 25 matches as a striker with one goal no assist i have to be called into the team to brazil. By propaganda we can hear of u but by your performance u will be called into the national team period!

  7. masa says:

    Jordan is more experienced than Accam and R. Boakye Yiadom. He was very good in AFCON 2012 and also the only Ghanaian stiker that played in UEFA champions league this season. What he needs is agood coach that will motivate and use him well.Accam and R.B.Y can wait. The fact that Accam scored important goals for his team does not authomatically mean he can replicate it in Black Star. Klottey was perfect for B.Chealsea but could not score a single goal for Black stars. RBY is good but with all the exposure he could not command a starting place with the under 20 team for which Assifuah was far better.

  8. I don’t like his attitude and style of playing but he is now scoring. What do I do? Wishing him well and Congrats.

  9. A straight talk says:

    Jordan is picking up very fast but David Accam I will be a revelation in Brazil than Jordan….Energetic Yiadom-Boakye must also go to Brazil 2014

  10. Africanus says:

    I think Jordan is growing in strength and maturity. If he keeps it up he will be unstoppable. Good job.

  11. KK says:

    I am not a prophet but I know and forsee Jordan becoming the next big thing in Ghana football. Surely he will be the revelation for Ghana in Brazil! Just watch out.

  12. mukmin says:

    Sometimes all players need is for the coach to have faith in them to boost their confidence and form. Renard deserves a lot of credit for having faith in him when is own country men were unwilling to have faith in him. Big up Jordan. If coach Appiah has faith Dauda he should select him for the world cup people are too impatient these day and quick to forget the contributions the players have made to the national cause, always quick to call for the Coach to drop someone.

  13. KKD says:

    Wow Jordan is on fire. Keep it up bro.

  14. selfmade says:

    And who said that Jordan is immature!! This boy is a gem!! We shoishould try and use him as an ADVANCE PLAYERMAKER and see how it pans out!! What a talent! Ghana ll benefit a lot when Jordan finally peaks!!

  15. Biggie says:

    Jordan is really maturing. I think loan move was good for him. I watched their last match against Ogc Nice last week and he was awesome.

  16. Adebayo says:

    @johnny Don’t display football illiteracy! The two players are different kinds of strikers! Accam is a pacy winger, almost like Waris. Jordan is a ‘quantity’ striker who can play alone upfront, a bit like Gyan. Every coach needs different kinds of strikers and introduces them into the game according to the opponents defense. Let AA be the judge of which kind of strikers he needs so that he will be prepared for different situations!

  17. Paul says:

    Jordan is simply not ripe enough for a stage like the world cup. He needs one more season to prove himself for all to see.

    • Papa Nkrumah says:

      @ Paul, even if what you are saying is true, Jordan is still miles ahead of all the other alternative strikers except maybe Gyan and Waris. So logically, if we are taking three strikers, he ought to be the third.

  18. maubs says:

    my view is does it has to be i dont like his style of play so.., that is it always have to be this person is better so him over this all the time? when we hail one then we must bring the other down? come on guys we are ghana we must come better done that. it should be who can complement who better, who can help the shape of team better if such and such is playing, who will help bring a certain quality to the team considering how we have played in previous tournaments. If Boateng who gave us some height in the middle is absence how do we compensate for height and additional man defending corners.. Atsu is in the team so may be between Jordan and Accam who is similar to Atsu for instance is are good questions. lets move from personal and unwaranted setting one brother against the other. With 30 to be reduced to 23 there is leeway to try em and any one else. God bless ghana as always. Awurade Kasa.

  19. johnny says:


    Have u ever watched Jordan playing for Ghana? If you have, then tell all how he did? No time to hope for him to play better. This is the World Cup. What I have been saying is that Jordan is very wasteful in front of goal, which is true, he dribbles and loses the ball a lot, which is true, he got chances to show what he could do for Ghana and was very ineffective. So I said try out Accam in a friendly, I believe he can do better than Jordan has done far for Ghana. So where lies the football illiteracy? We are here for our humble opinion, in a fun way. Keep the insults out, and chill out.

  20. Bismark74u says:

    When was the last time Jordan played for Ghana. Name it. On current form he’s even ahead of Warris. Accam is a winger. Just cause her scoring like crazy in a league like Sweden you guys think he will just come and do the same against world class opponents. I hope he makes the team but for the moment Jordan is guaranteed to be in Brazil

  21. adjei says:

    I think Jordan will be a huge wast in brazil